2022 Acquisitions Report

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

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Listed below are new gifts and items accessioned in the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives from January to December 2022. The Handley Regional Library and the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society jointly operate the Archives. The ownership of the items in the holdings is designated THL for the Handley Library and WFCHS for Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society.

To view these collections, please visit the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives at the Handley Regional Library. Our hours of operation are as follows:

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An index of manuscript collections is available via this link.

African American Collection 1599 WFCHS (7 photos) Briscoe marker installation/gift from of Robert C. Nelson, Sr.” Emancipation Experiences of Virginia Slaves,” essay by Virginia Benson, June 24, 2012, American Public University, 25 leaves, typescript/gift from Virginia Benson

Alpha Omega Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International Records 1474 THL (41 items) Chapter history from 2017-2022, photographs /gift from Jane Parrish

American Legion, Winchester, VA Collection 940 WFCHS/THL (3 items) History of Post 21 by Bill Germelman, August 2019, 3 leaves, typescript; Program Conrad-Hoover Post 21 100th Anniversary Celebration, 3 pages, printed; news article, August 19, 2019, 2 l./gift from Wm E. Germelman; (2 items) Post 21 Armistice Day Programs 1946 (2 copies), 1947, and 1948, printed, backlog

Apple Blossom Festival Collection 46 THL (1 item) 94th Apple Blossom Festival program, Winchester, VA, 2021, 86 pages/gift from Glenne White; (1 item) 95th Apple Blossom Festival program, 2022, 96 pages//gift from Rebecca Ebert; (15 photos) 1975 Festival Parade consisting of marching groups, bands, and floats/gift from Christine Travers

Businesses of the Area 1598 WFCHS (1 item) oversize broadside of Kemp’s Stage Line with ticket office at Taylor Hotel, August 24, 1871/backlog

Byrd, Harry Flood Sr. Collection, 848 THL (1 item), Constitutional Convention Referendum, Jan. 9, 1956, statement by Harry Flood Byrd, Sr. 2 leaves, typescript/backlog

Calvary Church of the Brethren Collection 351 THL (8 items) History of Flat Rock Church (1962), History of Calvary Church (1972), Calvary Church Mortgage Burning and revival service, 1982, 2 pages, typescript, Brethren plat, 1 leaf, 1977, copy of indenture of mortgage, 1 leaf, August 1982/gift from Robert A. Frye

Chamberlin, Jeff L. Collection 1717 WFCHS (7 photos) Brown and Stotler families, late 1890s – c 1910/ gift from Jeff Chamberlin

Civil War Collection 1610 THL/WFCHS (2 items) flyer 1862 Battle of Kernstown reenactment in 1981, 1 leaf, printed, First Battle of Kernstown Reenactment program, March 21, 1982, 40 pages, printed; muster sheet of Stonewall Brigade, Oct 1, 1865, manuscript, 1 page /gift from Miriam W. Meglan (1 item) American Flag with 46 stars, inscribed, “Sept. 19, Oct. 19, 1864 114 N.Y. Vols. Oct. 19, 1898 Time Crowns Their Memory With Undying Fame” backlog, WFCHS

Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company Collection 492 WFCHS (1 item) photo of people at company banquet/gift from Werner F. Doerwaldt

Douglas Alumni Association Collection 555 THL (1 item) essay with history of school by Francis Jackson and Inez Mercer, 4 leaves, typescript/gift from Mike Robinson; (6 items) T-shirt Douglas School 1927-1966/gift from Judy Humbert; (5 photos) Douglas School and Finley family 1940s and 1950s/duplicated for Archives, loaned by Michelle Finley; (11 items)photos of  Milbert & Orissa Taper 1940s, miscellaneous items of Douglas School: history of school essay, news articles, scholarship thank you note, biographical sketches of Meta Sampson and Principal Powell Gibson, photocopy of 1922 graduation program/gift from Judy Humbert

Family Bible Records 1693 WFCHS (2 items) Quantz-Zirkle family Bible records, 1848-1950, 2 pages, genealogy material of Rebecca Zirkle and Charles Quantz, manuscript, 4 p, printed/from WFCSH

Family Records Collections 1307 THL (1 item) genealogy chapter of John Bullard, the Elder, 21 pages, photocopy, /gift from Bernie Bullard; (1 item) “Life & Times of Lewis Glover, covers 1803 - 1839’8 pages, typescript /gift from Patrick Jenkins; , (1 item) “Thomas Speake of Frederick County, Virginia, circa 1718 -1772”, pages 3-21, published in Speakes Family Association Bulletin, summer 2021/gift from Dr. John H. Payne; ( 3 items) letter of family record by Eleanor E. McGraw,  with 2 photos of Frances Meredith and George Ginn/gift from Eleanor E. Megrew  (1 item) Barrett family history letter by Horace Moan Barrett, 6 leaves, photocopy/gift from Timothy Barrett

Finley, James Collection 1797 THL (1 item) “Our Men in the Service” abstracted by Judy Humbert, from Meta Jackson Parker’s 1940-50s scrapbook, 2 leaves, typescript/gift from Judy Humbert

Fort Loudoun Chapter NSDAR Records 479 THL (21 items) Fort Loudoun Chapter yearbooks 1995 – 2012 (16 issues), 2 CDs Veteran’s Day Ceremony 2008, 90th Anniversary, Earth Day Booklet 2007, correspondence between Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Sinnott regarding chapters in DC and Winchester/gift from Suzanne Pettit

Fuller, Marsha L. Collection 823 WFCHS (11 items) Marriage certificate of John N Kane and Margaret Boyce, 1848, Hagerstown, MD, 2 pages, typescript, copy of news article in of Daily News Record of Harrisonburg, VA, 1922, 9 photos of family and events/gift from Marsha Fuller

Galilee Christian Church Records 1755 THL (4 items) Board meetings and minutes dated 2018-2021, unnumbered, manuscript/gift from Carolyn Glaize

Hoffman, Evelyn F “Peggy” Collection 1360 WFCHS (6.26 linear feet) Genealogical material, including photographs, family group sheets, etc.  on the Boyce, Hoffman, Liller, McCauley, Moreland, Pepper, Powell, Roe, Barbour, and Schuler families and allied families /gift from Peggy Hoffman

Honesty, Roslyn Ella Collection 1821 THL (7 items) photos of Mrs. Honesty as teacher in Frederick County, her classes, other faculty, awards, and certificates/gift from Roslyn Ella Honesty

Handley Regional Library Records 138 THL (10 items) poetry readings for Virginia Humanities, March 1966, reel-to-reels, digitized / backlog

Humbert, Judy Collection 899 THL (6 items) photos of Washington/Finley/Blowe cousins, Douglas school students, and Humbert family, 1940s-1950s /gift from Karen W. Wilds

John Handley High School Records 145 WFCHS (13 items) class of 1971 graduation program, 2 pages, typescript and 20-year reunion notice, 1 leaf, 1991, class of 1972 graduation program, 2 pages. typescript, class of 1970, sermon to graduates, 2 pages, typescript, class of 1952: 25th reunion program, 1977, 6 p, typescript, 50th reunion program 2002, 6 pages, typescript, 55th reunion 2007, 2 pages typescript, 60th reunion, 6 pages., typescript; address list for class of 1952, 3 pages. typescript, class of 1975: graduation program, 2 pages., typescript; baccalaureate service program, 2 pages., typescript, senior banquet program 6 pages., typescript, graduation exercise ticket/gift from Eloise Strader Estate

Jolliffe Studio Collection 664 WFCHS (39 items) photos of area people involved in war effort 1940-1944; scanned form studio negative/gift from Jenny & Nick Powers;

Kater, John L. Collection 1345 WFCHS (2 items) photo of Susie Kreemer c 1840s, marriage certificate of Susie A. Windle and John W. Kater, 1909, manuscript on printed form, /gift from John L. Kater

LeConte, Eva Collection 1823 WFCHS (116 photos) people, farm work, Crawford family, Gondo Cottage, and scenes at Hillandale farm, 1880s -1890s, mostly cyanotype/gift from Elizabeth Engle Estate

Mathias, Patricia Lee 41 WFCSH (44 photos, scanned,) Atkins, Pingley, and Nail family members at various ages and events from 1880s -1940s /loaned for copying by Patricia Lee Mathias

McBean, Dana Collection 915 THL (19 items) maps of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign from1862-1864/gift from Jeff L. Chamberlin

Media Collection 1306 THL (1 item) Memories of Patsy Cline with interviews from Bud Armel, Paul Whitney and others, 45 minutes, /gift from Howard Lewis

Microfilm, (10 items) The Washingtonian, Leesburg, VA, Nov 1836- Jam 1903 (6 spools), The Examiner, Frederick, Md, Jan 1949-Aug 1863 (4 spools)/ gift from William D. Bauman

Nail, Robert Clark Collection 284 THL (3 photos) John Perry Nail in WWII – 2 photos, Hogue Creek Service Station – 1 photo/gift from Robert Clark Nail

Nichols, Jerry Ann Brill Collection 541 WFCHS (3 items) marriage certificate of Edward Strosnider and Maggie Shoemaker, 1902, manuscript on printed form, family records of Chares E. Strosnider and Margaret M. Shoemaker and their family, printed, photocopies, 8 leaves, photo of Margaret M. Shoemaker, /gift from Jerry Ann Brill Nichols

Nulton, Louis M. Collection 874 THL (77 items) members of the Nulton and Evans family from 1870s – 1920s  Nulton Family Genealogical Material/News Articles, 1928 three notarized statements regarding Louis and Minnie Nulton, miscellaneous condolence letters, tombstone receipt from George Haines, 1921;  ephemera of invitations, business cards, etc., wedding book of Minnie Clark Evans and Louis M. Nulton ; painting of USS Constellation given to US Naval Academy, February 1959 with new article /gift from Louis N. Browning 

Orrick Cemetery Records 250 THL (6 photos) 100th anniversary presentation /gift from Robert C. Nelson, Sr.

Robinson, Janet Lee Collection 292 THL (8 photos) Shenandoah Valley Academy and Clendening family, 1912-1940s, group photos of Robinsons and school events from 1930s and 1940s/gift from Janet Lee Robinson

Shenandoah Area Council Boy Scouts of America 372 THL (1 item) “The Scout,” newsletter, vol 1, no. 1, 12 pages, May 1920, typescript/gift from Lucinda Lentz

Shenandoah Valley Academy Records/SVA (Shenandoah Valley Academy) 121 THL (24 items) Photos of individuals and teams in the 1920s/gift from Ann H. Martyn; (1 item) “The Mirror,” vol.1, dated 1-15-1919, 12 pages, printed/backlog

Shenandoah Valley Military Records 575 THL (2 items) service of Mathew Toomey, Revolutionary War, transcript 5 leaves, dated 9/10/1916, Library of Virginia Revolutionary War Pension Record for Mathew Toomey, 13 pages, photocopy, no date/gift from Deanna Toomey Wills

Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Collection, 1749 THL (1 item) calendar 2021 of Tapestry buildings, printed, color, spiral bound/gift from Rebecca Ebert

Snarr, George W. Family Photograph Album 741 THL (1 item) album includes Coffman and Snarr photos from the 1860s -1880s/gift from Jenny Powers

Strasburg United Methodist Church Collection 551 THL (2 items), historical essays of church history 2018, 6 l leaves typescript/gift from of church c/o Laura Ellen Beeler Wade; (5 photos) church, parsonage, and people/ gift from of church c/o Laura Ellen Beeler Wade

Sprint, Mary Lou Collection 1241 WFCHS (1 item) photo of Mary Lou Sprint and her father (painting), gift from Mary Lou Sprint

Tischler, Allen Collection 208 THL (11 photos) Mt. Falls area, 1995/gift from Allen Tischler

Unger, Frances Adams Collection 315 THL (52 photos) Adams and Unger families and friends, 19th – 20th century/gift from Thomas A. and Fran Unger Ring;

White Hall United Methodist Church Collection 733 WFCHS (3 items) “History of White Hall Methodist Church 1823-1959” by Alan C Peer, c. 1959, 8 leaves, photocopy/ Trustees, White Hall Church. class book of Bethel Church 1831, 1 vol, and class book of White Hall Church, 1854, 1 vol./loaned for scanning by Trustees, White Hall United Methodist Church

WFCHS Records 49 WFCHS (0.21 linear feet manuscript and print photocopy, 41 sound recordings/digital files) Linear feet include minutes, notes, and news articles by WFCHS and 41 recordings of presentations and meeting of WFCHS, /backlog

Williams, Lathan Collection 605 THL (8 items) death certificates of John Oaks Williams, Lula Mae Williams, Arthur Williams, fifteenth census of Williams family dated 4/10/1930, photocopies, Williams Family Tree, no date, printed, other photos and notes; David Finley Biography from Yendis Entertainment, April 2006, 2 l, printed, Northside Bowling team, /gift from Lathan Williams

Winchester City Records 519 THL (1 item) program of Rouss Celebration of Waterworks Completion 1894, 2 p, printed/backlog

Winchester-Clarke County Garden Club Records 1454 WFCHS (`1 Item) Garden Club of Virginia Historic Week booklet dated 4/22/2017, 240 p., printed/gift from Winchester-Clarke Co County Garden Club

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society 69 WFCHS (2 items) handwritten envelope with 1c stamp attached to Dr. William Bell; handwritten envelope with 3c stamp attached, sketch of dove on cover to Miss Lizzie Bear/gift from John Poss; (1 item) booklet of Historical Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, 1965, 8 pages, published WFCHS/gift from Linda Wilson; (1 item) photo of US Cavalry Remount Depot, Front Royal, VA, scanned from negative/WFCHS; (1 item) printed pamphlet of Winchester/Shenandoah Valley history published by WFCHS, 7 pages, 1963, printed/gift from Shari Nesselrodte; (1item) photo of State Summer Institute 1908/gift from Barbara Glakas, (10 items) letters, minutes and notes from the 1922 organization of George Washington’s Office , Lucy Kurtz, secretary, through the 1ate 1920s//gift from Ben Ritter

World War I Collection 1115 THL (1 item) USA Certificate for Isaac F. Allamong, DSC, 1918 for heroism in France, 1 leaf, printed/gift from Tim and Emily Currier

World War II Collection 1050 WFCHS (1 item) Roster of Enlisted men -52nd Fighter Control Squadron, 4 pages, typescript/gift from Sherry Jenkins; (5 items) materials of Annie Turner Finley Baltimore:  6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion; Award of Meritorious Unit Commendation certificate, typescript, 1 leaf; Permanent order 051-004  1 leaf, typescript;  List of members of 6888 Central Postal Directory Battalion 19 Sept 2018, 4 leaves, typescript; photo of tombstone/gift from Sharon Dixon; (1 item)  Air Raids and Blackouts instructions from Winchester Office of Civil Defense, 1 leaf, typescript/gift from Sherry Jenkins;  (3 items) V-J Day Winchester Observance, dated 9/2/43, printed/Handley Library/Vernon Eddy;  (1 item) War Bond Sales Committee letter, 1 leaf, typescript/Handley Library/Vernon /Eddy