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Trit Trot to Bowman--Baby Time

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Age Group:

Children, Ages 0-5, Families

Program Description

Event Details

Trit Trot to Bowman is an early literacy program for infants, 0-18 months, and their families and caregivers. Introduce your babe to the joys of books, language, movement, and music! Learn fun baby games, nursery rhymes, and more! 

Come bounce, clap, and tap rhymes and enjoy stories and songs as we explore the very first steps of language development and physical growth.


Library Consent Statement for Photography and Video

Programs, events, and daily happenings sponsored by Handley Regional Library System may be photographed or recorded.  Attendance at any sponsored program, event or general library use constitutes the consent of all attendees and the consent of the parents or legal guardians of any minor children in attendance, to the future broadcast, publication, and other use of photography or videos at the sole direction of Handley Regional Library System.

Photography Notification

While we do allow professional photography inside the property of Handley Regional Library System, we do ask that we are notified ahead of time of photoshoots at 540.662.9041 x 25.  Photography activities may be limited to specific areas due to reserved use and cannot impede any patron activity using the library.