Now for Adults - Graphic Novels

Now for Adults - Graphic Novels

We are excited to announce the expansion of our book collection for adults with the addition of graphic novels. Similar to comic books, graphic novels use sequential art to tell the story, but with often more complex plots ranging in genre from fiction and non-fiction, to history and fantasy design for adults. The new books are physically available at Bowman Library and Handley Library, but are available for borrowing at all three branches when patrons reserve a specific title to be placed on hold and delivered to the branch of their choice. Titles range from Rick and Morty, Suicide Squad, The Walking Dead, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and more. Other novels are available based on content including super heroes, horror, and relationships, crime, and much more. 

“As a library system, we are constantly evolving in how we deliver materials, programs, and resources to patrons of all ages,” says John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System. “The addition of our graphic novel collection has proven to be a great choice.”

The American Library Association reports that the average reader is between 25-35 years old for comics, and the library system is focused on providing materials to connect with that segment.

 “Our new graphic novel collection was developed intentionally to engage with our adult readers,” says Adrienne Davis, Adult Services Division Head for Handley Regional Library System. “We actually started to get a lot of requests to have these materials available in our collection and we did a lot of research to make it happen. Amanda Foote, one of our library associates in the adult services department helped curate this collection for our patrons.”

“More and more, fandom and genre titles are appealing to a much wider audience,” adds Foote. “Graphic novels in particular are a growing medium capable of telling unique stories with great artistic value. We're excited to bring this diverse new collection to our patrons.”