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Marvelous Us! Part I

Lis a Lacivitia Bowman Reference Assistant

Lisa LaCivita

Bowman Reference Assistant



Marvelous: superb; excellent; great: a marvelous show.  Such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment; surprising; extraordinary; improbable or incredible. That is us alright. The human body is a marvel. If you really think about our bodies, they should cause wonder, admiration, and/or astonishment. The human body is surprising, extraordinary, improbable, and incredible. Scientific research continually expands our knowledge of the human body and makes for some interesting reads. Here are a few recent titles that feature aspects of our marvelous human bodies, of which you may be unaware…

Beginning at the outside and working inward try The remarkable life of the skin : an intimate journey across our largest organ. Monty Lyman “leads us on a journey across our most underrated and unexplored organ and reveals how our skin is far stranger, more wondrous, and more complex than we have ever imagined". After being exposed to the science around your skin then you might be interested in: Meet your bacteria, described as a “fascinating examination of the three pounds of bacteria living in a typical human being.” Who knew that microbes and bacteria played such an important role in our health? Microbes : the life-changing story of germs tells us “both sides of the story of germs: that they are critically important for our health and that the dangers of emerging pathogens continue to wreak havoc in our bodies and around the world.” This leads us to our immune system: Elegant defense: the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives by Matt Richtel.  “Richtel effortlessly guides readers on a scientific detective tale winding from the Black Plague to twentieth-century breakthroughs in vaccination and antibiotics, to the cutting-edge laboratories that are revolutionizing immunology—perhaps the most extraordinary and consequential medical story of our time.” Which brings us to: Vaccines: what everyone needs to know  which provides "a scientifically grounded overview of the science, manufacture, and culture of vaccines in the United States and internationally."

Book Cover Microbes Book Cover An Elegant Defense:  the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives Vaccines: what everyone needs to knowBook Cover Meet Your BacteriaCover The Life of Skin

       In Ticker: the quest to create an artificial heart author Mimi Swartz recounts progress towards this goal and reasons for this still uncompleted quest. Nine pints is “an eye-opening exploration of blood, the lifegiving substance with the power of taboo, the value of diamonds and the promise of breakthrough science.” When death becomes life: notes from a transplant surgeon “is a thrilling look at how science advances on a grand scale to improve human lives.” “Mezrich’s riveting book is a beautiful, poignant reminder that a life lost can also offer the hope of a new beginning.” In case you have forgotten much of what you learned in biology class, here are two recent overviews for the human body. The secret life of the human body: uncover the hidden workings of your body “reveals just how intricate and fascinating our body is.” The body: a guide for occupants by Bill Bryson “will lead you to a deeper understanding of the miracle that is life in general and you in particular.”


Ticker : the quest to create an artificial heart  Nine pints : a journey through the money, medicine, and mysteries of blood  When death becomes life : notes from a transplant surgeon  The secret life of the human body: uncover the hidden workings of your body  The body : a guide for occupants

We have DVDs on many of the same subjects found in our books. They will be shelved using the same numbering system as the non-fiction books. Documentaries such as The amazing human body, Hunting the nightmare bacteria, Transplanting hope and Vaccines calling the shots tell compelling stories in a visual format further enhancing your reading experience.

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Book Cover Amazing Human Body  Book Cover Hunting The Nightmare Bacteria  Book Cover Transplanting hope  Vaccines calling the shots