Finding your next great read

Finding your next great read

Are you looking for your next great read? Visit our Information Desks to ask for one of our free Recommended Reading Guides and get staff tips and tricks on making the most of a catalog search. Plus, here are four great tools to help you find just the right title.

  • NoveList: Novelist helps you determine what you like and then makes recommendations. NoveList uses a combination of tools, which include providing curated lists grouped by theme and subgenre (such as romance/regency rogues), identifying appeal factors (such as haunting/lyrical/secrets), and connecting to read-a-likes (if you liked The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown you may like False Impression by Jeffrey Archer). To watch an introductory video on NoveList go here.

  • Select Reads: Select Reads offers monthly booklists delivered to your email. Recent releases in a variety of categories have been compiled by our staff. List titles include Mysteries and Thrillers, Food and Cookbooks, New Fiction, New Nonfiction, Romance, Scifi, Inspirational, Home and Garden, and many more. Select a title to see a summary, read reviews and check for it in our catalog. There is even a way to review the lists from previous months. Sign up now!

  • Books In A Series database: This useful tool from Kent District Library allows you to find out where a particular title fits in a larger series. Did you just read the first book or book five? Are there more books in the series that you have not read yet? This database will tell you. Simply enter the title or the author’s name and conduct a search.

  • Literature Map: Like Novelist, Literature Map can help you find a book based on one you have already read and liked. Literature Map uses reader feedback to group book titles in a visual map. The more times readers have identified two books as being similar, the closer those titles will appear next to each other.