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A library genealogy program is a great way to discover your family's history. These programs are free and offer access to historical records, census data, and other valuable resources that can help you trace your family tree. With a library genealogy program, you can uncover fascinating details about your ancestors and gain a deeper understanding of your family's story. So whether you're just starting out or have been researching your family tree for years, a Stewart Bell, J. Archives genealogy program is definitely worth exploring. Here are upcoming programs: 

Do you want to be part of the 102 million people doing your family history?  Are you asking where do I start? How do I find what I need? This 5-step workshop will give you some ideas and methods to get started with your family history research. We will cover:

Have you ever wanted to apply to a lineage society such as the Daughters of the American Revolution? Do you have an application but aren't sure if you have all the proofs you need? Katherine Collins, MLISc, can help you with your questions, review applications, and assist with genealogical research issues. Katherine will be available every fourth Saturday of the month in the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives reading room from 10am to 12pm. Registration not required. There will be no meetings in November and December 2023.

Family History Hunters is an informal meeting for genealogists of all levels of experience. Led by genealogy specialist Joan Wood, along with Archives volunteer Janet Daniels, the group meets monthly to discuss tips and strategies for researching family history. Each meeting begins with a short introduction to a particular topic followed by a discussion where members are welcome to talk about their research successes and challenges. Whether you are a veteran researcher, or just beginning your family history, please join us.

This month's focus: Deeds and Land Records
In addition to helping you trace your ancestors’ property holdings, deeds and land records can also be mined for genealogical information. We’ll review where to find land records, how to read them, and what they can reveal about your family.  

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