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Bilingual Read-Along Books

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Have you checked out any of our Juvenile Read-Along books?

Find general information about our Juvenile Read-Along collection HERE on our website. 

The library’s collection of bilingual (English/Spanish) picturebook Read-Alongs continues to grow. A quick search of “bilingual read-alongs”  in the catalog reveals more than 50 titles. Some favorites are featured below.

Summaries provided by NoveList




 Gathering the Sun = Recogiendo el Sol un Abecedar: An Alphabet in Spanish and   English by Alma Flor Ada; Illustrated by Simon Silva

 An alphabet book with exceptional illustrations and excellent poetry that gives voice to the   experience of Hispanic agricultural workers. Each letter is matched with a Spanish word (for   example, "Arboles" for "A") and accompanied by a poem in both Spanish and English that   describes how the plant, fruit, vegetable, person, or feeling functions in the lives of these   workers. 






 I'm Hungry! !Tengo Hambre! by Angela Dominguez

 A bilingual picture book that’s sweet enough to eat, about a chatty bluebird and an   indecisive T. Rex who can’t decide what his next meal should be. 








  Delicious Hullabaloo = Pachanga Deliciosa by Pat Mora; illustrated by Francisco      Mora

   In this poem in English and Spanish, lizards, armadillos, and other creatures of the       night make merry beneath the desert moon, enjoying the strains of a mariachi band       and gobbling lots of delicious food.






  La Noche de Terror: Un Cuento Sobre Robot y Rico = The Scary Night: A Robot and Rico      Story by Anastasia Suen; illustrated by Michael Frederick Laughead

  A crackling fire. Weird shadows. Strange noises. And a scary story. Are Robot and Rico ready for   their first camp out?








  Señorita Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer; illustrated by Almada Rivero

  A bilingual love poem of admiration and respect for the millions of monarch butterflies   that journey south to Mexico   every year. From a chrysalis on the title page, Señorita   Mariposa invites readers to follow the monarch butterfly as it embarks on a journey   spanning thousands of miles.







 Sing With Me = Canta Conmigo by Jose-Luis Orozco; illustrated by Sara Palacios

 A delightful book  that explores six classic songs in Spanish and English. Included are   "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," "The Alphabet Song," "Where Is Thumbkin," "The   Wheels on the Bus," "The Eeensy Weensy Spider," and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." 






  Perros! Perros! = Dogs! Dogs! by Ginger Foglesong Guy; illustrated by Sharon       Glick

 This simple, yet entertaining title makes use of a wide array of breeds to demonstrate   the concept of opposites. The story begins with a girl waking up in her bedroom,   which  is decorated with canine posters, stuffed animals, floppy slippers, night-light,   even a  doggy alarm clock. As she looks out her window, an excited pack of dogs runs by.   “Big  dog. Little dog….Where are they going?” 






 Pelé, King of Soccer = Pelé, El Rey del Fútbol by Monica Brown; illustrated by   Rudy Gutierrez

 A biography of the soccer star known as "O Rei"--the king--describes his   impoverished  boyhood in Brazil, his relationship with his father, who taught him the   sport, his role on the first Brazilian team to win the World Cup, and scoring his   thousandth goal.






 The Boy Who Touched the Stars = El Nino Que Alcanzo Las Estrellas 

 by Jose M. Hernandez; illustrated by Steven J. Petruccio

 Astronaut Jose M. Hernandez recounts his childhood as the son of Mexican migrant   workers and his life-long dream to travel to the stars.





  Dias y Dias = Days and Days by Ginger Foglesong Guy; illustrated by Rene King   Moreno

 In this bilingual story that introduces descriptive adjectives, words for the weather,   months, and a child's seasonal wardrobe, children enjoy what makes each season   special.