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Read-Along Books

Kids with Wonderbook

Every Wonderbook and Vox Book is a read-along with an audiobook player inside the cover. Readalongs inspire kids to fall in love with reading, improve literacy skills, and so much more.  Hundreds of popular titles have been added to the collection where patrons can borrow 3 at a time per library card. Spanish and bilingual titles are also available. Readalongs can be found at all 3 library locations and reserved online with your library card.

After reading along, kids can switch Wonderbook into Learning Mode to keep talking about the book they just read.

  • Fun, narrator-led question and answer session

  • Open-ended, educator-vetted questions about the story they just read

  • A powerful way to teach parents how to dialogue with their children about books

  • A print book with a built-in audio device! 

Borrowing Guidelines

  • 5 Readalong books allowed per card for 3 week borrowing time
  • Each book comes charged for over 10 hours of audio time with an average of 50 listens.  Each story lasts about 15-minutes.
  • You may recharge the device at home with a standard USB charger, or return it to the library if you need it charged