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What's New? Your Guide to the Libby App Update

If you’ve been using the Libby App recently within the past month, you may have noticed some changes in how the app looks. The app recently underwent a major update that not only looks a little different, but it also has some updated and newly added features. Below are some of the highlights with this update:

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Introducing the Graphic Novel Book Club!

Are you familiar with our adult graphic novel collection? Graphic novels are not just for children or teens. Whether you enjoy fiction, nonfiction, biographies or memoirs, these novels are a format that encompasses all genres and has something for everyone. It is one reason why I enjoy them, since the combination of text and artwork adds variety and something different to my reading list. In between the regular novels I read, it’s great to squeeze in a graphic novel, especially while I’m waiting for my next eBook hold to come in through our Libby app.

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If you’ve ever logged into ‘My Account’ through the Library website, then you know the convenience of having the library at your fingertips no matter where you are. Through your library account you can view what items you have checked out, note due dates, renew items, place holds on materials, and pay account fines all from the comfort of home. But today we are going to delve into another great feature of your account: creating and managing lists.

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When the library is closed it’s always reassuring that there are services still accessible with your library card no matter where you are. Thanks to our eBook collection through the Blue Ridge Download Consortium (BRDC) and the new Hoopla media service, I have plenty of options to stay entertained. Check out our Downloadable Media page for more information on how to access these services if you haven’t tried them yet. In the meantime here are some titles I’ve enjoyed that are available through these platforms.

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When I think about my own reading interests, I tend toward books containing elements of fantasy, supernatural, humor, and a touch of science fiction and mystery. It’s always nice reading genres I enjoy since it is both comforting and entertaining. But I also work at a place where I’m surrounded by all sorts of reading materials, and one of the services we provide here at the library is assisting patrons in finding new things to read. If I’m only reading certain types of books, how can I best help other people explore new titles?

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Hidden Gems of 2019

When it comes to the latest films, the library has them. The latest Marvel films? Check. Summer blockbusters? Check. But don’t forget about the smaller films. As a movie lover I enjoy discovering new and different things to watch, so this month I have some selections that caught me by surprise from last year. If you’re looking for something different to watch here are some titles I recommend:

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Horror Films for Halloween

October is that time of year where I find myself watching mostly horror movies. While I never used to consider myself a horror fan, over the years I’ve discovered there are many different types of horror films. Not all horror movies have to be just frightening or disturbing. Some can be rather fun and entertaining. With Autumn officially here and Halloween not too far off, it’s a great time to delve into our horror film catalog.

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