Teens and Young Adults Can Learn Tons at Our Adulting 101 Series

Teens and Young Adults Can Learn Tons at Our Adulting 101 Series

We will be presenting an Adulting 101 Workshop Series for patrons ages 16-21 at the Handley Library branch in the Benham Gallery from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM on various Saturdays. The series theme is “I’m an Adult, Now What?” This bi-monthly workshop series is designed to prepare teens and young adults for the future of adulthood and the workforce. From budgeting tips to big loads of laundry, patrons will leave with new skills, tricks of the trade from professionals in the field, and earn prizes along the way.

“The Adulting 101 Workshop Series will tackle topics for young adults and teens that they aren’t usually exposed to in a school environment until they are forced to when an issue arises,” said Katie Moss, Handley Library Youth Services Manager. “We’re excited to present this workshop to tackle vital topics such as choosing a career, dealing with finances, and even maintaining a car. We’ve been wanting to explore these topics for young adults for a long time.”

OCTOBER 9: What’s Next? Overwhelmed With Options

  • An overview of options for life post-high school graduation including information on how to pursue each one, whether it's trade school, college, the workforce, or enlisting in the military. Presentations by Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions and Library Staff. Raffle prize sponsored by LFCC.

DECEMBER 4: From Cars to Cooking: How to Do the Important Stuff

  • An overview of basic life skills that you need to know, whether it's car maintenance or basic cooking.

FEBRUARY 12: Budgeting, Bills, and Bucks! Oh, My!

  • An overview of basic budgeting skills, how to open and manage a checking account, understanding a credit score, investing, and more.

APRIL 9: Claim Your Space!

  • An overview of how to manage your own space for the first time, including cleaning hacks, decorating on a budget, organizing tools, and more.

JUNE 11: Adulting 101 Presents...Big Bingo!

  • For every Adulting 101 workshop session that a patron attends, they receive credit for a Bingo card. So, the more times they attend, the more chances they have to win big.

Registration is required for this free event. Go to https://www.handleyregional.org/adulting101 to register and for more information.