2020 Acquisitions Report

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

Listed below are new gifts and items from the backlog which were accessioned in the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives in 2020. The Handley Regional Library and the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society jointly operate the Archives. The ownership of the items in the holdings is designated THL for the Handley Library and WFCHS for Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society.

To view these collections, please make an appointment to visit the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library at the address above. Call (540) 662-9041, ext. 17 to make an appointment. The Archives is open to researchers Monday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 6 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. The Archives is closed for lunch 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm Mondays – Fridays.

An index of manuscript collections is available via this link

African American Collection 1599 THL (1 item) Memorial petition for exemption of a limited amount of slave property 1860, 4 pages, typescript

Almanacs Collection 1371 WFCHS THL (5 almanacs) Hagerstown Almanacs 1866, 1898, 1908, 1941, 1971/gift from L. Virginia Athey

Apple Blossom Collection 46 THL (2 photos) Coronation 1930/gift from Judith Knickerbocker; Apple Blossom Programs, 2006 and 2018/gift of Pearl Ebert

Athey, L. Virginia Collection 140 THL (6 items) Calligraphy – C.M. Anderson for Virginia Athey, Venus Fawcett and little sister; card from C.R. Anderson & wife; obituary of Harry E. Athey 1977; “A Devonshire Lane,” 1889, “Ladies Repository,”1850/gift L. Virginia Athey

Baker, Norman Papers 1782 THL (5 items) Lectures: Fort Loudoun 2008, 20 leaves, typescript; French & Indian War in Virginia 2002, 36 leaves, typescript; French & Indian War in Frederick County 2000, 36 leaves, typescript; King’s Colors Over Fort Loudoun 2010, 10 leaves typescript; Indians in Virginia’s French & Indian War 2001, 38 leaves, typescript/gift French & Indian War Foundation.

Beta Sigma Phi, Chapter Laureate Iota Records 1805 THL (17 photos) Beta Sigma Phi officers, members, events, and meetings from 1968 – 2010/gift from Beta Sigma Phi. (14 items) 10 scrapbook items from 1953 – 2013; By-laws 1995, 6 leaves, typescript, 2 “Memorial Books” – Lois Kratka 1994-5, Mary Boyer Laign 1995-6, unnumbered, typescript; 1989-1994 Minutes, unnumbered, typescript/gift from Beta Sigma Phi

Byrd, Richard Evelyn Collection 28 THL (3 items) Current event articles in National School Newspaper of Byrd’s Antarctic trip from 1939/gift from Judy Hagan

Calvary Church of the Brethren Collection 351 THL (2 items) Bulletins: January 6, 2020: Celebration of Life for Pastor Clarence R Davis, Jr. Includes order of worship and Pastor Davis’s family/gift from James D. Brown

Chamberlin, Jeff L. Collection 1717 THL (1 photo) Meeting House, Upper Ridge, dated October 1909, photocopy/gift from Jeff L. Chamberlin

Cline, Patsy Collection 61 THL (5 items) Advertisement for Cline and band 1958, 1 leaf, printed, photocopy; 2 news articles: Hits of the Week for February 24, 1957, 1 leaf, printed, photocopy, “…Cline Sang for Co-op” in Cooperative Living magazine, June 2017, 2 leaves, printed, photocopy; 1 photo, annotated “twins?” no date, photocopy; 3 copies brochure Patsy Cline Museum, no date, trifold, printed/gift from Robert W. Embrey

Cooper, W.E. & Son Records 1771 WFCHS (1 linear foot) Banking and finance credit notes, 1916 -1923; Bills from suppliers 1914-1916, Employment applications 1918, 1921, manuscript; Correspondence regarding orders and shipments 1914, 1917-1919; Personal correspondence 1922, 1948; Invoices 1937, 1939, 1940; Pamphlets, various, printed, no dates; 12 Northern Virginia Power Company bills 1919-1922, Winchester Hiram Lodge banking and correspondence 1914-1919; Supplier records including invoices, correspondence, etc., printed and typescript/gift from Gary Rutherford

Cornwell, Clarke L. Collection 1572 THL (16 photographs of Cornwell Family, 20th century/gift of Yvonne C. Jenkins.

Cross, Robert and Mary Cook Collection 565 THL (1 item) Cookbook published to support the colored school, n. d. /gift from Mary Cook Cross

Daniel J. Farrar Lodge #458 Collection 1574 THL (4 items) Copy of Lodge Deed, December 13, 1944, Copy of Lodge Deed, November 26, 1947, Copy of Lodge Deed, December 24, 1947, news articles, /gift from Judy Humbert

Dixon, Sharon and Tom Collection 1788 THL (9 items) Photographs, news articles and material relating to the family and careers of Sharon and Tom Dixon/gift of Sharon Dixon

Douglas Alumni Association Collection 555 THL (13 items) Powell W. Gibson, photo c1940; Douglas High School Yearbook 1955, 20 pages, printed; “Ole Douglas” program 1980; bookmark with Douglas School history /gift from Janet E. Brooks; Edwin Barksdale tribute by Effie Davis 1986; Douglas Baccalaureate program 1966; Douglas Graduation Commencement exercises 1965;“Class Day” Commencement 1932; Invitations to graduation 1960, 1965; Alumni Association Dinner Dance invitation 1985;  Alumni Association Dinner Dance tickets 1985, 1995; Sweatshirt Douglas School/gift from Judy Humbert

Ebert, H.W. Buick Records 1802 THL (2 items) Ledger book, volume 1, 1918-1959, 76 pages, manuscript; volume 2, 1950-1971, 128 pages, manuscript/gift from Dee Ebert Bauserman

Fairfax Hall Records 480 WFCHS THL (3 items) Index to students 1871-1887 (incomplete), index to teachers 1886-1889 (incomplete), and 30th Annual Circular 1898-1900, 24 pages, printed/backlog

Finley, James Collection 1797 THL (4 items) Scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Meta Jackson Parker of news clippings of the African American community, 1940s and 1950s; photocopy of scrapbook 52 leaves; photocopy of loose articles 12 leaves/gift from James Finley; (1 item) Abstracts of obituaries in scrapbook by Meta Jackson Parker, 1940s-1950s, compiled by Judy Humbert, 25 pages, typescript/gift from Judy Humbert

Gray, Robert Lee Collection 141 WFCHS (1/4 linear foot) Winchester Elks Lodge program 1924, Gray discussing family history, May 16, 1984, cassette tape; Cornelia on family tree, 1984, cassette tape; Family Bible records, 1795-1927, correspondence and notes, 1922- 1929 /gift from Robert Gray

Handley High School Records 145 WFCHS (2 photos) Handley High class of 1936, 35th reunion, 1 showing 5 members, 1 showing 3 members/gift from Susan Bly; (5 items) Booklets of history of Handley sports teams, years include 1961-62 , 2014 (, 2018  basketball, “Basketball: A Complete History,” 2020 , and football 2018/gift from Sam L. McCall

Handley Library Collection 39 THL (1 photo) Capitol Theatre, 48 Rouss Avenue, 1947/gift from Susan Bly

Harper, Jeannette & Robert G Family Papers 1777 THL (1/2 linear foot) photos of Dr. R. N. Hewitt, Silver family, Harper family, Wilson family and a two wheeled cart, calling cards, Anna R. Denny Family Bible Records, 1829-1888, Silver family correspondence and genealogy notes /gift from Jeannette Harper

Harris, Sarah Hester Collection 1791 WFCHS (4 items) Scrapbooks of news clippings: 1946-1990 unnumbered pages, printed; 1958-1991 unnumbered pages, printed; 1962-1991 unnumbered pages, printed; 1955-1991 unnumbered pages, printed/gift from Shepherd Harris, Jr. and Sarah Hester Harris

Hoffman, Evelyn “Peggy” McCauley Collection 1360 THL (3 linear feet) McCauley and allied families genealogy notes; family group sheets and photographs/gift from Peggy Hoffman

Humbert, Judy Collection 899 THL (24 items) Speech February 2019 for Black History Moment regarding the Gibson/Moten family and ties to Mt. Carmel Church; 12 memorial cards, Pastoral Anniversary program,  Deaconess Judy Humbert Certificate of Recognition for nomination to Abigail, Priscilla and Salome awards, November 14, 2009, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 2009; Judy Humbert Certificate of Appreciation as Lay Leader, 2003, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Deaconess Judy Humbert Certificate of Completion for course work, 2010, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church/gift from Judy Humbert

Jenkins, David Michael Collection 194 THL (4 photos) Jenkins family 1940s-1960s/gift from David M. Jenkins

King Hiram Lodge #53 Free & Accepted Masons Records,1631 THL (3 items) Picture of Lodge outside at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, no date; History of Lodge, 1972, typescript; Gavel in wooden box presented to F. Ellsworth Turner for the Lodge, September 23, 1977/gift from Judy Humbert

Korean War Collection 1447 WFCHS THL (1 item) Korean War Veterans newsletter, biography of David E. Clark, US Navy, 1 page/gift from Ben Ritter

Lewis, Irmengard Collection 1803 THL (34 prints) local scenes from Winchester, Frederick County and Clarke County created by artist Irmengard Lewis, /gift from Kim and Bill Lewis

Lloyd, Carol A. Collection 1804 THL (1 item) “Ancestors of William Emery Lloyd and Lenora Ellen Owings Lloyd” by Carol Lloyd, 2008/gift of Carol A. Lloyd Estate

Lupton, Janney Collection 1398 WFCHS (45 photos) 44 Lupton family members and friends; 1 of 560 North Loudoun Street; dates from 1890s - 1930s/gift from Janney Lupton  

Luttrell, Scott Collection 603 WFCHS (1 photo) Shenandoah Candy Company employees, 1934/gift of Scott Luttrell

MacBean, Dana Collection 915 THL (1item) Binder: James E. Taylor sketchbook, 2016-2019, unnumbered pages, containing battlefield maps and research information about Taylor as a Civil War artist/gift from Dana MacBean; (1 DVD) Titled “Retracing Steps” by Dana MacBean/gift from Dana MacBean

Massey, Ruth Farley Collection 1464 WFCHS (1/2 linear foot) Photographs, articles, letters, and awards relating to Ruth Farley Massey and her family, 20th century, gift from Ruth Farley Massey

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Collection 1715 THL (5 items) Church directories 2003 and 2008; programs for 135th and 150th Anniversary of church; Pastoral 10th Anniversary 2007/gift from Judy Humbert

Patteson, Wayne L. Collection 1772 WFCHS (1 item) Handley Library, pastel and charcoal painting, M. Charmat /gift from Wayne Patteson

Riley, James Collection 1699 THL (4 photos) Hopewell Meeting map, Upper Ridge Meeting House and School, “Cherry Row,” and Grandmother’s house/gift from James Riley

Ritchie, Pat Turner Collection 1272 THL (12 photos) Apple Blossom 1963 and 1964, parade floats and cars/gift Pat Turner Ritchie

Ritter, Ben Collection 12 WFCHS (2 photos) Virginia Woolen Mill first aid class c 1944; Blanche Carper Showalter & Lilian Dicks/gift from Ben Ritter; (4 photos) William Clevenger as Winchester HS cadet, Mattie Arnold, C.R. Sine, and Roby family 1975/gift from Ben Ritter and G. Stephen Ritter

Robinson, Charles L. Papers 1762 THL (17 items) 14 photos of Apple Blossom and the Robinson family 1935, 1949, 1964, 2003, color; 3 undated news articles Apple Blossom and Robinson family from The Winchester Star 1995and 1996, n.d., printed, photocopy/gift from Charles L. Robinson

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Collection 1468 WFCHS (1 item) List of veterans buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery compiled by Brett Osborn, Nov. 9, 2019/gift of Brett Osborn

Saint John’s Lutheran Church Records 1617 THL (1photo) Margaret Ann Himelright Tevault/gift from John Crone

St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal Church Records 552 THL (3 items) Martin Family Day Celebration program, June 25, 2017, 6 pages, printed; Stephenson Family Day Celebration program, June 25, 2017, 6 pages, printed; 1 news article August 9, 1993/gift from Judy Humbert

Sheet Music Collection 600 THL WFCHS (1 item) Sheet music “Virginia is for Lovers,” signed by composer E.K. Emurian, 1974, 2 pages/gift from Susan Bly

Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Records 1749 WFCHS (3 items) Pin - “I Stitched My House in Time”; Pin - “I Made a Stitch in Time”; Calendar - 2019 Photos of Buildings from Tapestry/gift from Rebecca Ebert

Skiles, Arthur Collection 1773 THL (3 photos) VA Home Guard in Apple Blossom parade 1941/gift of Arthur “Archie” Skiles

Smith-Ripper, Kathryn Collection 27 THL (30 photos) 8 unidentified people from the late 1890s and early 1900s; 15 photos from late 1890s and early 1900s in various locations in Scotland and Rochester, NY including soldiers, adults, and children; 3 memorial cards: John Kelly, Margaret Penman, Mary Wolfer; 7 photos from 1895 identified as Llewellyn Jackson, Minnie Fries, Mary Doran, Lena Sanger, and Martin and Florence Glaize/gift from Richard & Betty Smith, and Kathryn Smith-Ripper

Snapp, Bobby Lee Collection 136 THL (39 items) Treasurer’s receipts of taxes, checks, supplies, receipts, manuscript on printed forms during the period from 1878-1910; filed MMS Snapp Receipts/gift from Bobby Lee Snapp

Snyder, Lewis Robert Collection 160 THL (10 photos) various views of fire companies, cemeteries, landmarks, and people/gift from Lewis Robert Snyder

Stout, Kay Barnhouse Collection 1774 THL (10 DVDs) Families include Archer, Barnhouse, Abel, Anderson, Boyd, Barflett, Cain, Clowser, Coyle, Davidson, Davis, Dennis, Dunaway, Dye, Fogle, Fox, Grove, Harkens, Hesson, and Hull/gift of Kay Barnhouse Stout

Strader, Eloise Papers 1725 WFCHS (8 photos) Kernstown battlefield aerial view, 2 of Strader in theatre productions, 2 of 610 Amherst Street - “Hawthorne,” 3 original gaol (jail) door/gift of Eloise Strader estate

Thorne, Charles Collection 1537 WFCHS (2 items) prints by Charles Thorne of Frederick County historic homes: “Belle Grove,” and “Springdale”/gift from Ben Ritter

Tischler, Allen Collection 208 THL (1/2 linear foot) photos of Civil War camps and monuments including Fort Collier, Camp Russell, Ramseur monument, Star Fort, and Stephenson’s Depot/gift from Allen Tischler; (2 photos) Civil War map 1962 of Shenandoah Valley; Civil War artillery position Parkins Mill/gift from Allen Tischler; (4 photos) Pvt. Archibald Rowand dressed for scouting, 2 of four Sheridan scouts, Major (Lt. Col.) Henry H. Young 1864, magazine and news articles of Civil War events and people, essays by Allan Tischler /gift from Allen Tischler [Note: copyright restrictions may apply]

Virginia Woolen Mill Company Records 1119 WFCHS (1 item): Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. Builders Photo Album documenting Virginia Woolen Mill job/gift from Tom Maccubbin

Walker, Floyd Papers 618 THL (9 items) Scans of photos and scrapbook pages of life and career of Floyd Walker/gift of Floyd Walker

Washington, George Collection 839 THL (1 item) Booklet, “Washington’s Birthday Exercises #2, arranged by Mrs. H. W. Howe, published by School Publishing Co, Darrowville, Ohio, n.d., Collection of poems and activities for students, printed, 32 pages/gift of Suzan Bly

WFCHS Collection 69 WFCHS (5 photos) Various views of 138 and 142 North Loudoun Street, Solenberger & Co. from 1920s to 1958/gift from Solenberger family

Winchester Area Branch NAACP 1697 THL (15 items) Plaque - City of Winchester Proclamation, 70th Anniversary of the Winchester Branch of the NAACP, September 2014; Letter of Apology & Repentance to Winchester NAACP from Evangelical Lutheran Church of Winchester, dated December 14, 2019, photos of Spring Banquets 1989 – 1993/gift from Winchester Area NAACP

Winchester High School Records 670 WFCHS (3 items) Certificates for Accounting and Bookkeeping to John Cammer, 1923; Permission for excused tardiness, May 5, 1922 mimeograph; Winchester Public Schools John Handley Foundation, 2 leaves, printed/gift from Fairfax County Virginia Public Library, Elaine McHale

WWI Collection 1115 THL (1 item) Certificate awarding Distinguished Service Cross dated October 8, 1918 and Croix de Guerre dated April 23, 1919 to Isaac F. Allamong, /gift from Jenny Powers; (15 items) War Memorial plaques; collection includes 1 framed photo of Lucian Carr III, 4 leaves typescript list of plagues and information, no author or date listed/LONG TERM LOAN from Jerry A. Headley c/o Handley High School Archives; (1 photo) Russell T. Hupp, US Army/gift from Wilda Hupp Mellon

WWII Collection 1050 WFCHS (1 photo) Donald Mason, US Army/gift from anonymous donor; (2 photos) Hupp family at Air Observation Tower /gift from Wilda Hupp Mellon; Annie Turner Finley Baltimore, WAC/gift from Sharon Dixon and Charles Harris

Yoder, Maria Collection 1544 WFCHS (30 items) Various items from the Haymaker and Trenary families:10 letters and postcards dating from 1896 - 1944; 13 report cards for Trenary and Haymaker children from the Winchester Public Schools dating from 1888 - 1948; Death announcements for Harry Haymaker d. 1888 and Sophia Haymaker d. 1888/gift from Maria Yoder