Social Media Procedures


“Social Media” is defined as any facility for online publication and commentary, including but not limited to blogs, wikis, and social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

“Library” refers to the Handley Regional Library.

“Posting” refers to any writing, image, video, download, audio file, and hyperlinks to other websites or media that is downloaded, referenced, inserted, or placed upon any Library Social Media site.

Social Media Procedures

● The names of pages or accounts should clearly represent the Library with the Library logo when appropriate.

● Decisions regarding new Social Media outlets are made by the Library Director or her/his designees.  Any department, branch or Friends groups interested in starting a new Social Media page should obtain prior authorization by  presenting to the Marketing Committee, who will then present the idea to the Library Director or her/his designees.

● All content is reviewed and is subject to being edited or deleted by the Library Director or her/his designees.

● Where possible, each Social Media page should clearly indicate that it is maintained by the Library and should have the Library contact information prominently displayed.

● Where possible, Social Media pages should link to the Library’s official website and this Social Media policy. 

● User discussion and contribution on Library Social Media sites are subject to the Internet Use Policy where applicable.  This shall be clearly indicated on the Social Media page that invites participation.

Staff Responsibilities

When Library staff members use or interact with Library Social Media, behavior and content are a reflection not only of the staff member, but also of the Library.  This policy complements, rather than overrides, any existing requirements that staff act professionally, respectfully and honestly.

If a staff member is about to publish anything that makes him or her even the slightest bit uncomfortable, he/she should  discuss it with a supervisor or the Marketing Committee Co-Chairs.

Page updated March 21, 2017

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