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Handley's How-To Day

Alyssa Picture

Alyssa Grant

Handley Information Services Coordinator
Posted on:

Join us Saturday, September 23rd for some fun activities that teach you "how-to" do new things such as how to save seeds, how to go on a real life treasure hunt by geocaching, or even how to make a button! 

Here's how the day will work: 

Stations and workshops will be set up all around the library, providing you with opportunities to pick and choose the activities that interest you. If you aren't at a scheduled workshop, you can stop by one of our many stations for a laid back how-to demonstration. 

10:30 AM

11:00 AM

2:00 PM

3:30 PM

All day: 

  • How to Win Library Swag in the rotunda
  • How to Make a Button in the East Reading Room
  • How to Look in the Well in the Robinson Auditorium
  • How to Geocache in the Library (Scavenger Hunt activity)