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Handley Regional Library: The First One Hundred Years cover photo

Handley Regional Library, The First One Hundred Years

List Price:  $36.75

In August 1913 The Handley Library opened its doors and began to serve local residents. In a century of service, the library has evolved and grown and been transformed into a present-day regional community resource.  This full color volume tells the story of those 100 years.

There are over 375 photographs of all the libraries in the system--Clarke County, Bowman, and Handley.

45 Degrees to Braddock print

45 Degrees to Braddock Street

45 Degrees to Braddock Street
28 X 30 inches

Main Stairs print

Main Stairs to Mezzanine

Main Stairs to Mezzanine
23 X 13 inches

Dome Roof print

Dome Roof

Dome Roof
38 X 28.5 inches

Roof Plan print

Roof Plan

Roof Plan
35 X 35.25 inches