Donate Books and DVDs

Donation Guidelines

Due to the COVID-19 response, we are not currently accepting book donations.  We will provide an update when we are able to resume.

When we are able to resume, this is what we want to receive as donations:

  • Books on all subjects in good condition
  • DVDs and CDs and sheet music
  • Electronic Games

What we don't want to receive as donations:

  • Reader's Digest condensed books
  • Magazines
  • Encyclopedias older than four years or encyclopedia year books and text books older that three years
  • Books that have broken spines, missing pages or covers
  • Books that are stained or have mold, mildew, pet stains, insect or rodent damage.  These can contaminate other books or present health hazards.
  • VHS tapes

Proceeds from the FHRL Used Book Sales benefit all library locations.