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Colonel W. D. Lewis Papers

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17


Scope and Content: The Colonel W.D. Lewis Papers are an assortment of military reports and correspondences from 1862. Col. Lewis, who was a member of the Federal Army, 110th Penn., received these letters and reports while he was serving as post commander of Winchester, VA, during the federal occupation between March and May 1862. This collection contains material on local Civil War history, such as Col. Lewis?s report on a skirmish near Winchester, VA. Lewis was relieved of his command on April 18, 1862. (1 box) Last updated 02/2011.

Biographical/Historical: Col. William D. Lewis of the 110th Pennsylvania was the post commander of Winchester, VA during the federal occupation between March and May of 1862. Lewis was relieved of his command on April 18, 1862.

Bibliography: Notes in the collection (donor of the papers unknown).

Cite As: Colonel W.D. Lewis Papers, 572 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.

Box 1

Correspondence/Reports - March 1862:
Colonel Shields' orders calling Colonel Lewis to Winchester, March 25, 1862, 1 sheet, manuscript
Colonel Lewis' report of his regiment's action in Battle of Winchester, March 27, 1862, 1 sheet, manuscript

Correspondence/Reports - April 4-16, 1862
Miscellaneous correspondence/reports, April 4-11, 1862
Letter of introduction, H. M. Brent re A. Perkins, Esq., April 4, 1 leaf, manuscript
Armstrong note conveying Brigadier General Shields' release of soldier on parole, April 6, 1 leaf, manuscript
Captain Stephens returns Lewis' report of Battle of Winchester for revision, April 9, 1 leaf, manuscript
Assistant Surgeon W. Church certification of Lieutenant Fleming Holliday's condition, April 9, 1 leaf, manuscript
Application for furlough, Lieutenant Holliday, April 9, 1 leaf, manuscript
Shields' request for two companies of cavalry, April 10, 1 leaf, manuscript
Shields' request for squadron escort, April 10, 1 leaf, manuscript
Keller note re return to Wardensville, April 10, 1 leaf, manuscript
Lieutenant Duff, CSA, requesting release from custody, April 11, 1 leaf, manuscript
P. Williams communication concerning Union prisoners in Jackson's hands, April 11, 1 leaf, manuscript
Receipt for Brent pistol, April 11, 1 leaf, manuscript
Captain McNeight's report to Colonel on conduct and insubordination of some of his men, April 11, 2 pages, manuscript
Reverend Joseph R. Jones - jailed as spy, April 9 and 14, 4 leaves, 1 envelope, manuscript
Colonel Shields' orders to Colonel Lewis for on drunkenness and disorder of men in Winchester, and Colonel Lewis' answer, April 12, 3 pages, 1 envelope, manuscript
Miscellaneous correspondence/reports, April 12-15, 1862: Chaplain request re prisoner Taylor, April 12, 1 leaf, manuscript; Report of field officer of the day John McCasey, April 13, 1 leaf, manuscript; Callaghan grievances, April 13, 1 leaf, manuscript; Telegram request to forward dispatch to Berry's Ferry, April 14, 1 leaf, manuscript; Telegram re Rosecrans order for quarters and feed, April 15, 1 leaf, manuscript; Haycock request for reports, April 15, 1 leaf, manuscript
Report to General Shields including McGuire spy charges, April 16, 4 leaves, manuscript, photocopy; and letter to Lewis from Ann McGuire, wife of alleged spy, no date, 1 leaf, manuscript, photocopy

Correspondence/Reports - April 17-30, 1862
April 17-18:
Report of Captain Faithful, jailer, on spy Garter Richards, April 17, 1 page, manuscript
Report from Woodstock headquarters, April 18, 1 page, manuscript
Protest of Surgeon Salter for changing detail of Private Walter, April 18, 1 page, manuscript
Letter from H. G. Armstrong relaying General Shields' order to Colonel Lewis to turn over command to Colonel McDowell, and proceed to New Market, April 18, 1 page, manuscript
April 20-30:
Countersigns of Shields' division, Woodstock, April 19, 1 page, manuscript
Letter from Mrs. Whittlesey to Colonel Lewis requesting passes for her friends, April 20, 1 page, manuscript
Report of forces commanded by Colonel Lewis, April 22, 1 page, manuscript
Colonel Lewis report to General Shields on affairs at Winchester, McDowell not yet arrived, April 22, 1 page, manuscript
Colonel Maulsby report on rebel at Berry's Ferry, White Post, and Millwood, and request for information, April 30, 1 page, manuscript

Request from Surgeon T. W. Ross to replace discharged Surgeon Hays, July 10, 1862, 4 pages, manuscript

List of Union men of Winchester, no date, 1 leaf, manuscript; 1 leaf typescript

Undated material
Note on envelope, no date, 1 envelope, manuscript
Note to Colonel Lewis from Colonel Candy, commanding Strasburg, requesting instructions regarding contrabands from W. S. Whipple, no date, 1 leaf, manuscript