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Mary Jane Light Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

236 WFCHS 

Inventory created by Archives Staff  05/1993. Last revised 04/2018.

ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: Collection is open to all researchers.

USE RESTRICTIONS: Restrictions may apply concerning the use, photoduplication, or publication of items in this collection. Consult a member of the archives staff for information concerning these restrictions. The user assumes all responsibility for identifying and satisfying any claimants of copyright.

EXTENT: 0.88 linear feet

DATE: 1850-1984; bulk 1870-1901

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains several private publications produced by a small literary society established in Frederick County, VA at the turn of the twentieth century. The three publications are in manuscript form and are entitled The Crescent, The Social Evening, and The White Star. The collection also includes four account books, a sales ledger, a promissory note and receipt, correspondence, an essay, three diaries, and an autograph book, all from the same time period as the literary society publications. There are also several minute records and brochures concerning the Society of Friends in both Frederick County, VA and Baltimore, MD, including minute entries and a memorandum concerning the rebuilding of the Hopewell Meeting House in 1910.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Mary Jane Light was a long-time member of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, and was the society’s Vice-President for many years. A former history teacher, Light self-published the book, Vista of the Valley, as a teaching tool for young people studying the history of the Shenandoah Valley. Light received several awards from various organizations for her service to Winchester and Frederick County history, and the 2003 Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal was dedicated to her for her many years of service to the community and the historical society. Light passed away on January 12, 2012 at the age of 92.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the dedication page of the 2003 Winchester-Fredrick County Historical Society Journal, and Winchester Star, January 14, 2012.

CITE AS: Light, Mary Jane Collection #236, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.



BOX 1 

News articles unnumbered items, printed (photocopies)

Lupton, Joel and Louis – promissory note and Receipt with Joseph D. Davis, October 4, 1850 and March 31, 1851, 2 leaves, manuscript

Lupton, Joel – Pass from Provost Marshal’s Office, August 15, 1862, 1 leaf, printed and manuscript

Lupton, Joseph – Diaries, 1866-1872 and January 7, 1868 – January 12, 1869, 2 items, manuscript

Autograph Book – to “Dear Rachel” by Miss Carrie Virginia Stewart, n.d., 1 item, manuscript

Dutterer, William J. – Correspondence to Luther Huyett, June 6, 1907, 1 leaf, manuscript

Episcopal Female Institute Catalog, 1903-1904, 1 booklet, printed

Essay – “Meeting of Senatorial Committee”, state or national committee, Author unknown, date unknown, 1 page, manuscript

Harrison, John T. – Diary, June 6, 1852-April 24, 1853, 1 item, manuscript

Light, Edna – invitation poem for her 100th birthday, 1 item, manuscript (photocopy)

Starling, Annie Preston – Funeral brochure, 1968, 1 item, print

Stonewall High School – list of graduates, 1 item, typescript

Whitacre, C. Grenvil – Autobiography, 1995, 3 items, typescript and manuscript

Literary Society Membership Roll, 3 pages, manuscript

The Crescent – 5 items, manuscript:
Volume 1, No. 4, February 8, 1901, editor, Edward L. Irish           
Volume 1, No. 6, March 8, 1901, editor, Lucie Byrd Haines           
Volume 1, No. 14, October 20, 1901, editor, John W. Jolliffe           
September 11, 1903, editor J. L. Jolliffe     
September 25, 1903, editor, Edith M. Jolliffe

Scribner’s Monthly Illustrated Magazine – Volume 20, No. 2, June, 1880, 1 item, printed

The Social Evening – 5 items, manuscript:
Volume 1, Nol. 3, January 18, 1873, editor, Rebecca J. Lupton
Volume 1, No. 6, February 21, 1873, editor, Hugh S. Lupton
Volume 2, No. 1, November 29, 1873, editor, Mary K. Walker
Volume 3, No. 4, January 16, 1875, editor, Hugh S. Lupton
Volume 5, No. 5, January 15, 1876, editor, Carrie Barnson

The Social Evening – 3 items, manuscript:
Volume 5, No. 2, December 23, 1876, editor, Hugh S. Lupton
Volume 6, No. 1, December 1, 1877, editor, J. W. Branson
Volume 6, No. 7, No date

The Social Evening – 2 items, manuscript:
Volume 7, No. 4, January 17, 1880, editor, R. J. Lupton
Volume 8, No. 2, December 17, 1880, editor, Hugh S. Lupton
Volume 8, No. 4, January 15, 1881, editor, Mary S. Lupton
No date or volume, editor, Mary R. Walker

The White Star – 3 items, manuscript:
Volume 2, No. 2, December 4, 1886, editor, Mary S. Lupton
Volume 3, No. 7, January 27, 1888, editor, Aaron G. Mellinger
Volume 3, No. 12, March 31, 1888, editor,
Volume 4, No. 10, March 9, 1889

The White Star – 3 items, manuscript:
Volume 7, No. 8, February 6, 1892
Volume 10, No. 6, January 25, 1895
Volume 10, No. 11, March 30, 1897  

BOX 2 

Account Book – General Store (name of store unknown) 1868-1875, unknown owner, 1 book, manuscript

Account Book Enclosures – General Store, 1868-1875, 2 leaves, printed and manuscript

Account Book, Enclosures – General Store, 1906-1910, 1920, 1936, 6 leaves, printed and manuscript

Account Book – General Store, 1906-1910, 1920, 1936, includes inventory of the estate of J. W. Stephenson, October 5, 1906, 1 book, manuscript

Account Book – 1878-1886, J. W. Branson, 1 book, manuscript

Account Book – 1895-1908, J. L. Swartz, 1 book, manuscript

“Book of Lumber” – sales ledger, owner unknown (possibly Joseph D. Davis), 1850, 1 item, manuscript 


Extracts from the Minutes of the proceedings of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Men and Women Friends, held at their Meeting House on Lombard Street, in the City of Baltimore – 1875, 1885, 1886, 3 items, printed

Hopewell – Glimpses into a Hopewell Family Album – notes and playbills for a June 12, 1957 antique dress parade at Hopewell, 5 items, manuscript and typescript

Hopewell – Memories of Hopewell, book written for the 1984 150th anniversary, 1 item, print

Hopewell Monthly Meeting of Friends Bicentennial – Book, 1935, 1 leaf, typescript, and 1 brochure, 4 pages, printed

Hopewell Monthly Meeting – Minutes Book 1908-1921 and memorandum written between 1909 and 1910 concerning the committee to solicit subscriptions for the meeting house repair. 1 item, manuscript, and 1 leaf, typescript

Proceedings of Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the First-Day School Association of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 1882, 1 item, printed


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