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Robert E. Lee Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17


Scope and Content: This small collection contains ephemera about General Lee. Focus is on his service in the Confederate Army.
(1 box) Last updated 12/15.

Biographical/Historical: Robert Edward lee was born at Stratford” in Westmoreland Co., VA on January 19, 1807. He was the son of Henry “Light Horse Harry” and Ann Hill Carter, In 1825, Lee gained an appointment to West Point and graduated in 1829. On June 30, 1830, he married Mary Ann Randolph Custis. Lee fought with decoration in the Mexican War as a captain of engineers. In 1852 as a Colonel, Lee was appointed superintendent of West Point’s Military Academy, serving in that capacity from 1857 to 1861. Lee was a commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 2nd cavalry. At the beginning of the Civil War in April of 1861, Lee resigned his commission with the U.S. Army to fight for the Confederate States Army. He was accepted into the Regular CSA on May 14 1861 as a brigadier general. General Lee became commander of the Army of Northern Virginia in 1862.

Cite As: Robert E. Lee Collection, 1055 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Attempted resignation, 1863 - article, "A Piece of Secret History," no author, no journal name, Volume 11, No. 34, 2 pages, printed

Biographical sketches
"Robert E. Lee – An Address by Landon C. Bell," 1929, private printing, 27 pages
“Robert E. Lee – A Character Sketch,” by H.H. Smith, Blackstone, VA, no date, printed, 48 pages
"Lee – The Final Achievement (1865-1870), by Francis Pendleton, Washington and Lee University Bulletin, 1933
"Stratford – Colonial Home and Plantation” and "Stratford Plantation," articles by Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, no date
"Character of Robert E. Lee," by Reverend William G. Pendleton, 1962, printed by Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 2 copies

Ceremonies Connected with the Inauguration of the Mausoleum and the Unveiling of the Recumbent Figure of General Robert E. Lee at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA – June 28, 1883, Oration of John W. Daniel, “Historical Sketch of the Lee Memorial Association,” Richmond, VA: West, Johnston, and Co, 1883, 83 pages

Examination by Congress, 1866 – transcript of Robert E. Lee's testimony, 42 leaves, typescript
History of the Life of Rev. Wm. Mack Lee, body servant of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Newport News, VA: Warwick Printing Co., 1918.

Flowers/leaves from General Robert E. Lee’s Casket—leaves, 1 manuscript note

Memorial services, January 19, 1871 –"In Memoriam – General Robert E. Lee," oration by Colonel F. W. M. Holliday, poem by Daniel Lucas, Times Office, Winchester, 1871, 1 item, 3 copies, printed

News Articles—Robert E. Lee, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

News Articles—Mrs. Robert E. Lee, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

Proclamation in Honor of his 100th Birthday – printed, 1 item
Signature – May 1865, in the signature book of First National Bank, Richmond VA, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Mapcase 1, Drawer 8

Facsimiles of documents written by General Lee

Mapcase 1, Drawer 13

Southern Collegian, "The Death of General Lee," 1870, 4 pages, printed