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Ready4K Text Messaging Boosts Your Child’s Learning

Ready4K is Here!

Caregivers in the 22601 ZIP code can now sign up for Ready4K at no cost through Handley Regional Library System!

Ready4K is a research-based text messaging system for caregivers of children ages 0-10. Each week, you'll receive three texts to help your child learn and grow, and all are specifically designed for the child's stage of development. With fun facts and easy tips, learning can continue from the home to the classroom and back again. Add these facts, tips, and growth messages into your daily family routine to increase healthy learning and development.

Ready4K makes family-centered learning accessible and achievable through text messaging. This data-driven platform is now available through the Winchester Campaign for Grade-Level Reading with Handley Regional Library System to families who live in the 22601 ZIP code only at this time.

Do you care for multiple children? Sign up to receive texts related to each child's age in the language of your choice!



Ready4K Boy

Ready4K Family Registration Form