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YA Audiobooks On Hoopla

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Did you know that you can stream or download lots of great Young Adult audiobooks for free on Hoopla with your library card?


Hoopla is a web and mobile library media streaming platform that allows you to borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows to enjoy on your computer, tablet, phone, or TV.  


Check out these titles and find many more on Hoopla!

(Summaries provided by Hoopla)




 Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler

 Read by Mara Wilson

 Winner of the Sydney Taylor Book Award 2024 Young Adult Honor

 A queer Sliding Doors rom-com in which a girl must choose between summer in NYC with her dad  (and the girl she's always wanted) or LA with her estranged mom (and the guy she never saw  coming).

 Natalya Fox has twenty-hours to make the biggest choice of her life: stay home in NYC for the   summer with her dad (and finally screw up the courage to talk to the girl she's been crushing on), or spend it with her basically estranged mom in LA (knowing this is the best chance she has to fix their relationship, if she even wants to.) (Does she want to?)

How's a girl supposed to choose?

She can't, and so both summers play out in alternating timelines - one in which Natalya explores the city, tries to repair things with her mom, works on figuring out her future, and goes for the girl she's always wanted. And one in which Natalya explores the city, tries to repair things with her mom, works on figuring out her future, and goes for the guy she never saw coming.

In Dahlia Adler's Going Bicoastal, there's more than one path to happily ever after.



Where you


 Where You See Yourself by Claire Forrest

 Read by Ali Stroker

 Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award


 Where You See Yourself combines an unforgettable coming-of-age tale, a swoon-worthy   romance, and much-needed  disability representation in this story about a girl who's determined   to  follow her dreams.


By the time Effie Galanos starts her senior year, it feels like she's already been thinking about college applications for an eternity-after all, finding a college that will be the perfect fit and be accessible enough for Effie to navigate in her wheelchair presents a ton of considerations that her friends don't have to worry about.

What Effie hasn't told anyone is that she already knows exactly what school she has her heart set on: a college in NYC with a major in Mass Media & Society that will set her up perfectly for her dream job in digital media. She's never been to New York, but paging through the brochure, she can picture the person she'll be there, far from the Minneapolis neighborhood where she's lived her entire life. When she finds out that Wilder (her longtime crush) is applying there too, it seems like one more sign from the universe that it's the right place for her.

But it turns out that the universe is full of surprises. As Effie navigates her way through a year of admissions visits, senior class traditions, internal and external ableism, and a lot of firsts--and lasts--she starts to learn that sometimes growing up means being open to a world of possibilities you never even dreamed of. And maybe being more than just friends with Wilder is one of those dreams...


Saints of

 Saints of the Household by Ari Tison

Read by Timothy Andrès Pabon, Alejandro Ruiz

Winner of the Pura Belpre and Walter Dean Myers Awards for Young Adult Literature


Saints of the Household is a haunting contemporary YA about an act of violence in a small-town--beautifully told by a debut Indigenous Costa Rican-American writer--that will take your breath away.


Max and Jay have always depended on one another for their survival. Growing up with a physically abusive father, the two Bribri American brothers have learned that the only way to protect themselves and their mother is to stick to a schedule and keep their heads down.


But when they hear a classmate in trouble in the woods, instinct takes over and they intervene, breaking up a fight and beating their high school's star soccer player to a pulp. This act of violence threatens the brothers' dreams for the future and their beliefs about who they are. As the true details of that fateful afternoon unfold over the course of the novel, Max and Jay grapple with the weight of their actions, their shifting relationship as brothers, and the realization that they may be more like their father than they thought. They'll have to reach back to their Bribri roots to find their way forward.


Told in alternating points of view using vignettes and poems, debut author Ari Tison crafts an emotional, slow-burning drama about brotherhood, abuse, recovery, and doing the right thing.


 Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

Read by Carrington MacDuffie


 Happily-ever-after turned upside down, inside out, and completely over the top! Christian is gaga   for Princess Marigold. He’s just a commoner, though, and no match for royalty. Heck, he lives in a   cave with a troll! And now he’s discovered another reason to put his love-soggy heart on ice:   Queen Olympia is scheming to take over the kingdom-and she’ll bump off Marigold to do it! Can   Chris foil her diabolical plans?



 Okay, Cupid by Mason Deaver

 Read by Max Meyers


 From the bestselling author of I Wish You All The Best, the story of a cupid who thinks they know   everything about love... until they fall in love themselves.


 As a cupid, Jude thinks they understand love a little bit more than the average human. It makes   sense -- Jude's been studying love their whole teen life. And, yes, there have been some bumps   in the road, and they're currently on probation for doing something that they absolutely, definitely shouldn't have done... but they're ready to prove they can make matches without ever getting involved.

Only... Jude's next assignment isn't about setting up two adults. No, this time Jude has to go to high school, with kids their own age. And the assignment is a tough one: two best friends who are meant to be more than just best friends... but who aren't currently speaking to each other after a huge falling out.

Jude thinks they've got this one all under control, and that they won't get involved whatsoever.

Which proves that maybe Jude hasn't learned the first lesson of humans and love ... It's complicated.



 The Immortal Games by Annaliese Avery

 read by TBD

 The Blood Moon marks the start of the Immortal Games.

 The Gods of Olympus randomly select humans as their tokens and then gamble with their lives.  The stakes are high and survival is unlikely.

 16-year-old Ara is seeking revenge on the Gods for allowing her sister to die in the games. She's   determined to be selected as a token, but when she is, she realizes that it isn't just her life at   stake, but also her heart. With the odds stacked against her, it will take an unlikely hero to twist   her rage into something much more complicated. Ara is playing in the games of life and death...   and love. What will she sacrifice?