Tails & Tales of the Seven Seas!

Tails & Tales of the Seven Seas!

Are you ready to read this week? This week we’re going to tell some tales of the Seven Seas!

Time is running out for our summer reading program, but there is still time left to read, log, and win. Head  to HandleyRegional.org/YouthSummerReading for all the details on how you can earn virtual raffle tickets towards prizes and free books from the library as you log your reading through the Beanstack App. 

This week’s badge challenge is Tails & Tales of the Seven Seas, and you can complete the activities when you log on to Beanstack, go to the Summer 2021-Tails & Tales for Pre-Readers challenge, scroll down a bit and click on "Badges", then click on "Activity Badges." You'll then look for the Seven Seas badge:

Unearned Seven Seas Badge

Click on the badge and choose any three of the following challenges to earn this week’s badge and a raffle ticket! Once you earn it, the badge will show in color and be added to your growing list of earned badges! Plus, you will earn a virtual ticket you can then use to select the prize drawing you wish to enter. 


  • Talking: Take a look at these ocean animal flashcards. Say the name of each animal, talk about what color it is, what it looks like, if it’s big or small, etc.

    TeaTime Monkeys
  • Singing: Count the sea creatures! On the last line, repeat the melody until all of the sea creatures return! 

Five Little Sea Creatures
Sung to: “Five Little Ducks”
Five sea creatures on the ocean floor;
The lobster walked away
Now there are four.
Foursea creatures living in the sea;
The octopus crept away
Now there are three.
Three sea creatures wondering what to do;
"Good-bye," said the starfish
Now there are two.
Two sea creatures not having much fun;
Off swam the sea horse
Now there is one.
One hermit crab, sad and all alone,
Back came the starfish,
Back came the sea horse,
Back came the octopus,
Back came the lobster,
Then all five went home.

  • Reading: Check out and read any book from this week’s search tag: #talesofthesevenseas

  • Writing: Let your child “write” in sand. Fill the bottom of a sheet pan with sand and help your little one trace letters in the sand. This is a great sensory activity. If you don’t have sand substitute sugar or salt.

  • Playing: In and Out: This game is one that will introduce beginning concepts such as full and empty, big and small. When playing this game with your child, point out these opposites as they go. Ocean themed items (can be substituted with any items of various size, shape, or color): • Small stones, gems, and/or shells • Ocean themed toys • Toy shovel • Toy bucket Instructions: Fill each box or basket with a few items of different sizes, shapes, and colors (“The box is full”). Parents and caregivers should help the child pick up the box or basket, turn over, and dump items out. (“The box is empty”) Work together with your child to put the items back in the box or basket. Ask your child to pick up items based on color, shape, or size and place them in the box or basket.

  • Attend a program this week at any Handley Regional Library branch or watch one online. Check the calendar for the perfect program for you! You can also see virtual programs on the Youth Services YouTube playlist.

Looking for more finger plays or songs to sing? Try one of these!

Mr. Lobster and Mrs. Crab

(Tune: Old MacDonald Had a Farm)
Mr. Lobster and Mrs. Crab pinch and snap all day
Mr. Lobster and Mrs. Crab pinch and snap all day
With a pinch, pinch here (pinch fingers together)
And a snap, snap there (clap hands)
Here a pinch, there a snap,
Everywhere a pinch, snap
Mr. Lobster and Mrs. Crab pinch and snap all day.

Did You Ever See a Fishy?

(Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie?)
Did you ever see a fishy, a fishy, a fishy
Did you ever see a fishy, swim this way and that?
Swim this way and that way, and that way and this way?
Did you ever see a fishy, swim this way and that?

Read those books and earn those badges all week long and I’ll see you next week for a new theme.