Tails & Tales of Pet Pals Storytime!

Tails & Tales of Pet Pals Storytime!

This week we’re taking care of our family animal friends. Our pet pals! 

We’re in our last week of our summer reading program, log your reading through the Beanstack App. This week’s badge challenge is Tails & Tales of Pet Pals, and you can complete the activities when you log on to Beanstack, go to the Summer 2021-Tails & Tales for Pre-Readers challenge, scroll down a bit and click on "Badges", then click on "Activity Badges." You'll then look for the Pet Pals badge:

Unearned Pet Pals Badge

Click on the badge and choose any three of the following challenges to earn this week’s badge and a raffle ticket! Once you earn it, the badge will show in color and be added to your growing list of earned badges! Plus, you will earn a virtual ticket you can then use to select the prize drawing you wish to enter. 

  • Talking: Share stories with your child about pets from your past or present. Include funny and/or important details and even “act it out” to make it fun and entertaining. Show your child a picture of the pet, if you have one. If you don’t have any personal pet stories, share one about a pet you knew or make one up!

  • Singing: Do you take good care of your pets? Here is a song you can sing to remember how to care best for your pet!

Pet Care Song

(tune: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”)
I take good care of my pet,
Give him food every day.
Make sure he has nice clean water
And that he exercises and plays.
Oh, I make sure that he is healthy,
Has a warm place to sleep,
Because I love to take care of my pet,
He's my own special friend to keep!

  • Reading: Check out and read any book from this week’s search tag: #talesofpetpals

  • Writing: Write or draw a letter to a pet or other animal friend. Imagine if they could read it and write back to you. What would you want to tell them? What questions would you want to ask them?

  • Playing: Pretend a stuffed animal is your real life pet. What is it’s name? How do you feed it? Take it for a walk, make sure it has enough water to drink, and share a book with it!

  • Attend a program this week at any Handley Regional Library branch or watch one online. Check the calendar for the perfect program for you! You can also see virtual programs on the Youth Services YouTube playlist.

Looking for more finger plays or songs to sing? Try one of these!

Pet Sounds 
(Tune: “The Wheels on the Bus”)
My little dog goes, woof, woof, woof 
Woof, woof, woof , woof, woof, woof 
My little dog goes, woof, woof, woof 
All around the yard. 
My little cat goes meow… all around the house.
My little fish goes glub… all around the bowl. 
My little turtle goes slow… all around the box. 

My Five Pets
(Hold up five fingers, start with pinky.)
I have five pets I’d like you to meet.
They live with me on Mulberry Street.
This is my chicken the smallest of all,
He comes running whenever I call.
This is my duckling who says, “Quack, Quack,”
As she shakes the water off her back.
This is my rabbit, he runs from his pen,
Then I must put him back again.
This is my kitten, her coat is black and white,
She loves to sleep on my pillow at night.
And this is my puppy who has lots of fun,
He chases the others and makes them run.

Can You? 
(tune: “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”) 
Can you hop like a rabbit? 
Can you jump like a frog? 
Can you waddle like a duck? 
Can you run like a dog? 
Can you squeak like a mouse? 
Can you moo like a cow? 
Can you show me now?

I hope you had fun this summer! Don't forget to keep reading and we'll see you in the fall with new themes!