Superheroes Storytime Week!

Superheroes Storytime Week!

Get ready superhero-super-readers! We have a storytime this week for you. All week long we'll be reading books and singing songs about our superpowered friends and you can bring the power of your library card along to take home some great books to read while you're visiting. Type into the search bar above, #superheroessave for some great titles you can check out. 

Here is a look at our fall pre-reader programs. You can find more information about each program or register where requested on our library calendar

Fall programs

Here is a look at some of the superhero songs and fingerplays for our young superheroes! 

Two Little Superheroes
Two little superheroes, (hold up 2 fingers)
Brave and true.
One wears yellow,
And the other wears blue.
Fly away yellow zip! (one hand behind back)
Fly away blue, zap! (other hand behind back)
Come back yellow. whoosh! (bring first hand out)
Come back blue. zoom! (bring other hand out)
Two little supervillains grumpy and mean,
One wears orange, and the other wears green.
Fly away orange - zip!
Fly away green - zap!
Come back orange - whoosh!
Come back green - zoom!
Two more superheroes come to defend!
One wears purple, and the other wears red.
Fly away purple - zip!
Fly away red - zap!
Come back purple - whoosh!
Come back red - zoom!

Superhero, Superhero!
Superhero, superhero turn around
Superhero, superhero touch the ground
Superhero, superhero put on your suit
Superhero, Superhero put on your boots.
Superhero, Superhero, jump up high
Superhero, Superhero, fly, fly, fly
Superhero, Superhero, turn around.
Superhero, Superhero, please sit down.

Five Brave Superheroes Fingerplay 
Five brave superheroes (hold up five fingers)
Ready to save the day. 
(hands on hips in ‘superhero stance’)
One flies off to chase a villain, 
(“fly” one finger behind back)
Up, up and away! 
(stretch arms up into the air, i.e. ‘flying pose’) 
Count down from 4, 3, 2…
One brave superhero
Ready to save the day.
She flies off to chase a villain
Up, up and away!
Hooray for superheroes! 
(clap hands, shout hooray!)

The Superhero
The Superhero’s arms flex and lift,
Flex and lift, flex and lift,
The superhero’s arms flex and lift, all around the town.
The Superhero’s eyes go zap, zap, zap!
The Superhero’s legs run very fast.
The Superhero jumps up super high.
The Superhero flies zoom zoom zoom!
The person in trouble yells help help help!
The Superhero goes to save the day!