Sniffles and Sneezes Storytime

Sniffles and Sneezes Storytime

Sniffles and Sneezes BooklistAAAACCHHHOOOO! 

Sometimes those little germs get the best of us and we find ourselves feeling sick. Figuring out where that icky feeling is coming from and how to make it better is one of the many wonderful things we can find in children's books. We'll look at a few of them this week during our Storytimes at the Handley Regional Library System. Head over with your child and enjoy some wonderful books, music, and activities related to Sniffles and Sneezes! 

If they're currently battling a bug, you can join in from home through our online book search. Search the online catalog for the tag: #snifflesandsneezes then place your book selections on hold so we can have them ready for you to pick up at your preferred library branch! We even have on-demand downloadable options through our digital library, including options for children.

Once you have your reading material in hand, enjoy a few songs and rhymes to chase the germy blues away and learn a few ways to prevent the next.

Ah-Choo! Ah-Choo!
Farmer’s nose tingles (point to nose)
Farmer’s nose twitches (wiggle puppet)
And he is going to sneeze!
Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!
Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!

(Continue with farm animals: Cow, moo-choo / pig, oink-choo / chicken, bawk-choo)

I’ve Got a Cold
I’ve got a cold                   (point to yourself)
My nose can’t smell        (point to your nose)
My eyes are red               (point to your eyes)
I don’t feel well                (hand on forehead)
So I’ll drink my meds        (pretend to drink)
And go to bed…                (fold hands under head)

My nose feels better       (point to nose)
And so does my head!    (point to head)

Five Nasty Germs
Five nasty germs were going out to play, 
Along came the water and washed one away!

Four nasty germs trying to have some fun, 
Along came the soap and one had to run! 

Then three nasty germs tried to make you sick, 
But along came the scrubbing and said “You’re not going to stick!” 

Two nasty germs got into a fight, 
Along came the rinse and washed one out of sight! 

One nasty germ thought it couldn’t be seen, Along came a towel and your hand was nice and clean!

Wash Your Hands
(Sung to: Row, Row Row Your Boat")
Wash, wash, wash your hands
Play our handy game.
Rub and scrub, and scrub and rub.
Germs go down the drain.  HEY!
Wash, wash, wash your hands
Play our handy game.
Rub and scrub, and scrub and rub.
Dirt goes down the drain.  HEY!

Cough or Sneeze 
(Sung To: "Mary had a little lamb")
When you have to cough or sneeze, cough or sneeze, cough or sneeze,
When you have to cough or sneeze, 
cover your mouth please!