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An Ode to Sandra Boynton

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A notable perk of parenting or grandparenting toddlers is the introduction to the existence of Sandra Boynton board books. To find board books such as hers that are both engaging for young children and entertaining for adults is no trivial thing. In fact, it is worthy of an ode, an ode to Sandra Boynton. Merriam- Webster includes this definition for ode: “something that shows respect for or celebrates the worth or influence of another.”  


Boynton's hilarious hippos, peaceful pigs, and dancing dinosaurs have soothed innumerable cranky toddlers and fortified plenty of weary parents. Who can resist a read-aloud of Happy Hippo, Angry Duck? ;Oh My, Oh My, Dinosaurs! ; or Moo, Baa, La La La ?


How many little pookies have been christened with this new term of endearment after the 15th or 20th time through What’s Wrong Little Pookie?


Whether it’s promenading farm animals, waltzing squirrels, or a tiny little dino going cha cha cha- there’s lots of movement and dance in Boynton’s books- enough to capture the attention of an active child and calm the strongest case of the wiggles. 


The fact that grown-ups keep connected with Boynton after their own kids are well past board book stage attests to her talent and charm. She has a large following on social media, enough merch for a touring rock band, and numerous projects in the works for fans of all ages. Come for the board books and stay for the mugs, calendars, and Instagram reels. 

barnyard dance
barnyard dance