Middle Grade Book Spotlight--Bookworms & Libraries!!!

Middle Grade Book Spotlight--Bookworms & Libraries!!!

Our middle grade book spotlight this week is on books that feature some of our favorite things--books, bookworms, and libraries!!!  The first week of April is National Library Week and what better way to celebrate than to read a book which highlights this amazing place.  We have a variety of books that feature a traditional library similar to what you know and then some that are incredibly unique and you will find yourself wishing you could visit as well as some that are all about book lovers--just like you!  Some of the titles are fantasy, the first in a series, science fiction, and even some realistic.  These books and more can be found by searching the catalog using the search tag #youthbookworms as well as on Libby and Hoopla.  Check back next week for a new middle grade book spotlight and if you have any book suggestions, please let us know!!

Curse of the Boggin by D.J. MacHale--In the Library between life and death, ghosts write their unfinished stories, those of their lives which ended too soon. If the reader begins reading these stories but doesn't finish them, then the stories may just finish the reader.

The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler--When her father is lost at sea shortly after meeting a very unusual visitor, Alice must leave her home to live with an "uncle" whose rural Pennsylvania estate includes a massive and mysterious library that holds much more than books.

Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes--Twelve-year-old June Harper, shocked when her parents go on a campaign to clear the Dogwood Middle School library of objectionable books, starts a secret banned books library in an empty locker.

A Week Without Tuesday by Angelica Banks--In the land where all stories originate, the fictional worlds created by those stories are colliding. Oceans from one world spill into another, mountains grow so large they pierce the sky, terrible flying creatures terrorize the lands. The Librarian tasks Tuesday, her dog, Baxterr, and her mother's fictional character, Vivienne Small, with finding the Gardener who usually keeps the worlds apart. However, when they find him, Tuesday learns a terrible truth: The Gardener is old and frail, and she might have to take his place, forsaking her family and world forever … 

Story Thieves by James Riley--Real life is pretty boring for Owen, what with homework and chores and all. Then one day he sees cute classmate Bethany literally climbing out of a copy of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in the library. It turns out she is half-fictional, with a fictional father and a real mother. Ever since her father disappeared into a book, Bethany has searched for him. Now her secret is out, but Owen promises not to tell anyone as long as she takes him into his favorite Kiel Gnomenfoot series—and hey, it may even help her in her search. Or, it may spell doom for the series when the antagonist finds out he is fictional and vows revenge against his creator!

The Ninja Librarians by Jen Swann Downey--Dorrie and her brother Marcus accidentally open a portal to Petrarch's Library, where they discover a secret society of warrior librarians who travel in time, protecting the world's greatest thinkers from torture and death for sharing knowledge and ideas.