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Eight Books To Help Your Family Remember Together

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Having a family member living with dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, or another form of memory loss can be confusing for children to understand and cope with. Family dynamics may need to change to help care for the family member, and it’s normal for kids to experience a wide array of emotions. Connecting with others who have similar experiences can really help make sense of everything, and books are one of the best ways we can learn more about people and situations we relate to. Below are some books — ranging from picture books to older elementary school-level novels — all about families, memories, and the love we share. Descriptions are from Novelist and/or the back covers. 



Grandpa Monty's Muddles

Grandpa Monty’s Muddles by Marta Zafrilla 

Oscar describes how his life has changed since his grandfather, Pedro, has come to live with him and his parents because he can no longer live alone, and the boy explains the things he does to help the old man remember. 





Fireflies, Peach Pies, & Lullabies



Fireflies, Peach Pies, & Lullabies by Virginia L Kroll 

When Francie's great-granny Annabel dies of Alzheimer's Disease, Francie finds a way to help people remember the real person rather than the shell she had become. 




Roll With It



Roll With It by Jamie Sumner 

Twelve-year-old Ellie, who has cerebral palsy, finds her life transformed when she moves with her mother to small-town Oklahoma to help care for her grandfather, who has Alzheimer's Disease. 




The Amazing Zoe and Grandma's Memory Box


The Amazing Zoe and Grandma’s Memory Box by Valene Campbell 

Zoe’s grandma has forgotten to bake Zoe’s favorite cookies, and sometimes she even forgets Zoe’s name! But luckily, Zoe’s mommy is there to help teach Zoe about grandma’s changing memory, due to Alzheimer’s Disease. Zoe devises a clever and creative way to help her grandma remember some of her most treasured memories. 




But, Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To?


But, Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To? by Carole Warren 

Taking care of elderly parents can be a challenging privilege. The author of this inspiring story experienced four years of doing so and addresses the oft-unspoken question caretakers of the elderly hesitate to ask: Why do we uproot so much of our lifestyle for the sake of his? In this endearing story, Mama answers that question for Bronson who realizes that Grandpa is allowed to break the rules that he is expected to follow. This book will encourage families in similar situations to hang in there and to make the most of these treasured moments with their loved one. 



The Space Between Lost and Found



The Space Between Lost and Found by Sandy Stark-McGinnis 

Cassie is determined to give her mom--who has early onset Alzheimer's--one last adventure. 





Great Nanny Doesn't Remember Me


Great Nanny Doesn’t Remember Me by William G Bentrim 

As difficult as it is for adults to face and deal with Dementia, imagine how difficult it is for a child to understand what is happening to their beloved elders. This book helps the most vulnerable understand Dementia and how important it is to continue to love those who have it. 








Also by E.B. Goodale  

This moving story follows one family through generations of time spent together and shows readers that memories allow us to connect to the past, the present, and also to each other. 




If you would like to gather with other families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, Westminster Canterbury will be putting together an interactive storytime all about caring for those with memory loss this month. This storytime will be Saturday, February 24 at 1 p.m. on the second floor of the Handley Library, and all ages are welcome.