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Try Some Citizen Science!

It used to be that many scientists did not want help from non-scientists. They thought that a typical person/citizen did not have the skills, knowledge, or training to make a meaningful contribution to their discipline. Wrong! This was a common attitude even though history is littered with self-taught or non-professional people who did make important scientific contributions. The hundred plus years of data from the Christmas Bird Counts would never have been possible only relying upon scientists.

Fortunately, few scientists now need convincing that there is an important role for o...

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This Blog Is For the Birds: Part II

Part I of This blog is for the birds focused on the Great Backyard Bird Count that takes place each February. In Part II, I want to share with some you of the new titles (about birds) that have been added to our collection in the past year and remind you of related selections in our DVD collection.

During the past year, we have acquired new books about birds. David Sibley created one of the best field guides for birds (trees too!) and a book on bird behavior. His newest: What it's like to be a bird: from flying to nesting, eating to singing--what birds are doing, and why, answers ...

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