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7 Sub-Genres Every Mystery Lover Should Know


When the word “mystery” is typed into the HRL catalog search, over 14,000 titles appear. Our digital resources add thousands more to the list. As a mystery fan, I love all these choices! But as a library patron, I know that having all those choices can be overwhelming. How do I choose the best book for me?  Knowing and understanding the different categories of mysteries is the key to narrowing your search and finding your next great read.

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Series and Read-A-Likes in the Library Catalog

This blog is about another nifty feature in the library catalog that you may not have found yet. I will use two books as an example. The first book “The Sherlockian” is a historical mystery with parallel narratives. When I type the name in the search bar for the library and then click on the title, I see the page below. Notice the link on the left titled “Series & read-a-likes”.

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