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Social Justice Education Reads for Grades K-12

If you and your family are wanting to read more diverse books with a central theme around Social Justice Education, then look no further than your local public library! We've compiled a list of books for Elementary, Middle School, and High School readers. You can find these books in our library catalog here and/or in our digital library in Hoopla here. All you need is a library card! If you do not have one, simply email and we can help get you one today. 

Additionally, you can easily count these books and time spent reading them for t...

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Stuck at Home? Your Library is Here to Help.

For families of all ages, a global pandemic can be alarming and confusing. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading throughout the United States now, specifically, and has led to school and public closures. The uncertainty of this national and global situation can induce more anxiety in our kids. However, learning how to talk about what is going on and what to do next can be the first step that grown-ups can take to lead to better understanding for families with kids.

Your public library can be a source of trustworthy information and educational resources if you and your fami...

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