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Galaxy in a mason jar

Genre Spotlight: Science Fiction

Science fiction is often a misunderstood genre. It's assumed to be universally chock-full of inscrutable scientific or technical jargon (no offense to those who enjoy such things, you are far more powerful than I will ever be), and lacking in things one usually likes to find in stories such as relatable characters, well-plotted stories, and readable prose. But it’s hardly true that such science fiction (often called “hard science fiction” or “hard SF”) offers nothing in the way of enjoyable stories and characters. 

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Sherlock Silhouette

7 Sub-Genres Every Mystery Lover Should Know


When the word “mystery” is typed into the HRL catalog search, over 14,000 titles appear. Our digital resources add thousands more to the list. As a mystery fan, I love all these choices! But as a library patron, I know that having all those choices can be overwhelming. How do I choose the best book for me?  Knowing and understanding the different categories of mysteries is the key to narrowing your search and finding your next great read.

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nerd media

5 Reasons it’s a Great Time to be a Nerd at the Library

Your local library is making it easier than ever to geek! We all know it can be hard to find our people and even harder to keep up with our favorite fandoms on a budget. Now the library is expanding our collections, not just for teens, but for adults too. Keep an eye on our catalog for our ever-expanding collection of games, graphic novels, movies, books, and shows. And keep an ear to the ground for our upcoming programming that was developed with you in mind.

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