Safe Library Guidelines

Behavior Guidelines

The Handley Regional Library Board wants its libraries to be places where the staff and the public feel and are safe and secure. A public library is a place for activities such as individual reading, research, and study; thus an individual’s behavior in the library should be consistent with normal library usage.

Any citizen whose conduct interferes with other patrons’ use of library services or constitutes a threat to the safety of the public or the staff may be asked by a staff member to leave the library. Access to library facilities may be limited for a period of time if the rules of conduct are not observed. If an individual wants to appeal a staff decision to bar that individual, he or she may request that the Library Board review the decision.

Library employees will ask for assistance from the Police Department or Sheriff’s Office, when necessary.

The following are prohibited under the guidelines:

  • Use of any tobacco products
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere on library property
  • Pets within the library (service animals are permitted)
  • Inadequate attire (for instance, shoes and shirts are required)
  • Loud or disruptive behavior
  • Sleeping
  • Harassing or threatening behavior, whether to staff or other members of the public
  • Damaging or destroying, or unlawfully removing library materials or property
  • Using library restrooms or other areas for inappropriate purposes (such as bathing or doing laundry in restroom)
  • Non-compliance with staff requests
  • Leaving children unattended for prolonged periods or at closing or failing to adequately supervise children or other individuals requiring care. (Children age six or under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult during the entire stay of the children at the library. See the Library’s Safe Child Statement for additional information.)
  • Soliciting, petitioning, or distributing literature except as permitted in areas designated by staff
  • Use of any sports equipment within the library. Skateboarding or rollerblading on any part of library buildings or sidewalks. Motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles except in paved parking lot.
  • Weapons and explosives (except for those properly licensed in Virginia) are prohibited anywhere on library property
  • Improper acts that are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law.