Safe Library Policy

Safe Library Policy
The Handley Regional Library Board wants its libraries to be places where the staff and the public feel and are safe and secure. A public library is a place for activities such as individual reading, research, and study; thus an individual’s behavior in the library should be consistent with normal library usage.

Any citizen whose conduct interferes with other patrons’ use of library services or constitutes a threat to the safety of the public or the staff may be asked by a staff member to leave the library. Access to library facilities may be limited for a period of time if the rules of conduct are not observed. If an individual wants to appeal a staff decision to bar that individual, he or she may request that the Library Director review the decision.

Keeping Children Safe in the Library
Children age 6 and under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult during their entire stay in the library.  Adult supervision is recommended for all elementary-school aged children while in the library.

Philosophy for the Safe Child Position:
Handley Regional Library welcomes children of all ages.  It is a doorway through which lifelong learning takes place. The public library, however, is just that, a public building.  As such, anybody can come into it. The library staff has many duties to perform in order to serve the citizens of Winchester, Frederick County and Clarke County.  They cannot monitor the behavior or whereabouts of each patron--including children.  Library staff cannot assume parental responsibilities for children who come into the library.
It is for the safety of each child that Handley Regional Library has considered the special needs of children it its Safe Library Policy.

Approved by Handley Regional Library Board May 17, 2016