Long Range Plan 2016-2021

Our vision for the community

Handley Regional Library system aspires to be the center of information and learning.

Our mission

Handley Regional Library system provides outstanding information, resources, programs and services to enrich our diverse community.

To advance our vision and mission, the Handley Regional Library Board commits to pursue the following goals for

1. Technology (what we should be)

  • Upgrade email system
  • Upgrade Wi-Fi at all locations & implement Wi-Fi printing & phone systems
  • Replace 2 servers in FY 17 for TLC & webpage (approx. $15,000)
  • Implement life cycle plan for computer hardware
  • Implement Mi-Fi checkouts
  • Network switches upgrade
  • Implement RFID technology (FY 18)
  • Install a technology lab such as 3D printing

2. Capital improvement/locations/exterior, interior, new locations

Demand has increased for meeting spaces for small, medium, and large groups.  Increased use puts greater strain on the facilities, including booking spaces, foot traffic, use of Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, AV equipment.  Known improvements are:

  • Install enhanced outdoor signage at Handley Library and Bowman Library
  • Improve book returns (3 new bins, approx. $9,000)
  • Upgrade Handley Library physical plant including new chiller, drain pipes, & HVAC, carpet. Replace flat roof at Handley in 2019.
  • Improve charging stations on tables at all libraries.
  • Replace carpeting at Bowman Library
  • Repair BL parking lot & repaint lines
  • Assess space need for collections and reconfigure as necessary. (may need architectural help)
  • Purchase new and more comfortable tables and chairs for Bowman & Handley meeting spaces.
  • Engage architect to reconfigure meeting rooms at Bowman to accommodate groups of 15-20, for technology lab, teen space if construction work is needed.
  • Create or improve teen spaces at each facility.
  • Enlarge paved parking lot at Bowman.

Note:  the Frederick County Capital Improvement Plan includes a small library for the western part of the county.  If this becomes a reality, it will need to be added to our 5-year plan.

3. Operations/programs/service levels for hours open, staffing needs, etc.

  • Goal: Give library cards to all elementary & middle schoolers in Frederick, Clarke, & Winchester.
  • Goal: Educate current users about all library services through technology instructional classes and other methods.
  • Goal: Keep the library relevant.  Increase programs to meet needs of the diverse populations of our communities, through presenting cross-cultural programs, having community groups to present programs, increasing number of bilingual, ESOL, ASL programs, and other types of programs.

By meeting the goals outlined above, the Library Board feels that these service levels will be met by 2021, using FY 2015-16 as the baseline:

  • Increase evening library hours to match customer needs.
  • Increase number of visitors to libraries by 2%.
  • Increase meeting room use by 10%.
  • Increase attendance at adult programs by 10%.
  • Increase attendance at teen programs by 10%.
  • Increase attendance at children’s programs by 10%.
  • Increase collection size of downloadable materials by 5% and increase use of collection by same.
  • Increase checkout of materials by 7%.
  • Increase new library cards by an average of 5%.
  • Increase number of outreach interactions by 5%.
  • Improve the average age of collection materials.
  • Increase the number of active card users.

Staffing requirements

The five-year goals will increase use of library services, number of workshops and programs, and the number of outreach events. We will create a staffing priorities framework to support the new services.


Approved by Handley Regional Library Board June 21, 2016