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Recap of National Library Week

2020 National Library Week was one for the books at Handley Regional Library System.  With our buildings closed to the public, library staff quickly adapted to the needs of the communities we serve and offered a series of interactive virtual programs, fun contests based on literacy and learning, and offered additional ways to access materials and resources in our powerful Digital Library - and that was just the beginning.  Community leaders and elected officials answered the question of "Why is Handley Regional Library System Important to the Community?" while our patrons shared what they enjoyed and found valuable about their library experience.  Some patrons even experienced library services for the first time- digital research databases, eBooks and audiobooks, streaming movies, and more.  Together, we showcased the critical value of Handley Regional Library System and how free and open access to information and entertainment continues to be important to Winchester City and Frederick and Clarke Counties. 

Here's What the Community Had to Say

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