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Natsu Con 2022

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Age Group:

Teens (12+), Families
Please note you are looking at an event that has already happened.

Program Description

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Celebrating Anime, Comics, Gaming and More!

Natsu Con is returning this year to the Bowman Library, brought to you by the Teen Advisory Board and Natsu Con Committee.

Hear engaging speakers, participate in character panels, meet Andrew Joseph White author of Hell Followed with Us, show off your talent in our masquerade, and compete in our cosplay contest!

Registration is only required for the Character Panel and the Masquerade.  The Cosplay contest sign-up (ages 13-18) will begin at 11AM the day of the conference.


10:00  Artist Alley Opens

Artists are being sought for the Artist Alley, and interested artists should contact Donna Hughes at 540-869-9000 x215 or

Rina Riggs, sensei and Japanese instructor of language and origami.

10:00-12:30 Just Dance in the Children's Room

11:00 Opening Speakers in the Meeting Room

Andrew Joseph White, author, shares about his writing. It has been said of his debut novel (now a NY Times Bestseller), Hell Followed With Us, that it is a "book with teeth, with fire, and with a bloody, beating heart."

LaTasha Do'zia of Selah Theater leads us with acting and cosplay techniques and developing a character's voice.

12:30 Character Panels: Ouran High School Host Club

1:15 Character Panels (open for registration)

Registration for the 1:15pm Character Panels can be found here!

Character Panel participants must be in middle or high school and at least 13 years old. Register in advance with character information and genre (anime, comic, or uniquely created characters welcome.)

1:45-2:30 Lunch Break

If you're staying all day, please make lunch arrangements. Snacks and water will be provided throughout the day. 

2:30 Cosplay Contest*

Participants to move to the Meeting Room to prepare for the cosplay contest.

All middle and high school youth are welcome to attend. Contest and masquerade participants should be over 13 and abide by the guidelines listed below for cosplay and weapons allowed.

Multiple categories and prizes! Registrations for the contest will be on the day of the event, beginning at 10am. Ages 13-18 welcome.

Details and time subject to change.

3:30 Masquerade

Registration for our Masquerade can be found here! 

Register your group and prepare your skit or music act for your 5 minutes of fame! Please register in advance for one 5 minute slot per group, one group per participant.

4:00 Artist Alley closes

4:30 Cosplay Contest Winners and Closing Remarks

*Cosplay guidelines:

Because of the family nature of our library, all cosplay outfits should be family friendly. Library staff reserves the right to request alterations or clothing changes.

Permitted Cosplay Weapons

Staves, wooden swords, rubber model firearms (like the red/blue training ones easily identified as props)
Fake weapons if they are safe
Prop weapons less than 6'6"
Bows if not strung with authentic bowstring and taut.

Weapon Restrictions:

No Metal Weapons of any kind
No Projectile Weapons of any kind with the exception of non-functional nerf or water guns.
No Compound Bows - authentic arrows are not permitted (they're projectiles)
No "Paddles"
No Nunchaku
No Explosives or Chemicals

Questions? Contact Donna Hughes at



Library Consent Statement for Photography and Video

Programs, events, and daily happenings sponsored by Handley Regional Library System may be photographed or recorded.  Attendance at any sponsored program, event or general library use constitutes the consent of all attendees and the consent of the parents or legal guardians of any minor children in attendance, to the future broadcast, publication, and other use of photography or videos at the sole direction of Handley Regional Library System.