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EXTENT: 3.86 linear feet.

DATES: 1850-1997.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of pamphlets, writings, historical data of the times, people, and places primarily in the southern states prior to, during, and after the Civil War of the United States.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Civil War was a war between states that took place from 1861 to 1865. It was fought between the Union (North) and Confederate (South) armies. The war ended with the Confederate surrender to the Union Army at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865.

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BOX 1— Politics

1850—A Defence of the South Against the Reproaches and Incroachments of the North: in which Slavery is shown to be an institution of God intended to form the basis of the best social state and the only safeguard to the permanence of a Republican government by Rev. Iveson L. Brookes.

1851—A Defence of Southern Slavery Against the Attacks of Henry Clay and Alex’r. Campbell. In which much of the false philanthropy and mawkish sentimentalism of the abolitionists is met and refuted. In which ___ moreover shown that the association of the white and black races in the relation of master and slave is the appointed order of God as set forth in the Bible, and constitutes the best social condition of both races and the only true principle or Republicanism, by a Southern Clergyman, Hamburg, SC: printed by Robinson and Carlisle, 1851, 1 item, printed, 48 pages

1856-1862—Winchester, VA-House of Representatives, Federal and Confederate Districts—Email correspondence between Jerry Holsworth and Robert Charles Rosenfeld; 3 pages, printed

1858-1859—Kansas Statehood—Doolittle, James R. Speeches in the U.S. Senate, March 4-8, 1858, Dec.  14, 1859, 1 item, printed, 24 pages

1860 – April – Speech of the Hon, Alexander R. Boteler of Virginia on the Organization of the House, Delivered in the House of Representatives, January 25, 1860, includes a poem, “An Incident of 1775” by L. H. Sigourney, re: Hugh Stephenson and Daniel Morgan and the march to Boston, one item, printed

1860 – May—“Defense of the National Democracy Against the Attack of Judge Douglas” – Constitutional Rights of the States Speech by Hon. J. P. Benjamin of Louisiana, delivered in the Senate of the United States, May 22, 1860, Washington City, Issued by the National Democratic Executive Committee, 1860, one item, printed

1860—“Right of Secession”—Speech of Hon. J.P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, on the Right of Secession, delivered in the Senate of the United States, Dec. 31, 1860, 1 item, printed

1861 – March – “Our Country: Its Peril and Its Deliverance” from advance sheets on the Danville quarterly Review for March, 1861 by the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge, published at the office of the Danville Review, Cincinnati, 1861, one item, printed

1861 – March – Speech of Hon. George W. Summers on Federal Relations in the Virginia Convention, delivered march 11, 1861, printed at the Whig Book and Job Office, Richmond, 1861, one item, printed

1861 – A Plea for Compromise Letter from David Landreth, Esq., on the crisis. Includes the State of the country from The Princeton Review, January, 1861, published from the Buck’s County Intelligencer (PA), one item, printed 

1861—“Case of the Seizure of the Southern Envoys”, reprinted, with additions, from the “Saturday Review,” London: James Ridgeway. Piccadilly, W., 1861

1861 – Correspondence between S. Teackle Wallis, Esq. of Baltimore, and the Hon. John Sherman of the U. S. Senate, concerning the arrest of members of the Maryland Legislature, and the Mayor and Police Commissioners of Baltimore in 1861, published Baltimore, 1863, one item, printed

1861-1871—The Transfer of Jefferson and Berkeley Countries from Virginia to West Virginia by Edward Hamilton Phillips; graduate thesis written in 1949, 190 pages, printed (photocopy of original typescript thesis)

1863 – “About the War: Plain Words to Plain People by a Plain Man”, Philadelphia, printed for gratuitous distribution, 1863, one item, printed

1863 – “Character and Results of the War, How to prosecute and How to End It, A Thrilling and Eloquent Speech” by Major General B. F. Butler, Philadelphia, presented for gratuitous distribution, 1863, one item, printed

1863—Slavery the Mere Pretext for the Rebellion: not its Cause. Andrew Jackson’s Prophecy in 1833. His last will and testament in 1843. Requests of his three swords: His solemn injunction to wield them “in support of our glorious union” against all assailants, whether “foreign enemies or domestic traitors.” Picture of the Conspiracy. Drawn in 1863, by a southern man. [by J.P. Kennedy] Philadelphia: C. Sherman, Son & Co. Printers, 1863, 1 item, printed, 16 pages

1863 – “The Rebuke of Secession Doctrines” by Southern Statesman, Philadelphia, printed for gratuitous distribution, 1863, one item, printed

1863 – The “Southern Rights” and “Union” Parties in Maryland Contrasted, published by W. M. Innes, Baltimore, 1863

1864-65—State Socialism in the Confederate States of America by Louise B. Hill, Southern Sketches $9, Charlottesville, VA: Historical Pub. Co. Inc., 1936, 1 item, printed, 31 pages

1865 – “The Infamous Perjuries of the “Bureau of Military Justice” Exposed” – Letter of Rev. Stuart Robinson to Hon. Mr. Emmons (with postscript and appendix), one item, printed

1866 – Contraction or Expansion? Repudiation or Resumption?, Letters to the Hon. Hugh McCullough, Secretary of the Treasury by Henry Carey, printed by Henry Carey Baird, Industrial Publishers, Philadelphia, 1866, one item, printed

1866 – Speech of Hon. Reverdy Johnson on the questions connected with the condition of the country, Delivered at Towsontown, Baltimore County, MD on November 3, 1866, published by “The Printing Office”, Baltimore, 1866, one item, printed

1869—Annuals of Harper’s Ferry from the Establishment of the National Armory in 1794, to the present time, 1869 with Anecdotes of Harper-Ferrians, by Josephus, Jr., Hagerstown, MD: Dechert & Co., Printers, 1869, 1 item printed, 64 pages

BOX 2 Campaigns and Places

CAMPAIGNS (filed in chronological order) 

Battles of the War of the Rebellion, an alphabetical list, with dates, from Fort Sumter, S.C., April 12 and 13, 1861, to Kirby Smith’s Surrender, May 26, 1865. Compiled from the Official Records of the Offices of the Adjutant-General and the Surgeon-General, U.S.A. Revised and published by N.A. Strait, Washington, D.C., 1975,
1 item, printed, 81 pages

1861-April May—Winchester and the Eighth Georgia Infantry. “Calm Before the Storm,” by Warren Wilkinson and Steven E. Woodworth, MHQ The Quarterly Journal of Military History, Spring 2002, vol. 14 no. 3, pp. 34-41,
1 item, printed

1861 July—Battle of Bull Run, Winchester Republican Extra, 1 leaf, printed

1861 July – Battle of Bull, Letter from Julia Clark Tucker to Sara Ludwell Lee, August 18 1861, 8 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript of letter, 2 leaves, typescript. Biographical information about the letter and its contents, 5 leaves, typescript and printed 

1862 March 29 – Battle of Kernstown, Letter of Patrick McKerran, Co. K, 67th Ohio Infantry, 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

1862, March-June—Jackson’s Valley Campaign, n.a., c. 1962, 3 items, typescript (mimeograph); 1 item, printed; 2 items, printed (photocopy)

1862, March-August – Jackson’s Valley Campaign – Letter of Henry Hoyer, Co. E, 46th Pennsylvania Infantry, March 13-August, 14, 1862, 22 leaves, 8 letters, manuscript (photocopy)

1862 May—The Battle of McDowell and Jackson’s Campaign; May 8, 1862—5 leaves, printed

1862 August—Jackson’s Campaign Against Pope in August, 1862—an address by Lieutenant General Jubal A Early before the first annual meeting of the Association of the Maryland Line, together with the proceedings at the third annual banquet of the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States, in the State of Maryland,
1883, 1 item, printed

1862, September-October – Hood’s Division in Frederick County, VA after the Battle of Antietam, 7 leaves, typescript

1863 May—Campaign of Chancellorsville, by David Gregg McIntosh, Richmond, VA: Wm. Ellis Jones’ Sons, Inc., printers, 1915,
1 item, printed, 59 pages

1863 May—Lee’s March to the Potomac “The Army is Moving,” by Clark B. “Bud” Hall, Blue and Gray Magazine, v. 21 no. 3, pages 6-22, Spring 2004,
1 item, printed

1863 June—Winchester, VA—Occupation of “Leaves from a Diary Kept by a Lady,” Southern Bivouac, August, 1883,
1 item, printed

1863 June 21—Lee, Robert E. and Longstreet, James visit to Berryville, VA, 2 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1863 June 21—Battle of Second Winchester-Letter from Parris M. Law to his wife, 18th CT. INF. ; June 21, 1863, photocopies (printed) of original letter and typescript copy of transcript of original letter, 6 leaves, printed/typescript

1863 July—Battle of Gettysburg —letter from Casper, Henkle, Hagerstown, MD to Miss Fannie Coiner, Waynesboro, VA, July 12, 1863,
5 leaves, typescript

1863 July—Gettysburg Campaign by Randolph H. McKim. Richmond, VA: Wm. Ellis Jones’ Sons, Inc., printers, 1915,
1 item, printed, 48 pages

1864 April-May—Battle of the Wilderness, 11 leaves, manuscript; 9 leaves, typescript

1864 May—Battle of New Market, VA, May 15, 1864. An Address repeated by John S. Wise, Esq. A cadet in the corps of 1864, before the professors, officers and cadets of the Virginia Military Institute in the Hall of the Dialectic Society, May 13, 1882,
1 item, printed, 64 pages

August 29, 1864 – Battle of Rutherford Farm, news articles about last survivor of Company G, 22nd Iowa Infantry, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

1864 September—Third Battle of Winchester—11th Iowa Infantry. No author, no date, 3 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1864 September-October—Campaign in the Shenandoah Valley, 1864. A paper read before the Eighth Vermont Volunteers and First Vermont Cavalry, at their annual re-union, in Montpelier, Vermont, November 2, 1886. By Col. Herbert E. Hill, Boston: Rand Avery Co., printers, 1886,
1 item, printed, 14 pages

1864 September-October – Light and Shadows in Confederate Prisons, A Personal Experience, 1864-1865 by Colonel Homer B. Sprague, pgs. V-31, 22 leaves, printed (photocopy) Excerpt concerns 1864 Valley Campaign, not Confederate Prisoners         DO NOT PHOTOCOPY IN ENTIRETY OR PUBLISH WITHOUT PERMISSION OF PUBLISHING COMPANY

1864  October—Battle of Cedar Creek—Oct. 19, 1864, by John K. Bucklyn. “Personal Narratives of Events in the War of the Rebellion, being paper read before the Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society,” second series, no. 19, Providence: Sidney S. Rider, Agt., 1883,
1 item, printed, 24 pages

1864 October – Battle of Cedar Creek – Letters of James H. Nugent, 5th Wisconsin Infantry, October 13, 1864-May 11, 1865, published in the Washington Post, May 28, 1989, 2 leaves, printed

1864 October – Cedar Creek, A Poem, by James B. Black, one item, printed

1864 October—Battle of Cedar Creek—The Two Roads—Sheridan’s Ride and Battle of Cedar Creek, by Truman B. Dennis, n.p., 1889,
1 item, printed

1864 October – Battle of Cedar Creek – Horace Maynard, 28th Iowa Infantry, news clipping 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

1864 October – Battle of Cedar Creek – Sheridan’s Ride – News Articles, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

1864 October—McNeill’s Last Charge—an account of a daring Confederate in the Civil War by Rev. J.W. Duffey. Winchester: Geo. F. Norton Pub. Co., 1912

1865 April—Pugh’s Run, VA “last shots in Lee’s department,”
1 page, manuscript; 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

1865 December—Reconstruction—Feather, John to Jacob Olinger Feather. New Berlin, Stark County, Ohio, Dec. 26, 1865,
1 item, 5 leaves, typescript

1865 Reconstruction—“Shenandoah Valley After the War,” from the London Times, Oct. 31, 1865, 7 leaves, typescript

Prisons – Danville, VA – In a Rebel Prison, or Experiences in Danville, Virginia by Alfred S. Roe, late private Co. A, Ninth New York Heavy Artillery Volunteers, 1984, text reprinted from 1891 edition, 44 pages, printed

Prisons—Johnson’s Island. Ohio—Richard L. Gray’s Prison Diary, July 12, 1862, Sept. 19, 1862. Includes list of Confederate prisoners at Johnson’s Island in 1862. Richard L. Gray was a 2nd Lt. in Co. C of the 31st Militia of Virginia, 21 leaves, typescript

Prisons—Point Lookout, MD—letter to family from M. Wilson, Oct.13, 1864,
1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Prisons—Prison Life During the Rebellion: being a brief narrative of the Miseries and Sufferings of Six Hundred Confederate Prisoners sent from Fort Delaware to Morris’ Island to be Punished, written by Fritz Fuzzlebug, one of their number. Published by author. Singer’s Glen, VA: Joseph Funk’s Sons, printers, 1869
2 items, printed, 48 pages

Prisons—Frederick County Courthouse
see Pennsylvania 118th, McLachlan, Private William

BOX 2A Places (Filed in Alphabetical Order) 

Brown’s Gap—Historical Significance of Brown’s Gap in the War Between the States, by William Arthur Moon, reprinted from Waynesboro News—Virginian, 1937,
1 item, printed

Elmira, N.Y. – Woodlawn Cemetery – List of Confederate Soldiers Buried in cemetery, 17 pages, printed

Fauquier County, VA – “The Civil War in Fauquier County, A Timeline” compiled by the Fauquier County Historical Society, 2011, 11 pages, printed

Shenandoah Valley – War Comes to the Valley: The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley; A Guide for Middle School students provided by the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, 2008

Winchester, VA – News Clippings

Winchester, VA—“A Town Well Occupied: Three Years’ Experience of Winchester, VA” (the item is a list showing the many times the Federal and Confederate troops have occupied Winchester between November 9, 1861 and September 19, 1864) and “Winchester During the Civil War”; 2 items, 6 leaves, printed

Winchester, VA – “Crimes Against Women”, taken from The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War by Thomas P. Lowery, Stackpole Books, 2012, pg. 125, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Winchester, VA—“Dueling Diarists in Winchester,” by Jerry W. Holsworth, Civil War Times, June 2006, pp. 16-23, 1 item printed, 5 pages

“Winchester, Virginia, During the War,” speech, no author, no date,
1 item, typescript, unnumbered leaves

Winchester, VA—“Winchester, VA—An Historical Reverie,” by Leila Mechlin, published in Blue and Gray Magazine, vol. 4, no. 2, August 1894

Winchester, Virginia—“Quiet Courage, the Story of Winchester, VA in the Civil War,” by Jerry W. Holsworth, Blue and Gray Magazine, vol. 15, no. 2, pages 6-26, 47-61

Winchester, Virginia – Roster of the Home Guard of Winchester, Winchester Times, May 23, 1884, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

BOX 3 Units

Confederate States Army, Richmond, Sept., 1861-May, 1862, no author, payroll information and sketches of machinery, 1 item, manuscript

Illinois, 47th Infantry. Co. B – Condensed History of the Regiment by William H. Van Meter (a private in the company), 79 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

Massachusetts, 26th Regiment—26th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry,
5 leaves, printed (photocopy)

New Jersey – 15th Regiment – 15th New Jersey Regiment Volunteers Veterans Association, 1907, printed, one item

New York, 114th Infantry – News Clippings, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

New York, 143rd Regiment—143rd Regiment New York, Infantry Volunteers, Sullivan County printed by Watchman Print, Monticello, NY,
1 item, printed

North Carolina, 35th Infantry—Roster of 35th Regiment, Co. K, Infantry,
1 leaf, typescript (photocopy)

Ohio – 8th Regiment: Home by the Fourth of July: The Story of William Francis Kimmell, Life in the 8th Ohio Regiment Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1864, compiled by Eleanor Kimmell Roubique, 1995 64 leaves, printed (photocopy), DO NOT COPY IN ENTIRITY OR PUBLISH WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR

Ohio, 114h Infantry, Co. B – Roser, John Frederick, correspondence, 1863-1864, 7 leaves, typescript

Pennsylvania – Co. H, 87th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Diary of J. M. Herr, Sept. 23, 1861 – Dec. 10, 1864, transcribed by John M. Herr Jr., June, 1996, unnumbered pages

Pennsylvania, 118th Volunteers— Biographical sketch of  McLachlan, Private William: Prisoner-of-War, Frederick County VA Courthouse, 118th Pennsylvania Volunteers
unnumbered leaves (photocopy)

Pennsylvania, 100th Volunteers—Requisition for forage for W.C. Shrulock, Surgeon,
1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Virginia, 7th Cavalry, Co. F—Complete roll of Co. F, 7th Virginia Cavalry, printed in a newspaper, ___aminer, n.d.
2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Virginia, 1st Cavalry, Co. A – Huff, Henry Greenfield, 6 leaves and 4 pages, manuscript and printed (photocopy)

Virginia, 1st Cavalry, Co. B—Muster Roll of Company B, 1st Regiment Virginia Cavalry, 3 leaves, typescript

Virginia, 5th Infantry, Co. A – News Articles on the Marion Rifles (Co. A), 1 item, printed (photocopy)

Virginia, 5th Infantry, Co. K – News Articles on the Continental Morgan Guard, 1 item, printed (photocopy)

Virginia, 11th Cavalry—Muster Roll of 11th Virginia Cavalry, Company B,
1 item, manuscript

Virginia, 2nd Infantry, Co. C—Pledge and list of subscribers for Nelson Riles, 2nd Virginia Infantry, Company C. Transcript of pledge and subscribers,
2 items, manuscript; 2 leaves, typescript

Virginia, 11th Virginia Cavalry, Co. E – Roster, 1 leaf, printed

Virginia, 12th Cavalry—Muster Roll of Company C, 12th Virginia Cavalry,
2 leaves, manuscript

Virginia, Shoemakers Battery – News Clippings, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

War Department—General Orders, Union Army, May 1862-Dec. 1862, unnumbered items, printed

BOX 4 Units

Virginia Militia, 31st Regiment—Order Book, 1861, Apr-Aug. 1, 1 v.,
75 leaves, scan of manuscript; original owned by Library of Virginia; permission to publish must be obtained from Library of Virginia.

BOX 5 Individuals (Filed in alphabetical order)

Abbott, Belle Kendrick—describing her journey from Barnesville, Georgia, to Rochester, New York, spring 1865, published in Atlanta Constitution, 1890
4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Abbott, Major Lemuel Abijah, 10th Vermont Infantry – Biographical information provided by his Alma Mater, Norwich University, 7 leaves, typescript 

African-American Confederate Soldiers, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

“Anticipation and Anxiety”, Women of Winchester Series by Virginia R. Bensen—5 leaves, printed

Ashby, Richard – Death of Richard Ashby, excerpts from Diaries, Letters, and Recollections of the War Between the States, 5 leaves, printed (photocopy) and Phipps, Sheila R., Genteel Rebel, The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee, 3 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Ashby, Turner—news articles, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Ashby, Turner—news article from The Southern Illustrated News, Oct. 18, 1862,
2 pages, printed; 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Ashby, Turner—Payment Voucher, Nov. 1861 to Wm. Minnick, work for Capt. Wm. Miller’s company, signed by Turner Ashby,
1 item, 3 leaves, manuscript on printed form (photocopy)

“Baggs, Capt. John P.—Company A 11th West Virginia Infantry, The Snake Hunters” by Linda Fluharty; no date, 9 leaves, printed

Baker, Baker, Lyde McCleary – Diary (resident of Jefferson County, VA, now West Virginia), January 1- November 7, 1862; May 24-July 21, 1865,

Bedell, Henry Edson – “Crossing the Lines, A Civil War Love Story”, by Chris Bohjalian, Readers Digest Magazine, October, 2003, 12 pages, printed 

Bird, Jacob -- Narrative of Two Perilous Adventures Recently Made Into Dixie’s Land by Rev. Jacob Bird, also an account of six months imprisonment in a secession jail, Pittsburgh, printed by W. S. Haven, Corner of Wood and third Sts., 1862, one item, printed 

Bissell, K. M. – Diary, Missionary with the U. S. Sanitary Commision, Nov. 20-March 29, No Year (Probably 1864-1865), 30 leaves, typescript DO NOT REPRODUCE IN ENTIRETY OR PUBLISH WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM DONOR.

Boyd, Belle – Belle Boyd, Southern Spy of the Shenandoah Valley by Laura Virginia Hale, n.d., 10 pages, printed

Children of Winchester in the Civil War – “Civil War-era Children were Active Observers of Conflict” by Robyn Fontes Taylor, Winchester Star, December 15, 2012, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Cole, Robert V. – Civil War discharge papers, Company E, 40th Massachusetts Infantry, June 16, 1965, 2 leaves, printed/manuscript (photocopy)

Crook, George and Kelly, Benjamin – Capture by McNeil’s Rangers by J. W. Duffey, published in Two Generals Kidnapped and a Race for a Prize, J. W. Duffey, Washington, D. C., 1925; Two Generals Kidnapped, 4th Edition, printed by the Moorfield Examiner, 1944, two items, printed

Crossman, Aaron James Jr. (1839-1921)—written and compiled by Robin Fox; 1 item, 30 leaves, printed. Served with 5th Michigan Vol. Calvary, Co. A (July 3, 1864-August 28, 1864)

Doyle, John – Military Records – Co. C., 34th Mass Infantry, 1862-1865, four pages, transcript/manuscript (photocopy)

Early, Jubal and William Mahone—A correspondence between Generals Early and Mahone in regard to a military memoir of the latter, 8 pages, printed

Forbes, George – news article, 1 leaf, printed

Funkhouser, John H.: Forgotten Soldier of the 7th Virginia Cavalry,
1 item, printed, Do Not Publish or Copy in Its Entirety Without Written Permission of Donor

Glass, Robert L. – Voucher for pasture, Oct. 17, 1862, one page, manuscript

Grant, General—“Personal Recollections,” by Col. John S. Mosby, Munsey’s Magazine, n.d., pages 761-766, 3 pages, printed

Jones, General William E. “Grumble” – “The Antebellum Years of William E. “Grumble” Jones” by James Buchanan Ballard, Historical Society of Washington County, VA Bulletin, Series II, No. 47 (2010), pgs. 1-44, 28 pages, printed

Liew, C. Van – Co. F, Sixth Michigan Cavalry – Dairy of C. Van Liew, covers Jan. 17, 1863 – May 1, 1864, whereabouts of original unknown, 35 leaves, transcript (photocopy)

Lynch, Thomas – Co E, 43rd New York – Reminiscences of the War Giving the Personal Experiences of a Canajoharie Boy in the 6th Corps, Army of the Potomac – 34 pages, typescript(photocopy) DO NOT REPRODUCE  IN ENTIRETY OR PUBLISH WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE DONOR, Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives, Fonda, New York

McKown, Sarah Morgan – Civil War Diary excerpts from news article, 7 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Our Women of the Sixties by Dannett, Sylvia and Jones, Katharine, U.S. Civil War Commission, 1963, booklet, 44 pages, printed

Richardson, Lot – Co. D, 58th VA Infantry – Correspondence by Sydney Russell regarding his injury and death, 1864, six leaves, manuscript (photocopy), eight leaves, printed (photocopy)

Shepherd, Heyward Victim of Violence, address by Mathew Page Andrews at unveiling of monument at Harper’s Ferry, Oct. 10, 1931, published by Heyward Shepherd Memorial Association [1931], 1 item, printed, 32 pages

Sheridan, General Philip – news articles, 2 leaves, printed

Shields, General James – newspaper article, Winchester Star, March 19, 1997, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Sours, Samuel – Company E, 2nd Virginia Infantry, Letter to his wife and children, May 26, 1862 (writing about First Battle of Winchester, May 25, 1862), 2 pages, manuscript, 4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), 1 leaf, transcript (typescript)

Stowe, Harriet Beecher—“How Mrs. Stowe Wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” by her son, Charles Edward Stowe, and her grandson, Lyman Beecher Stowe, McClure’s Magazine, April 1911, pages 605-621

Strange, Sgt. William Wallace – Freedom For All, Sgt. William Wallace, Winchester Native, Civil War Veteran, and father of three Oberlin alumni, African-American,                            9 pages, typescript

Taylor, Mrs. Mary – Reminiscences, widow of William H. Taylor, Company A, 5th Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade, 5 leaves, printed (photocopy)

VMI Alumni and Members of the VMI Faculty, Staff, or Board of Visitors Who Served in Jackson’s Valley Forces/Army from May 1861 through June 1862, or were members of those units, n.a., n.d., 25 leaves, typescript

Walls, William – Civil War Surgeon, 2 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Weed, John T. – news article, 1 leaf, printed

Wingfield, Capt. H. W. – Diary May 1, 1862 – Sept. 17, 1864; Moncure, Judge E. C. – Reminiscences, published in Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Vol. 16, No. 2-3, July 1927, edited by W. W. Scott, one item, printed

Yonley, Lizzie and Alma – “Two Heroines of the Shenandoah Valley”, Confederate Veteran, Vol. 8, No. 11, November 1900. Account written by General John J. Rivera of the efforts of Lizzie and Alma Yonley during the Second and Third Battles of Winchester., pages 493 – 396, 1 item, printed.

BOX 5A Correspondence (Filed in chronological order)

Correspondence, undated—from citizens of Winchester to Commandant in Winchester of the Confederate Forces, no date, Winchester regarding treatment of “Union men” of Winchester, 1 leaf typescript

Correspondence, undated—from unknown to Major General Kelly, no date, Cumberland, MD, requesting release of Dr. E.C. Buckles, 1 leaf manuscript (photocopy)

Correspondence, 1861 October—from J. Henry Jennings to Aunt, Camp near Fairfax, Oct. 1861, 1 leaf, typescript

Correspondence, 1862 Feb. —from John B. Snodgrass to sister, Feb. 1862-June 1862, V.M.I. regarding activities of cadets, forced march to McDowell, VA, 5 leaves, typescript

Correspondence, 1862 March—from Father to Gardner, March 15, May 28, 1862, 5th Conn. Vols. 3rd Brigade, Gen. Banks Division, 6 leaves, typescript

Correspondence, 1862 July—from Benjamin Franklin Abbot to Green B. Haywood; Henry Lewis Banning, July 12, 1862-Oct. 15, 1863, typescript

Correspondence, September 1862-July 1863—“Letters Home: A Collection of Original Civil War Soldiers’ Letters-Antietam, Gettysburg, Chancellorsville,” compiled by Alan J. Sessarego; 1 book, 27 pages, printed

Correspondence, 1863, February-1865, April—from Clark Canfield and Fernando Sly to family, Feb. 25, 1863-April 26, 1865, Romney, Winchester (musicians in 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry)—explanatory material, 10 leaves photocopies, 42 leaves typescript/manuscript (photocopy)

-from Fernando Sly and Clark Canfield to Mother (Catherine Sly), Romney, VA, Feb. 25, 1863
-from Clark Canfield and Frit to Sisters and Mother, Romney, February 15, 1863
-from Fernando Sly to Sister Frank Canfield, Winchester, May 14, 1863
-from Fernando Sly to Absent Father and Mother, Winchester, March 19, 1863
-from Brother Frit to Sister Frank Canfield, Winchester, March 21, 1863
-from Dennis Canfield to Absent Wife (Catherine Sly) and 6 children, Annapolis, Sep. 2, 1863
-from Dennis Canfield to Absent Friends (Frank Canfield & the family), Camp Parole, Sep 18, 1863
-from Clark Canfield to Mother (Catherine Sly), Camp Parole Annapolis, MD, Oct 20, 1863
-from Clark Canfield to Absent Mother (Catherine Sly Canfield), Martinsburg, VA, Dec 27, 1863
-from Clark Canfield to his mother (Catherine Sly Canfield) and sisters and brothers, Martinsburg, VA, Jan. 18, 1864
-Clark Canfield to his mother Catherine Canfield, sisters, and brothers, Camp near Lexington, VA, June 13, 1864
-from Clark Canfield to his mother Catherine Canfield, Camp near Charlestown, VA, Sep 1, 1864
-from Clark Canfield to Mother (Catherine Canfield), Camp Chase, Ohio, April 26, 1865

Correspondence, Feb. 12, 1863-May 10, 1864, Address to S. W. Peabody from Andrew J. Scribner, 6th Missouri Infantry, and Charles McIntyre, 2nd New York Vet. Cavalry, 5 leaves, typescript 

Correspondence, March 19, 1863, envelope only addressed to Mrs. Rhoda Dempster, Zanesville. Ohio (care of Walter A. Bell, via Wheeling), Union Occupation Cover, 1 item, manuscript

Correspondence, April 1863-May 1865—“Letters Home III: A Collection of Original Civil War Soldiers’ Letters-Camp Life & Battles,” compiled by Alan J. Sessarego; 1 book, 23 pages, printed

Correspondence, 1863 June—from unknown to My Dear Little Wife, June 9, 1863, Camp Shawnee, Winchester,
from unknown to my dear little wife, Camp Parde, MD, Aug. 15 [18…]
1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy), 2 copies; 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

Correspondence, 1864 Jan.—from Charles Weaver to family, Jan. 1864-April 1865, regarding conditions at prison, Camp Chase, Fort Delaware,
4 leaves, typescript

Correspondence, 1864 April—from [George Keller] to dear companion, April 20, 1864, Camp, near Kinsten, North Carolina4 pages, manuscript

Correspondence, 1864 Aug.—from Mrs. Brown. to her sisters, August 27, 1864, Clarke Co., VA regarding burning of the family home by Union forces, 2 leaves, manuscript; 3 leaves, typescript

Correspondence, September 1864—Mrs. Leanna White of Westmoreland Co., VA to General Robert E. Lee, September 20, 1864; 2 leaves, printed (photocopy of original manuscript letter)

Correspondence 1864 Sept-Oct.—from A. Atkinson; E.W. Conrad to Gilmer family regarding mortal wounding of William M. Gilmer, Sept. 19, 1864, 4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy); 3 leaves, typescript (photocopy); 1 leaf, manuscript (notes)

Correspondence 1864 April—from Charles J. Weaver to family, Jan. 1864-April 1865, regarding conditions at prison, Camp Chase, Fort Delaware, 4 leaves, typescript

Correspondence, 1864 Oct; 1865 Jan, 1865 May—from Kate Kern to Mrs. Presnell, Oct. 2, 1864; Jan. 23, 1865, May 1865 Winchester, VA, regarding death of Mr. P, son of Mrs. Presnell, 5 leaves, manuscript (photocopy; 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Correspondence, 1864 Dec.—from Marcus M. Bayly to unknown, Dec. 1, 1864, Fort Delaware, 13th Virginia Regiment Inf. Co. H regarding family and prison, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Correspondence, February 21, 1865 – from John L. Templar to Confederate Government, to settle claims against the Confederate government (confirmation by John S. Magill at bottom of correspondence), 1 leaf, manuscript  

Correspondence, 1865, March, May –from William Gould Travis to Sarah Shaw, March 17, 1865, March 23, 1865, May 5, 1865, from Winchester, VA. Mr. Gould was a Wagoner, 4 pages, ms; letters have also been scanned and transcribed

Correspondence, 1865 April—from W.C. Papson to Sue, mentions the president’s assassination, April 18, 1865, City Point, VA, 4 pages, manuscript—section missing

Correspondence, 1865 April—from O.S. Purcell to Oscar [Ray], April 1, 1865, camp near Winchester, capture and escape of Lieut. Draper (OS Purcell is Orra S. Purcell, Co. K, 21st New York Cavalry, 2 pages, manuscript; 1 leaf, typescript; 1 leaf notes

Correspondence, 1866 Sept. 26—from Sue Duffendofer to Tommie, Sept 26, 1866, Greencastle, 4 pages, manuscript


150th Anniversary – News Clippings, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

Almanac—Almanac, Confederate states Almanac, 1864, 1 item, printed

Almanac—Confederate States Almanac—1862, 1 item, printed

Arms -- Confederate Dirk – Maker Unknown, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Arms—Rules for the Management and Cleaning of the Rifle Musket, Model 1863,
1 item, printed

Arms—System of Target Practice for the use of troops when armed with the musket, rifle-musket, rifle, or carbine, prepared principally from the French. Published by order of the War Department. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1862,
1 item, printed

Book Review—Review of General James Longstreet’s Book by Colonel Henderson, of the British Army, no date, 21 leaves, typescript

Confederate Souvenir, 1 item, printed

Currency – 3 Dollar Confederate Bill, Jan. 1, 1862, issued from Jefferson County, MO, 1 leaf, printed

Currency—Bank Note, Corporation of Winchester, ten cents, July 13, 1861, 1 item, printed: Bank Note, Corporation of Winchester, twenty-five cents, July 15, 1861, 1 item, printed

Currency—Confederate Notes; $5 and $10 notes dated February 17, 1864, 2 items, printed

Currency – Confederate Savings Bond. Jan. 31, 1862, 1 leaf, printed, two copies, one dollar, July 15, 1861, two copies, printed

Currency – Virginia Treasury Note, July 21, 1862 and May 15, 1862, 2 items, printed

Hagerstown, MD—Civil War History and Memorials; 2 items, printed

Handbill—Treason in Virginia, May 15, 1861, 1 leaf, printed

Lincoln, President and Col. John Baldwin – Interview between, April, 1861, published by Spectater, Job Office, Staunton, VA, D. E. Strasburg, Printer, 1866, one item, printed (photocopy)

Oath of Allegiance, 1862, blank form, 1 leaf, printed

Parole—Hugh B. Striker, April 28, 1863, 1 leaf, handwritten on printed form

Pass—J.H. Kemp, Staunton—May 15, 1862,
1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Pass—for Adam Lawyer and Joseph Knight, signed by Capt. A.M. Price, Sept. 28, 1861,
1 leaf, manuscript

Pass—Pass, colored man, Winchester, March 27, 1862, signed by Capt. A.H. Brown, Provost Martial, 1 leaf, manuscript

Pass—for James Spence, May 18, 1863, Winchester, signed by F.K. [Sharkan], Provost Marshall, 2nd Division, 8th Army Corps,
1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Photography – Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865, by Hirst D. Millhollen and Donald H. Mugridge, and Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1963, 74 pages, printed

Rebel Yell
1 page, manuscript; 1 leaf, typescript (2 copies)

Reconstruction—Letter to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W.F. Franklin, U.S.A., Winchester, regarding legal matter between Lawrence Leigh and P.D. Shepherd, 1 page, manuscript

Request—Request for 1 canteen of whiskey, June 14, 1865, Lunenburg Court House, VA, 1 leaf, manuscript

Roster of the Valley Brass Band, 48th VA Inf., 1861-1865; compiled by John D. Chapla, January 2013; 10 leaves, typescript

Songs: “Early in the Morning” and “Hurra! For Stonewall Jackson,”
1 leaf, manuscript; 1 page, manuscript

Songs: “Stonewall Jackson’s Grand March,” by Charles Young, 2nd edition. Augusta, GA: Blackmor and Bro., Broad St., 1864, 2 pages, printed

Special Requisition – for several items, signed by G. W. Ward, Capt., Martinsburg, June 16, 1862, 2 items, 2 leaves, printed and manuscript

Special Requisition – for several items, signed by G. S. Ward, Armorer, Martinsburg, January 11, 1862, 1 leaf, printed and manuscript

BOX 7 Post-War Activities

Cedar Creek Battlefield—Dedication of Monument erected on the Battlefield at Cedar Creek, Virginia, by the Survivors of the 128th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.I.
1 item, photocopy, 11 leaves

“The Emancipation Experiences of Virginia Slaves” by Virginia R. Bensen (June 2012)—25 leaves, printed

Land Use History for Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historic Park, by Michael Commiso, Aug, 2007, 78 pages, printed

Magazine – The Land We Love, edited by General D. H. Hill, May, July, Sept., 1868 issues, three items, printed

Massachusetts – Ribbon for Dedication of Soldiers Monument, Winchester, VA, September 16, 1907, 1 item,

Petition for Claims, March 3, 1871 – Blank Form, 2 pages, printed

Pownall, Lyman P.—notes for an address referring to George Putnam, June 2, 1924, letter from George Putnam to Lyman Powell in regard to the Civil War, April 25, 1924, 2 leaves, manuscript; 4 leaves, typescript

Rankin Rifles—Shenandoah Valley Campaign, 1978, 14 leaves, typescript

Shenandoah Valley and Lexington, Virginia—Civil War Staff Ride/Military History Site Visit, 65 leaves typescript

Southern Claims Commission – Index to Shenandoah Valley Names by Barbara Dickinson, 2006, 25 leaves, typescript, introductory pages from book, eight leaves, printed (photocopy) 

“Southern Scenes and Deeds in the Valley of Virginia”, poem by an Englishman, two items, printed

“The Story of the Confederate Silk Handkerchief”—from The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., July 6, 1930; 2 leaves, typescript

Box 8 Analysis and Opinions

Acts of the Republican Party as seen by History, by C. Gardner. Winchester, VA: The Eddy Press Corporation, 1906, 1 item, printed, 82 pages

News Articles – About the Civil War in this area, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

Seminar – Shenandoah University Civil War Institute Seminar, May 26-30, 1993,

Soil Exhaustion and the Civil War by William Chandler Bagley Jr., Washington, D.C., American Council on Public Affairs, one item, printed

Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861 by [H.W. Johnstone] Idylwild, GA: 1921. Also news clippings, 1 item, printed; 4 items, printed

BOX 9 Civil War Centennial and Sesquicentennial

Centennial—Historic Tour Map – Winchester-Frederick County, VA, 1 item, printed

Centennial—Markers and their Location – Winchester-Frederick County, VA, unnumbered leaves

Centennial—Sponsors – 3 leaves, typescript

Centennial—Tour Map – Berryville-Clarke County, VA, 1 item, printed

Sesquicentennial– Sesquicentennial News articles 2008-2014

Sesquicentennial—Winchester-Frederick County Sesquicentennial Committee: minutes, reports, and publicity from 2009-2014; unnumbered leaves, printed


Army of the Cumberland – certificate belonging to Edmund Houston, Company A, 43rd Regiment, New York Infantry

January 9, 1861 – Public Meeting in Winchester, Virginia, 1 leaf, printed
April 16, 1862 – “Special Order No. 25, by order of Maj. Gen. Bank”, 1 leaf, printed (enclosed in frame)
April 17, 1862 --To citizens of Winchester from Colonel William D. Lewis, Jr., Col. 110th Reg’t. P.V., -- “warning citizens against insulting troops, spreading rumors, etc.,”
1 leaf, printed (3 copies)
April 19, 1862 --To citizens and soldiers of Winchester from J.H. Lockwood, Maj. 7th Reg’t. VA Vols., – “Keep Streets clear, don’t disturb households, black or white,” 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)
January 22, 1863 --To Troops from Brigadier General R.H. Milroy, General Order 7,—“Taking of fencing is not permissible,” 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)
January 22, 1863 – H’d-Qrs Milroy’s Division, 1 leaf, printed (enclosed in frame)
February 16, 1864 – The Military and Tax Bill, Confederate Congress, 1 leaf, printed
September 19- October 19, 1864 --Hospital roster—Confederate Surgeon’s list of Confederate soldiers operated on from the Third Battle of Winchester and the Battle of Cedar Creek in Winchester, 1 page, manuscript
April 10, 1865 -- General Order #2 from Brig. Gen’l. Carroll, Comd’g. Post, “Illumination Order,” 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)
1864--Military and tax bills passed by the Confederate Congress, 1864

1862 and 1864 -- Civil War newspapers
March 18, 1862 – The World, New York, NY, “From Gen. Bank’s Column, 1 page, printed
March 24, 1862 – The World, New York, NY, “A Victory in Virginia – Fight Near Winchester (First Battle of Kernstown), 1 page, printed
March 27, 8162 – The World, New York, NY, “The Victory in Virginia”, 1 page, printed
March 28, 1862 – The World, New York, NY, “The Fight Near Winchester” 1 page, printed
March 31, 1864 – The World, New York, NY “The Figth Near Winchester, the report of Captain Schriber, 2 page, printed
June 2, 1862 – New York Daily Tribune, “General Banks is rapidly recovering..” (1st column), 1 page, printed
June 21, 1862 – New York Daily Tribune, “From the Shenandoah Valley”, 1 page, printed
June 24, 1862 – The World, New York, NY, “From Gen. Banks’s Column”,
October 31, 1864 – New York Herald, “Sheridan – A Reconnoisance (sic.) in Luray Valley”, 1 page, printed

October 19, 1863 – “Country of Sheridan’s Ride”, from the Ladies Home Journal, July 1901
Country of Sheridan’s Ride, photographed by Frances Benjamin Johnston,
3 items, printed

September 22, 1883 -- “Resolutions Read on the Occasion of the Farewell of the New England Veterans at Courthouse Hall, Winchester, Virginia,” 1 leaf, printed

Roster of Company K-Virginia—Infantry CSA Roster containing personal information noted by George Kurtz, 5 items, manuscript

February 20, 1863 -- Currency – Confederate Savings Bonds, $1,000, 1 item, printed, framed with letter from the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Corp. on back of frame.

Correspondence – to Mr. Kinsel, Winchester, VA from several Confederate officers requisitioning supplies, 7 items, manuscript, (enclosed in frame)


“Winchester During the Civil War, showing selected sites from the Journal of Mary Greenhow Lee”, 1 leaf, printed