Fun, Educational Wildlife Program to be Held at Handley Library

Fun, Educational Wildlife Program to be Held at Handley Library

Handley Regional Library System will be presenting a fun, educational wildlife program in the Handley Robinson Auditorium at the Handley Library branch on July 23, 2021 in-person at 2 PM for kids, teens, and families as part of their youth summer reading program “Tails and Tales”.

Meet your backyard neighbors and learn about their natural history as well as ways humans can help and not hurt native wildlife. Focus is on the survival skills of area wildlife, the impact of humans on our wild neighbors and the importance each of these animals has to our ecosystem. Animals may include box turtle, striped skunk, opossum, and animal artifacts.

Also, not to be missed at Handley Library is an exhibit called “Backyard Wilderness” which educates and inspires young people to explore their own backyard. It is displayed on the 2nd floor for patrons to interact with from May-August tying into the Youth Summer Reading Program, “Tails and Tales”.


The family-friendly, interactive exhibit features:

  • A scavenger hunt for 15 hidden plants and animals.
  • “Telescopes” provide more information about the creatures they are pointing at.
  • Tips on how to become an outdoor explorer.
  • Inspiring quotes hidden in the tree roots.