Technology Policy

Handley Regional Library will provide access to information needed by the citizens of Winchester, Frederick County, and Clarke County. Library staff members select materials that meet the criteria of targeted needs (service responses) greatest demand, and quality of content--all within budget constraints. Materials will include electronic, printed, and audiovisual sources.

The library will provide in-house access and access via its webpage to materials in electronic format. It will provide the hardware and software necessary to support an integrated library system (online catalog, circulation, cataloging, and acquisitions software), staff and patron Internet access, library web site, library email system, and databases and other software that meets library selection criteria. Additionally, the library will purchase software to support administrative needs. Usage data as well as formal and informal patron and staff feedback will provide evaluative information on electronic resources.

Handley Regional Library will purchase licensing agreements in sufficient quantities to observe copyright restrictions and will instruct staff and patrons to follow such restrictions. The library will allocate, within constraints of total budget, sufficient funds to purchase and maintain hardware and software and to train staff in how to use electronic resources effectively. The Library will also provide rudimentary computer training to patrons through one-on-one and small group sessions.

Handley Regional Library will use its webpage as a communication tool to the general public and will constantly promote its use. Likewise, the library Intranet will serve as a communication tool to the regional library staff. Both web sites will be evaluated on a periodic basis and improvements made based upon evaluations.

Other Handley Regional Library policies and guidelines also contain information relevant to this policy: Collection Development Policy and Guidelines, Staff Development Policy and GuidelinesStaff Computer Use Policy and Guidelines, and Internet Policy.

Approved by Handley Regional Library Board 12/17/2003