Staff Computer Use Policy

Handley Regional Library maintains a computer system consisting of computer equipment, a computer network including e-mail and Internet access.  Authorized staff members are permitted to use this system for library purposes.  Limited personal use of the library’s computer resources is a privilege granted staff members, and continued use of this privilege is dependent upon adherence to this policy and the guidelines provided by the library.

The computer system, and all data that is composed, saved, stored, transmitted, or received on it, is the property of the library.  Such data is part of the library's official business records, may be accessed or intercepted by the library at any time and in any manner, and is subject to disclosure by the library to law enforcement officials.  Staff members will be informed in writing that the information contained in e-mail messages and other transmissions must be accurate, appropriate, ethical, and lawful, and that they should not expect that such data is private or confidential.

Staff members using our computer system will take appropriate anti-virus and other security precautions.  Staff members will follow the Virginia Public Records Act (see attachment 1) in regards to the retention of e-mail and other electronic files.  All staff members should use the computer system in a manner that promotes a healthy and safe work environment and observe the health and safety guidelines provided by the library.

Staff members who violate this policy or the accompanying guidelines, or who fail to report violations of this policy or guidelines, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.