Program Policy

Programming is crucial to the Library's purpose as an educational and cultural center for the community.  Programming is also seen as an important means of attracting new patrons to the Library and promoting books and reading.

  1. All programs sponsored by the Handley Regional Library must be open to the public without charge.
  2. No person shall be prevented from participating in or attending a program at  Handley Regional Library because of age, gender, race, creed or national origin.
  3. The Library and/or the Friends may join with other agencies or organizations in sponsoring programs deemed worthy and relevant by the Library and/or the Friends.
  4. Within reason, Library-sponsored and Friends-sponsored programs on religion, politics or other potentially controversial issues will be balanced or opportunities will  be provided for programs reflecting  other viewpoints.
  5. Handley Regional Library and the Friends of the Handley Library shall attempt to make their programs accessible to people with disabilities.  Sign interpretation will be available if notice of the need for such  interpretation is received two weeks in advance.  A program scheduled in an unaccessible room will be moved to an accessible one if a request to move is received two weeks in advance.
  6. Timely and adequate public announcement shall be made of all programs sponsored by Handley Regional Library or the Friends of the Handley Library.
  7. Programming at the Library shall be offered on a year-round basis with occasional breaks to allow opportunity for planning and to avoid scheduling programs during periods when the weather is likely to be bad.  Programs shall be scheduled at a variety of times so that no one will be constantly prevented by his or her own schedule or habits from attending programs.
  8. Programs sponsored by the Library or the Friends shall be designed to appeal to a broad range of ages, tastes, and interests.  Efforts shall be made to encourage participation by all segments of the community regardless of background or economic status.   Efforts shall be made to solicit program ideas from staff and from the general public.
  9. No individual or organization shall use a program at the Library to advertise or to recruit members or customers.  Individuals, such as performers at A Little Noon Music, will be permitted to sell their creative products (tapes, CDs, books) only if the Library or the Friends has agreed in advance to such an arrangement.
  10. The effectiveness of programs shall be evaluated not only on the basis of attendance, but also on such factors as audience satisfaction, attraction of new patrons to the Library, the promotion of other library goals and fulfillment of a need to address the concerns of a specific target audience. 
  11. Programs presented at the Library, but not sponsored by Handley Regional Library or the Friends of the Handley Library, shall not be represented as being endorsed by the Library.  All groups using the library for programs must follow the guidelines established by the Meeting Rooms Policy.
  12. Anyone wishing to lodge a complaint about a program sponsored by the Library or the Friends should fill out a Program Comment Form available at the Reference Desk.  The same procedures as those followed in a complaint about challenged material shall apply.

Approved by the Handley Regional Library Board 6/18/96