Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Shenandoah Valley Military Records, 575 THL/WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection contains lists and general information of military units of the Shenandoah Valley during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and beyond. Also included is information on the Continental Morgan Guards including when they served at Charlestown during the Brown Raid and trial in 1859. (Civil War records are available in Civil War Collection 1610.)
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Cite As: Shenandoah Valley Military Records, 575 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.

Box 1

French and Indian War

A Return of Virginia Regiment Commanded by George Washington, Fort Loudoun, March 1, 1758. 1 leaf printed, 1 leaf printed (photocopy)

Journal of Colonel Charles Lewis, Covering the expedition of the Virginia Militia under George Washington from Fredericksburg to Fort Cumberland and Fort Ashby, October 10, 1755-December 27, 1955, 8 leaves, typescript (photocopy)DO NOT REPRODUCE IN ENTIRETY OR PUBLISH WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE CHICAGO HISTORY MUSEUM.

Major Gen. Edward Braddock's Orderly Book, February 26 to June 17, 1755, published booklet, 1 item, printed

Capt. William Haymonds Co., Virginia Militia, 1 leaf, typescript

List of Horses Returned to Officers, July 26, 1760, 1 page manuscript (photocopy)

"The French and Indian War in Frederick County, VA," an address by Norman L. Baker to WFCHS, November 16, 2000, 1 item, 31 leaves, printed

Revolutionary War

William Clark-Proceedings Against for support of King, July 1775, 5 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Committee of Dunmore County—1775 & 1776, Letter from Fielding Lewis, Record of Meeting electing members, Resolution in support of Independence, 1 leaf transcript, 5 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Militia-Alexander Machin-Strasburg District, February 1775, 4 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Militia-Capt. Jacob Holman, May 29, 1775, 2 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Prisoners taken at Quebec—1775, 9 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Correspondence-John Page, Williamsburg, July 20, 1776, 1 leaf manuscript (photocopy)

Correspondence – Col. John Smith, Winchester to General Horatio Gates, Jan. 18, 1781, 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), copied from Manuscript Department, New York Historical Society

Militia-Capt. Joseph Bowman, no date, 4 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

8th Virginia Regiment, no date, 2 leaves typescript

11th Virginia Regiment Field Staff, May 17, 1777, l leaf manuscript (photocopy)

Soldiers from Winchester and Frederick County, 3 leaves typescript

Grave Sites in Frederick, Clarke, and Warren Counties, 4 leaves typescript

Claims-Reports of Committees of Congress on the subject of House Bill 1782-47th Congress, c 1881

War of 1812

Correspondence – Peter Stayner to Mr. John Moler, August 11, 1819, 1 leaf, manuscript, transcript, 1 leaf, typescript

Declaration of War, published by National Intelligencer Gazette, June 20, 1812, 1 leaf, printed

4th Virginia Regiment, October 1813, Capt. Charles Brent, Jr., 2 leaves typescript

24th United States Infantry, February 16, 1815, Capt. Silas Stephen, 3 leaves typescript


List of Persons returned for 1786 by George Noble (no source cited), 1 leaf, typescript

Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops, 1792, l item printed

Winchester Recruiting Service—Quartermaster estimate of clothing, camp & garrison equipment, October 1846 & February 1847, 1 leaf manuscript printed form, 1 page manuscript on printed form

Continental Morgan Guards – "The Continental Morgan Guards: A Volunteer Militia Company in the Antebellum and Civil War Periods", by Gustav Person and Ben Ritter, Military Collector and Historian, winter, 2007, vol. 59, No. 4, 4 pages, printed (photocopy)

Continental Morgan Guards—Constitution and by-laws with list of officers, 1859, l item printed

Continental Morgan Guards—Quartermaster's book, Charlestown duty, October 29, 1859 to April 24, 1860, l item manuscript

Continental Morgan Guards—Payroll 1857 to 1858, reports & militia lists 1861 to 1862, l item manuscript

Winchester Light Infantry – "Winchester Light Infantry, 1877 – 1893" by Gustav Person and Ben Ritter, Military Collector and Historian, 62 #3, Fall 2101, 3 pages, printed, (photocopy)

Winchester Light Infantry-certificate of membership—George W. Hardy, August 4, 1880, 1 leaf manuscript on printed form.

Militia—Winchester—1st Company 31st Regiment, Virginia Militia-Winchester, Capt. A.T. Hampton, no date, l leaf manuscript, 1 page manuscript

Virginia Militia—Winchester 51st Regiment from Frederick County Deed Book 65, p. 297, 1836, 5 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Frederick County Militia records, 1796-1812, 153 pages typescript (no source cited), 1 leaf manuscript

Box 2—Frederick County Militia Records 1755-1761

Muster Rolls & Court Martial Proceedings Recorded in Deed Book 18, Frederick County, September 2, 1756, to October 10, 1761, index, 21 leaves typescript (photocopy), 9 leaves typescript

Muster Rolls and Court Martial Proceedings Recorded in Deed Book 18, Frederick County, Sept. 2, 1755-Oct. 10, 1761, 121 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Also available in published book:
Little, Barbara Vines. Frederick Co. VA Militia Records, 1755-1761. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000 929.3 Fre

Mapcase 3, Drawer 12

Map of French and Indian War Forts on the Northwestern Frontier, 1 item, 2 copies, in book French and Indian War in Frederick County, Virginia, by Norman L. Baker, 973.26 Bak