Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Wilbur S. Johnston Collection, 1168 WFCHS

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains items relating to the life and experiences of Winchester, VA resident Wilbur S. Johnston, including World War II rationing materials, family genealogy, local events, news clippings, and oral history.
(2 boxes) Last updated 4/2014

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Wilbur S. Johnston, a retired cartographer, is a native of Winchester, VA.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Winchester Star articles

CITE AS: Wilbur Johnston Collection 1168 Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Carpenter, Ernst family Bible Records, 1917-1929, including family temperance pledge, four leaves, manuscript on printed forms

Correspondence – From the Johnston Family to Nava Johnston, 1908-1937 (13 letters taken from loose leaf notebook)

To From Location Date Manuscript Transcript
Nava Johnston Chauncey (brother) Brunswick, MD April 5, 1908 X  
Nava Johnston Lona (sister) Washington, D.C. April 6, 1908 X  
Nava Johnston Roberta Bostain (cousin) Mt. Airy, MD January 17, 1915 X  
Nava Johnston Fannie Lowman (cousin) Mt. Airy, MD. November 6, 1917 X  
Nava Johnston Belle Johnston Carper (sister in law) and Belle’s daughter Mary Carper Farmer Cleburne, TX May 15, 1928 X  
Nava Johnston Belle Johnston Carper and Mary Farmer Cleburne, TX January 30, 1930 X  
Nava Johnston Belle Johnston Carper (after death of brother Walter Johnston) Cleburne, TX April 14, 1931 X  
Nava Johnston Bessie (after death of her husband Walter Johnston) Bellville, TX March 22, 1931 X  
Nava Johnston Mary Farmer (on death of her Uncle Walter Johnston) Cleburne, TX March 16, 1931 X  
Nava Johnston Mary Farmer Cleburne, TX February 2, 1931 X  
Nava Johnston Belle J. Carper Cleburne, TX January 30, 1932 (mailed March 30, 1932) X  
Nava Johnston Mary Carper Farmer (after death of Uncle C. Edward "Ed" Johnston) Cleburne, TX December 4, 1936 X  
Nava Johnston Belle Carper (after death of brother Ed Johnston) Cleburne, TX February 3, 1937 X  

Correspondence – 1925-1935

To From Location Date Manuscript Transcript  
Sister Belle and Mary (?) Cleburne, TX April 16, 1925 X    
Dear Brother and Family Walter Johnston Bellville, TX October 6, 1925 X    
Dear Brother Walter Johnston Bellville, TX December 20, 1925 X    
Dear Aunt and family Belle Cleburne, TX December 5, 1926 X    
Dear Aunt and Family Belle Cleburne, TX September 9, 1927 X    
Dear Nava and Ed Belle Cleburne, TX December 9, 1935 X    

Article – "The Classic Public Servant, Wilbur Johnston" by W. S. Johnston, 3 leaves, typescript

Deed – 1844 Indenture by James Ridings for Frederick County Land from the Estate of Peter Ridings to Edwin Ridings, May, 1844, 1 leaf, typescript

Hopkins, Garland and Margaret, "A Brief Two Years on the Winchester Scene: Garland and Margaret Hopkins" by Wilbur Johnston, 6 leaves, typescript Hopkins, Dr. Garland – Obituaries, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

Johnston, Walter S., letter from Sheriff Perry Gore, January 4, 1898, setting estate of Eliza Carper, one leaf, manuscript

Johnston, Wilbur – News Articles, nine items, printed

National Federation of Post Office Clerks Convention, Winchester, VA – 1938, held at George Washington Hotel, one item, printed

Pinetop Tree Farm – Christmas tree customers, 1988-1994; 1995-2001, 2 booklets, 32 pages each, printed and manuscript

Poems – "A Darling" and Come Back Home" by Emma R. Downs, Landmark, VA, May 18, 1882 (probably written to John William Johnston), original, 2 pages, manuscript (with lock of hair), copy, 7 leaves, manuscript and printed (photocopy)

"Ridings Family of Virginia" by L. Adolph Richards, 1985, 36 leaves (2 booklets), typescript (photocopy)

"Ridings Family and Mills" by L. Adolph Richards, July 1, 1953, 1 leaf, typescript

World War II Rationing, folder contains the following:

Mileage Ration Identification Holder – Issued to Wilbur Johnston, April 9, 1945, one page, printed Windshield Sticker for gasoline rationing, three items, printed

Virginian Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, issued April 28, 1944 to Wilbur Johnston, three items, printed

Sugar purchase certificate issued to Wilbur Johnston, two items, printed

War Ration Book One – Wilbur Russell Johnston, May 4, 1942, one item, printed

War Ration Book One – Vergie Carpenter Johnston, May 4, 1942, one item, printed

Mileage Rationing Records

Issued to Clarence J. Schatz, September 11, 1944, one item, printed

Issued to Clarence Schatz, July 3, 1945, one item, printed

Issued to Clarence Schatz, 1940, one item, printed

"The Johnstons from Glasgow to Winchester" by Wilbur Self Johnston, book excerpt pgs. 12-3; 15-17, 6 leaves, printed (photocopy)
(Explains history of the family Bible in this collection)

Microfiche of genealogical data listed in the back of the Bible in this collection, 2 items, microfiche

Holy Bible, American Bible Society, New York, NY, 1828, printed (Johnston Family genealogical information is in the back of the Bible, 1828-1848)

BOX 2 Nicodemus Family

Nicodemus Family Records – includes the following:
Marriage records, 1879, 1 leaf, manuscript
Birth, Marriage, and Death records, 1845-1950, 2 pages, manuscript
Family Temperance Pledge, 1949-1954, 1 leaf, manuscript
Marriage Certificate, January 27, 1870, Peter Nicodemus and Emma
Zumbrum, 1 page, manuscript
Certificate of Baptism, Emma Sheppard Zumbrum, October 16, 1868, 1 leaf,
Certificate of Church Membership, June 27, 1869, Peter Nicodemus, 1 leaf,
printed and manuscript

"Nicodemus in Germany" by Ivan J. Nicodemus, 1998. 59 pages, printed

"Nicodemus Notes in America" by Ivan J. Nicodemus, 85 pages, printed

Scrapbooks – 1972-2001

Volume 1 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1972-1987, 11 pages

Volume 2 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1988-1990, 120 pages

Volume 3 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1981-1998, 51pages

Volume 4 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1988-1991, 96 pages

Volume 5 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1992-1997, 96 pages

Volume 6 – Winchester and Frederick County news, 1990-2001, 162 pages

Scrapbook – 1982-1992

Articles on History and Genealogy, Hampshire Co. WV and Frederick Co, VA by Wilmer L. Kerns, taken from The West Virginia Advocate, Capon Bridge, WV, I item, printed (Do not copy items from this scrapbook, see Wilmer l. Kerns Collection #214 and copy item from that collection)


Map F16 --Braddock’s Route to Fort Duquesne, April 12-July 9, 1755


Map V52 -- Northern Neck in Colonial Context


Map V35 -- Mt. Hebron – The Silent City, 2009, second edition,


Map CW28a -- Winchester, Field of Conflict, 1995

Map CW28c -- Shenandoah Valley, Avenue of Invasion, 1995

Map CW28b – Winchester, Prize of War, 1995

Map CW54 -- Winchester during the Civil War, showing selected sites from the Journal of Mary Greenhow Lee, 2012