Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

World War II Collection, 1050 WFCHS/THL

Scope and Content: This collection contains military records, Virginia War Fund records, articles, scrapbooks, and other material concerning World War II. The primary focus is on soldiers of the Winchester-Frederick County, VA community.
(13 boxes) Last updated 05/12.

Biographical/Historical: World War II was a conflict, 1939-45, between the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) and the Allies (France, Great Britain and Russia). With 40 to 50 million deaths, World War II was the bloodiest conflict and the largest war, in history. The war ended with the defeat of the Axis Powers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection.

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Organization: Box 1 – Men and women who served in World War II (A-L)
Box 2 – Men and Women who served in World War II (M-Z)

The men and women listed below served in World War II and have lived in Winchester or Frederick County, VA. Photographs of unknown soldiers listed are filed under "World War II Unknowns." The Army Air Force was called Army Air Corps before 1943 and called Army Air Force from 1943 to 1947.

(R = military record, P = photograph, O = oral history interview, T = transcript, N = news article)


Branch of Service

Major Theaters



Albaugh, V. (P) Army      
Albright, William C. (R)        
Alexander, Francis (P) Army      
Alexander, W.M. (P) Army      
Alger, James D.(O) Army Europe    
Allamong, James H. (P,O,T) Army Air Corp (c 1940?) CONUS    
Allana, Francis (P) Army      
Allen, Haney (P) Army      
Allen, Stuart B. (O,T) Merchant Marine Atl,Med,Pac Combat  
Allen, William C.        
Allen, William M. (P) Army      
Allyn, R.B. (P,T) Army      
Ambrose, Loyd (O) Navy ETO Pacific    
Ambrose, Winfred Elmer (P,O,T) Navy Atlantic Med.    
Anderson (Manny) (P) Army     Cook
Anderson, Arthella (O,T) Air warden     Civilian
Anderson, Donald J. Jr.(P) Navy      
Anderson, James (P) Army infantry      
Anderson, Leo T. (P) Army Air Force      
Anderson, Wilbur Wayne (P) Navy
Angevine, David W. (O) Army Pacific    
Annibale, Michael J. (O,T) Army NA, Italy GC, PUC  
Appleman, Paul Navy      
Argenbright, E.W. (O,T) Civilian Fire Chief CONUS    
Armel (P) Army ?      
Armel, Pauline Larrick (P) Army France   Nurse
Arnold, Lester D. (P) Army Air Force India    
Arnold, Miller (P) Navy      
Arthur, J. Victor (P) Air Force      
Ash, Winfred (P) Army      
Ashley, O.M. (P) Army     Sgt.
Atkins, Ned Jackson (R,P,N) Navy      
Ault, Richard L. (O) (T) Army Europe    
Babb, Eugene (O,P,T) Navy Aleutians GCM  
Bageant Sr., Joseph L. (P) U. S. Army Air Force Pacific (Japan)    
Bailey, Charles (R)        
Bailey, James A., Jr. (R,P,O,T) Army Germany Bronze Star  
Baird, Alvin Voris (R)        
Baker, Alonzo (P) Army      
Baker, Bob (P) Army (USA or UK?) England    
Baker, Halford "Red" (P) Army      
Baker, William Alexander "Sandy" Home Guard 1942-1947      
Barley, Franklin M. (P) Army Philippines and Korea    
Barley, Lewis (P) Army Europe 2 Silver Stars
3 Purple Hearts
Barley, Ray (P) 529 Ordnance Co. Army Europe   Served 1942-1945
Barlow, Charles (P) Navy      
Barnett, James W., Jr. (O) Army West Point N/A  
Barnett, Lynwood (P) Navy (Seabees)      
Barnhart, Phillip (P) Army Air Corps/Force      
Barr, Seymour (R,O,T) Engineer Aberdeen Patents, Awards Civilian
Bartholomew, John (P) Army Air Force (post-1942)      
Barton, Joseph Max, III (P) Army Air Force (post-1942)      
Batham, R. E. (P) Army      
Battaile, William M. (R,O,T) Coast Guard Chesapeake    
Bayliss, E.E. (P) Army      
Bayliss, J.G. (P) Navy      
Bayliss, Julian (P) Navy      
Bayliss, Melvin (P) Army Air Force      
Beamer, William (O) Army Philippines, Korea   African American
Bell, Anna (P) Navy (WAVES)
Bell, Lawrence (P) Army (Artillery)      
Bell Louis (P) Navy      
Bell, William Harman (P) Army Air Force     KIA 1945
Bennet, Dudley (P) Navy CONUS    
Bettendorf, Phillip (O)        
Bielski, Casimir M., Jr. Army Air Corp England CONUS    
Biggs, James Allen (P) Army Air Force England 1943-1945    
Black, Guy (R)        
Blosser, Bernice (O,T) Army Korea   Nurse
Blosser, Maurice (O,T) Army Italy 3 PH, BS, Pres  
Bockey, Charles (P) Army     See Kern, Harry Ray Sr.
Bockey, Doug (P) Army     See Kern, Harry Ray Sr.
Boden, William O. (R,P) Navy      
Bonnett, William F. (N)        
Bowman, Gordon (P) Army     Officer
Bowman, Ralph L. (P) Army (Signal Corps)      
Bowman, Samuel Brittain, Jr. (P) Navy     USS Phoenix
Boyce, C. Richard, Jr.(P),(R) Army s Europe Bronze Star  
Boyce, Jack (P) Army      
Bradfield, C.A. (P) Army     PFC
Braithwaite, Arthur (R)        
Braithwaite, David (P,O,T) Navy CONUS    
Braithwaite, Elmer (P) Army Air Corps/Force Australia New Guinea    
Bridgeforth, William V. (P) Army Corps of Engineers Europe   Served Jan 1943-Dec 1945; at least Corporal
Brill, F. Marion (P) Army      
Brindle, Ernest W. (P,O,T) Army Air Force ETO 1943-1945   Lt.
Brinkman, John H. (O,T) Army Alaska    
Brooks, Dr. Henry Moss (O) Army ETO, Okinawa 3 Bronze Stars African American
Brown, George A. (P) Army      
Brown, Helen R. (O) Aircraft Ohio   Civilian
Brown, Paul (P) Army      
Brown, Rector S. (O) Navy USA, Philippines Good Conduct  
Brown, Robert (P) Army     PFC
Brown, Walter Robert (P) Army (possibly USMC)      
Broy, Katherine V. (P) Navy     Nurse
Brumback, Henry M. (O,T) Army USA    
Brumback, Thomas B. (O,T) Navy Atlantic Med. Pac Normandy Bronze Star  
Bucher, Clayton (P) Navy      
Buncutter, Julian (P) Army Air Force England 1942-1945   Sgt.
Buncutter, Richard E. (P) Army     Sgt.
Burner, Gene (P) Army      
Burner, Joseph (P) Navy     Admiral’s aide
Bursey, Robert (P) Navy      
Burshell, John (P) Army      
Burwell, Charles Lee (O, T)) Navy Europe and Pacific   Naval Intelligence
Bussey, Charles (P) Army Air Corps (pre-1942)
Butcher, Frances (P,O) Army ETO-CONUS Philippines   Nurse
Butler, Clyde (P) Army      
Butler, George T. (O) Army ETO, Normandy Bronze Star (4)  
Butler, Harry William, Jr. (R,P,O,T) Army ETO (Bulge) Bronze Star "Bill"
Butler, James Douglas Sr. (P,O,T) Army Air Force ETO 1944    
Butler, Joseph E. (R,P,O,T,N) Marine Pacific   1st Lt.
Butler, Robert Jr. (P) Army Air Force ETO   KIA 1944 Over Mainz, Germany
Byrd, Harry F., Jr. (P,O,T) Navy Pacific Good conduct  
Cain, Charles T. USMC     Career military man
Cain, Walter (P) Army     Sgt.
Calvin, James (P) Army      
Campbell, Carl (P) Navy      
Campbell, Hugh T. (P,R) Navy Pacific Philippines   Served Jun 1943-Mar 1946
Carbaugh, John (P) Navy PTO   Sunk (KIA) July 1943
Carbaugh, Peggy Glynn (P) Army     Nurse
Carper, Gavin (P) Army Air Corps     KIA
Carper, Loring R. (P,O,T,N) Army Europe PH (2) BS Was POW
Carper, Paul (P) Navy      
Castleman, Lawrence (P) Army     Corporal
Cather, Clarence E. (O) (P) (T) Army Europe    
Cather, Loring (P) Army     PFC
Cather, Morris (P) Army     Corporal
Chamberlin, Jonas O. (O,T,P) Marine Pacific Purple Heart Corporal
Chambers, Gus (P) Navy      
Chapman, Wilbur C. (R,P) Army     Corporal
Christianson, Edward (O,T) Army ETO Purple Heart Bronze Star  
Cline, Henry (P) Army     Ordnance Corps
Clowe, Mifflin B., Jr. (R,P,T) Army     Career Reservist
Cochran, Charles E., Jr. (P) Navy      
Cochran, Clinton (P) Army Air Corps/Force      
Cochran, Donald M. (P) Navy      
Cochran, J. Clayton Jr. (P,O,T) Naval Air Corps Pacific   Aircraft Carrier based
Cochran, Raymond (P) USMC      
Combs, Boyd (P) Army      
Combs, Donald (N)        
Combs, Glenne (P) Navy      
Combs, Harold (N)        
Combs, Lonnie Wilson (R,P) Army     Truck driver, Medical Corps
Cone, Leonard Franklin (R,P) Army Air Force CONUS   Gunnery instructor; served 1942-1946
Cooper, Robert C. (O) Army Air Corps, Air Sea Rescue Pacific   S. Sgt.
Coverstone, Lawrence P. (R,P) USMC     S. Sgt.
Craig, George L., Jr. (P,O,T) Marine Pacific(Iwo Jima)   Corporal
Crisman, Lee E. (N)        
Crosen, Calvin Army Air Force     1943-1945
Dailey, Hugh F. (O, T) Army Japan    
Dailey, Robert (O,T) Navy Philippines GCM  
Danforth, Daniel (P,N) Coast Guard CONUS 1942-1945    
Daniel, James N. (P) Army Air Corps
Davis, Charles O. (R,P,O,T) Army ETO    
deGroot, Johan H. (O) Army Netherlands War Commemoration Medal  
Dehaven, Charles Stuart (P) Army Pacific Philippines Japan   Paratrooper 11th Airborne
Dehaven, James Edgar (R,P) USNR Asiatic Pacific   Seaman First class—USS Loyalty; served
Dehaven, Virgil Navy     Served 1944-1946
Demuth, Hal (O,T) Marine Pacific    
Denison, George (O,T) Navy Pacific    
Derrickson, Robert A. (O,T) Navy Pacific Comm, Cit, CSB  
Deschon, Harry Army Air Corps USA   Served 1941-1942
Doherty, John T. (O) (T) Navy Pacific    
Donald, Granville Lee (P) Army     Artillery?
Donald, Jesse (P) Army      
Doyle, Daniel Ashley (P) Army-Inf. Europe    
Duncan, Everette William (P,R) Army      
Dutton, Benjamin B., Jr. (P) Army      
Easter, Raleigh D. (R,P,O,N) Army Italy, France Silver S, PH  
Ebert, Charles R. (P) Army Air Corps England    
Ebert, Harry W. "Dutch", Jr. (R,P,O,T) Army Air Corps Mediterranean   Lt. Col.
Ebert, John W. (P) (R) Army India   Corporal
Ebert, Lee A. (R,O, T) Army Canada, Europe Good Conduct  
Ecelberger, Phillip (O) Army Air Corps Eng, France GCM  
Eddy, John Vernon, Sr. (P) Navy     Lt. Cmdr.
Eddy, Richard Kurtz (P) Navy      
Evans, Oma F. (P) Army      
Farmer, Marshall (P) Navy      
Fauver, William (R )        
Fletcher, Robert N. (P) Army     981 Field Bt.
Flowers, Henry S. (O) Air Corps Europe, America
Good Conduct
Radioman, Gunner, B17s
Foust, James H. (P) (O) Army European    
Frey, Robert (R)        
Frye, Ralph G. (O) Army ETO    
Fuller, Phoenix (P) Army Germany   Served 1940-1945
Fuller, Robert (P) Army     Served 1942-1945
Getz, William (O)(P) Army   Radio Trainer  
Giffin, Robert (P) Marine      
Gilbank, Franklin Hamilton (O) Arm Air Force Pacific   Served Sept. 1943-Mar.1946
Ginn, Henry Briscoe (P,O) Army ETO    
Givens, James L. (P,O) Army ETO GCM, Camp (4 stars)  
Glover, John D., Jr. (P) Army      
Golightly, Raymond J., Jr. (P) Navy     Served 1944
Golightly, Raymond J., Sr. (P) Army     Sgt.; served 1942-1943; also WWI veteran
Gordon, C. Langdon (R,P,O) Air Corps (1941) USA    
Gordon, Fred (R,P,O,N, T) Army Europe Bronze Star 101st Airborne
Grandstaff, James O. (P) Army      
Graves, Lewis (P) Army      
Green, David C. (P) Navy Pacific    
Grim, Darrell M. (P) Army     1945-1946
Grimm, Burnwood C. (P) Navy      
Grimm, Hunter (P) Army     Served 1943-1945
Groot, Thomas Lagrande (R,P,O) Navy Atlantic, D-day    
Grove, Robert I        
Grubbs, Ken (P) Army     116th Infantry
Hahn, Allen E., Sr. (O) Navy South Pacific   1943-1946
Haines, Douglas B. (P) Army Europe 1941-1946   M. Sgt.
Hamilton, Gil (P) Army Air Force South Pacific    
Hancher, Charles Thomas Navy Commander      
Harding, Fred (O,N) Army ETO    
Harman, Allen (P) Navy      
Harman, Garland (P) Army      
Harner, Harlan Lincoln (R,P,O) Army T. Sgt. Europe   Radio operator 987th Field Artillery
Harris, Edward W. (P) Army Air Corps      
Headley, Joshua David (P) Army Air Force England   Served 1942-1945; 8th Air Force
Hedrick, Benjamin Sherwood Navy     CPO after Lt. USNR "Mustang"
Hensley, Harold L.(P) Navy      
Hepner, Kirby L., Jr. (R,P,O) Navy Pacific Good Conduct  
Herbert, James ( 0,P) Army     Aug. 1941-Sept. 1945
Herrell, Charles (P) Army                
Herring, Louise Ray (N)        
Hershberger, John E. I        
Higley, Donald N. (R,P) Army ETO France    
Hockman, Duane Army/Tanks ETO Africa Italy Purple Heart  
Hockman, Marshall W. (P) Army      
Hockman, Richard (P) Army      
Hodgson, Paul I        
Holler, Lee C. (O, T) Army Europe Korea Vietnam Bronze Star  
Honesty, Lee (P) Army Europe   Motorcycles Afro-American
Hoover, Charles Loring (P) Army Tunisia Silver Star (P) KIA 1942
Hoover, Harry D. (R,P) Navy      
Hoover, Louis (P) Army Sgt.     Served 1940-1945
Hottle, Raymond Alfred (P) Army      
Hubert, Lester F. (O) Army Air Corps CONUS Good Conduct Captain; Meteorological Service
Huyett, Jimmy (P) Army      
Jackson, Gertrude M. (P) Army (WAC)     African American
Jackson, Herman McNeil, Jr. (P) Navy (Reserve)     African American
Jackson, Nimrod (P) Army     African American
Janzer, John J., Jr. (RO) Army Pearl, Pacific    
Jenkins, Charles L. (R,P,O) Army ETO, Japan    
Jenkins, Harland M. (O) Army ETO Bronze Star  
Johnson, Bernard Lawrence Sr. (P) Marines      
Johnson, Clarence Emanuel Sr. (P) Marines      
Johnson, Lester Earl, Sr. (P) Army      
Johnston, Mary Blakemore (O,T,N) Women’s Army Corps Pacific    
Johnston, Wilbur S. (R,P,O) Army Air Force Hawaii   Circa 1944
Jolley, Clark W. (P) Army     Served 1940-1945 Army Supply
Jones, William S. (O,P) Army ETO Bronze Star  
Kellas, Bobby (P) Army ?      
Keller, James R. (P,O) Army Europe PH, BS, 4 Bat Star  
Kern, Harry Ray Sr. (R,P) Army      
Kern, Richard D. (O) Army Italy (Anzio) 2 Bronze, Purple  
Kerns, Carl Douglas (R,P) Navy      
Kipps, Allen (P) Army     Served 1943-1945
Kiracofe, Arthur R. (P) Navy      
Kiracofe, Jess R., Jr. (P) Army 1282nd Engineer Combat Battalion Band (Bandmaster)
Kiracofe, Jesse Ernest, Jr. Army      
Knecht, Albert (R,O) Army N. Africa ETO Purple Heart Bronze Star  
Kraemer, Leonard (O) Army Pacific    
Kremer, Marshall (P) Army     1942-1946
Kropff, Clement A. (O) Navy Pacific    
Kundert, Otto R. (P,O) Army Air Corps ETO Purple Heart  
Laing, Gordon L. (O) Marine Japan    
Lake, Douglas (P) Army      
Lanahan, Charles (P) Army     KIA1945
Larrick, James Randolph (P) Army European Theatre Bronze Star 1269th Engineer Combat Battalion Captain
LaScala, Stephen (O) Navy Pacific    
Lauck, Elmer (P,O) Army Air Force Italy, Africa GCM, Service  
Legg, Harold G., Sr. (O) Army N. Africa    
Legge, Allen Kenneth (P) Army      
Lewis, Russell T. (R,P,O,T) Army Air Force ETO England Good Conduct Circa 1944
Lewis, William "Hink" (P,O,T) Navy Atlantic    
Lillis, Charles J. (R,P,O,T) Army ETO Bronze Star Lt.
Lillis, Jack W. I        
Livengood, James R. (P,O) Army Air Corps China India Burma    
Locke, James A.D. (P) Army     Career military; also Korea & Vietnam
Long, Donald M. (P) Navy PTO    
Long, Jasper (R,P) Army     PFC; African American
Long, Lawrence (P) Army (Tanks?) ETO Germany   Corporal
Louthan. William H. Jr. (P) Army      
Lowenthal, Henry, Jr. (O) Army Europe, Africa GCM, Camp (7 stars)  
Lundin, Edward A. (P) Navy Atlantic    
Luttrell, Elber (P) Army      
Luttrell, James (P) Army ETO France   KIA (1944?)
Luttrell, Lynn (P) Army Air Force      
Macgregor, R. James (O) Navy Pacific    
Madden, George (O) Army Air Corps Africa ,Italy, Burma    
Mahler, Willard P. (O) Army Europe, Japan GC, Bronze Star, Cam  
Manuel, Carlton (P) Navy      
Manuel, Ralph (P) Army      
Manuel, Ralph Edward (P) Army     Career Rosefoht; Col.
Manuel, Robert (P) Army      
Manuel, Robert Frederick (P) Army     Captain
Marple, Julian B., Sr. (P) Army-Inf. Italy   Served 1944-1945
Martin, Hubert (O) (T) German Luftwaffe Europe   Biography
Mason, Carroll Duff (P) Army      
Mason, John M. I        
Mason, Russell O. (P) Army (Ordnance) PTO   PFC 1942-1945
Massey, Asa James (P)        
Massey, George (P) Army USA   Served Aug-Dec 1945
Massey, Logan (P) Army Air Force USA   Served Aug-Dec 1945
Massey, Virgil (P) Army      
Massey, Woodrow Marines      
Massie, Thomas William (P) Army Pacific   1943-1945 Corporal
McCallister, Robert (O) Army CONUS Pacific    
McDonald, Robert H. (R,P) Army     Later transferred to Army Air Force
McNally, Ira E. (O) Navy
Army aft. WWII
McGuire II, William P. (P) U. S. Navy      
Merwood, Lee C. (P) Army      
Metz, Daniel Ray, Jr. (P) Army Air Force (Signal Corps)     1943-1946
Miller, Boyd Andrew (P) Army      
Miller, James A. (Dr.) (O)       Captain USNR
Miller, Ray (P) Army Philippines   Motor and mechanical; served 1945-1946
Miller, Russell D. (O) Army Air Force South America    
Miller, William Henry (P) Army Air Force Europe   1944-1945, KIA, Lost at sea
Mogle, Pearly (P,O) Army ETO    
Monegan, Gerald (R,P) Navy     Lt. Cmdr.
Mowrey, Wilfred E. (P) Army Air Corps (pre 1942)      
Mulcahy, Edward I        
Murphy, Paul (R,O) Army NG, Philippines GCM, 3 Camp star  
Nail, Loring R. "Spike" (P) Army      
Nail, Melvin E. (P) Navy     1944-1946
Nelson, Bruce (P) Navy      
Nelson, Robert (P) Army Medical Corps      
Nelson, Rowland (P) Army Europe   Served 1943-1945
Nesselrodt, Ernest L. (O) Navy Pacific Korea    
Noia, Fiore (Jim) (R,P) Army ETO Germany   M. Sgt.
Noyer, Robert (O,P) Navy CONUS    
Olinger, Arthur "Mus" (P) Army     Medic
Olinger, Clifton (P) Army (Signal Corps)      
Orndorff, Allen Army (Tank Corps) ETO/PTO Germany, Philippines   1943-1946
Orndorff, Douglas (P) Army     1943-1945
Orndorff, Earl W. (R,P,O) Army Air Corps/Force Europe Silver Star S. Sgt.
Orndorff, Joseph A. (P) Army Air Corps/Force Mariannes Islands 3 Bronze Stars  
Park, James G. Jr. (P,O) Army Air Force ETO England Purple Heart 8th Air Force 92nd Bomb Group
Patton, Franklin Hugh, Sr. (P) Army Germany   Private; Medical Corps; served 1946-1948
Patton, General George S. (P) Army Europe    
Patton, Harold D. (P,O,R) Army-69th ETO Bronze Star Served 1942-1946
Patton, Marshall (P) Army Air Force     Served 1943-1945; Corporal
Patton, Melvin A. (O) Navy Pacific    
Perry, Maurice W. (P) Army     97th Infantry 1943-?
Perry, Thurman S. (R,P,O) Army Pacific   Tech-S. Sgt.
Perry, William Leonard (P) Army     1942-1943 Sgt. E5
Pettit, Bobby Lee (P,N) Navy Pacific    
Phillips, Jack M. (O, P) Army ETO   1944-1946
Pidgeon, Robert E. (O) Navy Pacific Good Conduct, Campaign
Pietsch, Charles F. (N)        
Pine, Edward L. (O) (T) Army Europe    
Pingley, Albert (P) Army      
Pingley, Loring (P) Army ETO ?    
Plaster, Hubert T., Jr. (P) (O) (R) Army Europe Purple Heart Sgt. (E5)
Polen, Curtis L. (R,P,O) Army England, Europe Good Conduct Corporal
Pollard, Alene Holleman (Mrs. William Pollard) (R,P) Army     Nurse
Pollard, William (R,P) Army Air Force     Fighter pilot P-38s KIA 1943
Pope, Leon F. (P) Army ETO England   Broken ankle
Purcell, Richard C. (P,O,N) Army ETO   157th Combat Engineers
Ramey, Robert (N) Army-7th Armored Div     Battle of the Bulge
Renner, Paul (P) Army Air Corps      
Renner, Roy Asbury (P) Army      
Rhinehardt, Russell E. (R,O) Marine Pacific    
Rhinehart, James (P) Army ?      
Rhodes, Herbert "Dusty" (N)        
Rhodes, John (P) U.S. Coast Guard U.S. waters    
Richard, Charles W. (P) Navy      
Richards, Jesse J. (O)        
Richardson, Jesse (P,O) Navy Pacific DFC  
Rickard, Jack (P) Navy      
Rickard, William J. (O) Army Okinawa, Korea, Europe    
Riley, Lewis C., Jr. (R,P) Army Air Force     Circa 1945
Ritenour, Lee (P) Navy      
Ritter, Bernice (see Blosser) (P)        
Ritter, Clinton (P) Army Air Force     1943-1945 S. Sgt.
Ritter, Harry Army      
Ritter, James Floyd (P) Army      
Ritter, Hector "Dumpsy" (P,O) Navy Pacific Bronze Star  
Ritter, Orin H. (P,O) Army ETO   Corporal 1943-1945
Ritter, Ozias (P,N) Army ETO Normandy   Sgt.; Co. I, 116th Infantry 29th Division
Robertson, E.H. (P) Army      
Roc, Rando (P) Army      
Roe, Randolph (P) Army     Corporal
Roe, Ronald (P) Army      
Romick, George E. (P) Army      
Rose, Sam (O) Army ETO    
Rosenberger, Fietta (P) (N) Army     Nurse (Lt. Col.)
Rosenberger, Stephen (P,O) Navy Atlantic Mediterranean Pacific   Circa 1942
Royston, Conrad Lee (P) USMC     KIA March 1945
Royston, Garfield (N)        
Rudgers, Charles A. (O) Air Force     June 1944-Dec. 1946
Rudolph, Easton (P) Navy      
Russell, Benny (P) Army     Ordnance Corps?
Russell, Perry Army      
Ryan, Gordon O’Dell (P) Navy      
Sager, William W. (P) Army     Corporal
Schmuggs, Douglas (P) Army      
Schuller, Francis (P) Army      
Schultz, Eugene F. (O) Army Pacific Bronze Star  
Scully, John S. (P) Army Air Force     Lt. Col.
Scully, Thomas G. (P) Army     Commanded 1st Armored Div. 69th Regiment; tea with Gen. Marshall
Seal, Albert Monroe (R,P) Army Signal Corps ETO POW Germany   Sgt.
Seldon, Wendell (N)        
Sempeles, Billy John (P) Army      
Sempeles, Demo (P) Marines      
Sempeles, Nick Army      
Sencindiver, John Williamson (P) Army Air Force Europe   Served 1943-1946
Shanholtz, James (P) Navy      
Shaw, Pleze E., Jr. (R,O) Navy Pacific    
Shewbridge, W.F. (P) Army      
Shine, L.F. (P) Army      
Shull, John E. (P) Navy      
Singhass, Lester (P) Army      
Slayden, Hartwell (P) Navy      
Slonaker, Willard E. (O) Navy Pacific    
Smallwood, Gilbert Carroll (P) Army      
Smith, Alfred P. (R,O) Air Corp Pacific GC  
Smith, Charles William (P) Army      
Smith, Ernie W. (P,O) Army Africa Italy Europe   Sgt.
Snapp, Joseph H. (P) Army Europe; Battle of the Bulge   KIA 1945
Snapp, Ralph (P) Navy     Circa 1943
Snider, Edwin Thruston, Jr. "Skip" (P) Army Air Force      
Snyder, Cecil Ward (R,P) Navy     Bosun’s Mate First Class
Soper, David R. (O) Army Air Corps CONUS    
Spangler, Samuel G. Army France and Germany   1942-45 Major
Spanos, Steve (P) Army      
Spence, Samuel R. (P) Army      
Spicer, W.D. (P) Army PTO?    
Stewart, Donald W. (P,O) Army Pacific   Captain Ordnance Corps
Stewart, Harry C., Jr. (O) Army Pacific    
Stimmel, Genevieve Reavis (R,O,P) Navy      
Stimmel, Ralph (R,P) Army Air Force      
Stine, Richard E. (P) Marine China   1945-1947
Stotler, Ernest A. (R,P) Army PTO- Survivor Bataan Death March   Sgt.
Strosnider, James Arthur (O) Navy Pacific    
Sutton, Robert L. (R)        
Swanson, Jack (P) Army     Corporal
Swisher, Donald (R)        
Swisher, William (R,P)        
Taper, Frederick S. (P) Army     Sgt.
Taylor, Chester (O) Army Air Corps Pacific    
Taylor, Robert E. (P) Army     Paratrooper; Corporal
Thompson, Henry (P) USMC     Sgt.
Thompson, William H. (O) Army/Army Air Corps CONUS    
Tombinson, Warren (R) Army     C.E. South of 16th Div.; blinded WWII
Triplett, Cletus H. (O) Army N. Africa    
Troxell, James R. (R,O) Army Europe Purple  
Turner, Rodman Lourain, Sr. (P) Army Medical Corps     First African American commissioned officer from Winchester
Unger, Vernon (P)        
Unknown Friend of Brown, Minifred (P) Army     Sgt.
Unknown McCarthy, R. (P) Army      
Unknown ---, Rudolph (P) ("Katie’s Rudolph") Navy      
Unknown Armel, ---(P) Army      
Unknown Burner (P) Army      
Unknown Busey, ---(P) Army      
Unknown Butler, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Corporal receiving decoration (P) Army      
Unknown Corporal with hat (P) Army      
Unknown Corporal with two girls (P) Army      
Unknown Friend of Anderson, Helen (P) Army     African American
Unknown Friend of Banks, Ella (P) Army      
Unknown Friend of Richard, Martha (P) Navy      
Unknown Helen Boswell’s Sailor (P) Navy      
Unknown Husband of Bayliss, Elsie (P) Navy      
Unknown Husband of Boyles, Mable (P) Army      
Unknown Maxine Boyce’s Soldier (P) Army Corps of Engineers      
Unknown Maxine Rinard’s Soldier (P) Army      
Unknown Payne (P) Uniform unclear      
Unknown Reva Carter’s Sailor (P) Navy      
Unknown Ritcher (P) Army     Sgt.
Unknown Ritter, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Robinson, --- (P) Navy     African American
Unknown Robinson, W. (P) Army      
Unknown Rodgers, --- (P) Navy     Missing
Unknown Roe, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Roe, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Rossler, --- (P) Army Air Corps (pre 1942)      
Unknown Rowland, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Sailor (P)        
Unknown Seabright, --- (P) USMC      
Unknown Sechrist, --- (P) USMC      
Unknown Seibert, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Serbert, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Sergeant (P) Army      
Unknown Shepherd (P) Army      
Unknown Shepherd, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Shrader, --- (P) Army      
Unknown Soldier and police officer (P)        
Unknown Son of Roes, Beulah (P) Army Air Force      
Vakrener, J. Robert (O), (T) Army Pacific    
Vaught, Ralph Jackson (P) Army      
Vaught, William D.(P) Army     1944-1946; National Guard 1947-1948; AF Reserves 1956-1965
Virts, Westley Ashland (P) Army      
Waller, John P.(O) Army France and Germany   1943-46 PFC
Weakley, Carlton Hunter (P) Army Air Force England    
Webber, Blandon Blair (R,O) Army Philippines GCM  
Webster, Zane K. (O) Navy Pacific GCM, CbtAir Wings  
Weidig, George (R,P,O) Army Air Force Europe Air medal Circa 1943-1946
Whitacre, Harding (P) Navy      
Whitacre, Ray D. (R,P) Navy Europe, Pacific, Philippines   1943-1945
Whitacre, Samuel N., M.D. (O) Army & Air Corps CONUS    
Whitehorne, Vivian B. "Biff" (R,P) Army      
Whiting, Carlye (P) U. S. Army Air Force      
Whiting, Henry (P) Army Europe   Artillery, on staff of General George S. Patton
Whiting, Richard (P) U. S. Army Air Force      
Whitlock, Alonzo E. (P) Army Germany   PFC
Whitlock, Finley (P,N) Army     Co. I, 116th Inf. 3d Battalion
Whitlock, Wilbur (P) Army Air Force     Circa 1944; "Lost in Bermuda Triangle"
Whittle, Edward (O) Navy CONUS    
Wiles, Richard (O,P,R) Army ETO; France Bronze Star Purple Heart  
Wilkins, James R. (R)        
Willey, Sydney R. (R,P,O) Navy Pacific    
Williams, Charles E., Jr. (R,P) Army     KIA; African American
Williams, Clyde, Jr. (P) USMC      
Williams, Lawrence (P) Navy      
Williams, Raymond (P) USMC      
Williams, Robert F. (P) Army Pacific South Seas    
Williamson, Bill (P) Army      
Wilmot, Charles (R)        
Wilson, Reginald (P,O) Army Philippines, Japan Circa 1944-1946
Wingfield, Holmes Edward (P) Army
Wise, Lloyd P. (R,P) Navy (Seabees?)      
Wismer, Jesse Earl, Jr. (R) Navy Pacific    
Wohlford, J. Sheppard (P,N) Army Europe   Died on D-Day
Wolfe, Willis R. (O) Army/Air Europe, Philippines GCM, Campaign  
Woltz, Robert (O) Army England, France    
Wright, Kenneth F. (P) Army?     Heavy Artillery 1942-1946; Corporal
Yancey, Louie R. (P) Army? England   Circa 1944
Yeakley, Harry Scott (R,P) Army      
Yeatras, Christopher Stephen (P) Army     PFC
Yeatras, Peter S. (P) Navy      
Zuckerman, Aaron M. (P,O) Navy Pacific    
Zuckerman, Charles (R,P,O) Army Air Force CONUS   Circa 1943; Corporal
Zuckerman, Joseph (P,O,N) Army Europe GCM, Camp (2 clusters) Sgt.
Zuckerman, Louise "Nikki (O) Nurses Corps USA    
Zuckerman, Samuel (R,P) Army     S. Sgt.


Army – 19th Corps – Normandy to the Elbe by Captain Frederic E. Pamp Jr, 63 leaves printed.

Army – 29th Infantry Division – 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Army – 75th Infantry Division – 2 items, printed

Army – 116th Infantry Regiment – Letters from Asbury Jackson to Jake Yost, August 3, 1942,
July 11, 1945, two leaves, typescript

Army – 116th Infantry Regiment – Unit Citation, Roster from D-Day, citations, 2 leaves,
typescript, Roster, 3 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Army – 141st Field Artillery Battalion – The Experiences of Donald N. Higley as a Soldier in
the Army During World War II, 21 leaves, typescript

Army – 157th Engineer Combat Battalion – History, timeline, and service records, 23 leaves,

Army – 331st Medical Battalion, Company C, 106th Infantry Division, My Two Years, Six
Months, and Twenty-Eight Days in World War II
by PFC
Edward L. Christianson, 8 pages, printed

Army – 424th Infantry – Recollections from December 7, 1941 to November 16, 1945 by Harry
William Butler Jr., 50 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Army – 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 45th Division, -- World War II, A Soldier Remembers by
Henry Lowenthal, 58 leaves, typescript

Army – 987th Field Artillery Battalion – Thoughts on World War II by Harlan Lincoln Harner
7 leaves, typescript

Army – G. I Beaver, January 15, 1944, 3 pages, mimeograph

Army Air Corps – 8th Army Air Corps –Carper, Sgt. Garvin, u. n. leaves

Army Air Corps – 77th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group – 17 leaves, typescript

Army Air Corps – 407th Squadron, 92nd Heavy Bomb Group – 35 Missions Flown by
James G. Parks, 15 leaves, typescript

Army Air Corps – 487th Bombardment Group – The War Years, 1942-1945 by Paul L. Tomey
Jr., 155 leaves, typescript

Army Air Corps – 489th Air Base – contains the following: Diary of John W. Ebert, December 31, 1941-January 11, 1943, 1 item, manuscript, My Life in the Service – the Diary of John W. Ebert, Winchester, VA, book with headings, blank pages to encourage soldiers to keep a record of their activities. Majority of entries are names, addresses, and connection of his friends. 1 item, handwritten on printed pages

Army Air Corps – One Way Ticket to Panama by Gordon MacDougall, 20 pages, printed


Marines – 3rd Battalion, 27th Regiment, 5th Division – Letters from PFC Elvin A. Davily to John
W. Rees, February 28, 1945-August 12, 1945
3 letters, 7 pages, manuscript

Merchant Marines – Kleister N. Adams, Winchester, VA, 3 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Navy – USS Anthony -- The Mad Anthony: The Story of a Ship and her Men by Lt. Jere D.
Lustig, 25 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Navy – USS Apollo – Recollections of a Radioman by Sydney R. Willey, 24 leaves, typescript

Navy – USS Borie – Knife All Krauts by Martin Fass and Borie and U-405 by Joz Mike McKinley,
12 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Navy – USS Franklin – Big Ben the Flat Top: The Story of USS Franklin, 1 item, printed, 1 news
article, printed

Navy – USS Knox, APA45 – The Story of a Lady by Ned J. Atkins, 36 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Navy – LCT – Naval Oral History by Roger P. Beswick, Radarman, 6 leaves, typescript

Navy – USS Lehardy – 11 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Navy – War Diary of Grayson Lloyd 29, leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

BOX 5 Campaigns

Spanish Civil War 1938-9 – "A Prelude to a World at War" by Fred T. Marsh, Book Review of The
Great Crusade
by Gustav Regler, New York Times Book Review,
September 29, 1940, 2 leaves, printed

Poland, 1939 – "War Starts, Germany Bombs Polish Cities", The Scranton Times, September 1,
1939, 1 item, printed

Pearl Harbor – News clippings, Winchester Evening Star, 2 items, printed

Russia, 1942 – "Germans Driving Deeper Towards Russian Oil Fields", Winchester Evening Star,
August 4, 1942

D-Day – Utah Beach, Video and Article with Charles Burwell, 3 items

D-Day – "D-Day, June 6, 1944", Winchester Evening Star, 5 leaves, printed (photocopy)

D-Day – D-Day Souvenir Guide, Winchester Evening Star, 1 item, 8 pages, printed

D-Day – Owen, Sgt. Richard E, News Articles, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

D-Day – Participants from Winchester-Frederick County, VA, 4 leaves, printed/typescript

D-Day – Valor of Virginians compiled by Louis Greer, Boy Scouts of America, 2010, 1 booklet, 2 pages, printed; 66th Anniversary D-Day Patch, 116th Infantry, Centennial Anniversary, Boy Scouts of America, 1910-2010, 1 patch

Europe, 1945 – The Stars and Strips, May 2, 1945, 1 item, 8 pages, printed

U.S.A. West Coast, 1944-1945 – Japanese Fugo Bombing Balloons, 26 leaves, typescript

War Aftermath – General Marshall’s Victory Report on the Winning of World War II in
Europe and the Pacific with a list of Servicemen from Winchester/Frederick
County, VA, September, 1945, 1 item, printed

BOX 6 Service Manuals and Handbooks

Aircraft Flashcards, 11 items

Automatic Computing Sites, Sperry Type K (.50 Calibre), 1 booklet, printed

Basic Field Manual: First Aid for Soldiers, April 7, 1943, 1 booklet, printed

Basic Field Manual: First Aid for Soldiers, April 7, 1943, 1 booklet, printed

Basic Principles of Aerial Gunnery, 1 booklet, printed

Fundamentals of Elementary Flight maneuvers, 1 booklet, printed

Get That Fighter, 1 booklet, printed

It’s All in Knowing How: Practical Study Suggestions for the Busy Aviation Students. 1 booklet, printed

Mess Behavior, 1 leaf, typescript

Navy Pilot Handbooks used in World War II, 2 items, printed

Purple Heart and Burial Pamphlets, 3 booklets, printed, 3 leaves, typescript

Prelude to Victory: From Here to There, 1 booklet

Proper Headspacing: Caliber .50, M2, Browning Machine Gun, 1 booklet

Receipt for Allotter – Charles R. Ebert, 1 page, printed

Technical Manual of Aircraft Instruments, February 2, 1942, 1 booklet

BOX 7 Home Front

Arlington National Cemetery – Memorial Dedication, 3rd Infantry Division, 1 videotape

News Clippings – Winchester, VA

News Clippings

Prisoners of War – POWs in Winchester, Winchester Star, may 30, 1990,Nazis in Winchester, Winchester Star, February 5, 1980, 2 items, printed

Prisoners of War – News articles on POWs in Winchester during World War II,

Prisoners of War – Use on Farms, 6 leaves, manuscript, 1 leaf, typescript

Selective Service Notes

V-Mail – 2 items, manuscript and envelope

Virginia War Finance Committee – 1 item, manuscript, typescript, printed

Virginia in Wartime, 1942-1943, 1 booklet, printed

Virginia War Bonds – 4 items, Records, 3 leaves, typescript, Deposit slips, 22 leaves, typescript and printed, Bank Note, 6 leaves, mss in printed book, Payment receipts, 14 leaves, manuscript and printed

World War II Clipping Collection of Kathleen Kendall Elsea Weakley, prepared Oct. 2005, 1 item, CDR

Youth of Virginia in World War II, 10 leaves, printed (photocopy)

War Ration Books – 1 booklet, 6 leaves printed, 1 booklet, 1 leaf, printed (used by Helen R. Carr Brown)

War Rations Book One – used by Michael Foreman, 1 item, printed

War Ration Book One, War Ration Book Four – used by Francis and Rebecca Washington, 4 items, printed

Prayer by Rev. Ronald S. Wilson at special prayer service held at the Presbyterian Church on the evening of June 6, 1944 (D-Day), 2 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Women of Winchester in World War II, -- Mrs. George Snarr and Mrs. Edgar Whiting

BOX 8 Medals

Purple Heart, Unit Citation, 2 theater ribbons, 1 box, 6 items

Braithwaite, Arthur –Medals earned in World War II, includes occupation medals, Asian, Europe, Mideast, Campaigns, Good Conduct Medal, Unit Citation, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star

BOX 9 Miscellaneous Items

Soldiers Record – African American, includes material on: Robert Williams, Charles E Wilson, Reginald A. Powell, Willard Paige, Nelson

United States Flag

War Memorial Edition – Winchester Star

News Articles – Winchester Star

BOX 10

Newsletter – Trim But Deadly, The Quarterly Newsletter of the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum, 1995-2009 (incomplete)

BOX 11 Charles Lillis Scrapbook

Charles Lillis Scrapbook -- 42 leaves, printed (photocopy)

The Fighting 69th Sentinel – 2 pages, printed

BOX 12

Scrapbooks kept by John E. Anderson, U.S. Navy 1931 – 1934, include news articles about local men in World War II

BOX 13 not available until 2020

Claims Register from Unemployment Compensation Commission of Virginia, 1944-46

MAPCASE 3 DRAWER 3 – Army Nurses Basic Care #5, 2nd Platoon, Petersburg, VA, May 26, 1945

Company of soldiers with Captain, U.S. Army World War II, 8"x31" sepia, from Kershaw Studios, Fredericksburg, VA (long, oversized)

Mapcase 3 Drawer 6
Photos of bases, Tampa, FL

Mapcase 3 Drawer 7
2 posters–World War II, Bonds, Conserve Food
1 news article—Blosser and Gardner, "Friends in War and Peace"—Winchester Star, Oct. 18, 1997 "3,000 Served Country during World War II- Your War Bonds Supported Them-Give Victory Bonds to Honor Them – Give to the War Memorial", list of men and women from our area who served in WWII, Winchester Evening Star, 1945, special War Memorial Edition, vol 50 #3, 3 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Photos filed with Photos Events and Objects-World War II
Scenes of World War II–England and Military bases